Alex is a character in The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea. He is a young merman who meets Melody in Atlantica.


Physical appearance

Despite Alex being at least under 15 years old, he has a muscular build, Alex is also has tan skin, green eyes, neck-length blond hair and a green tail.

Powers and abilities


  • Superhuman Durability: Alex has superhuman durability, as he is able to withstand immense underwater pressures.
  • Speed Swimming: As a merman, Alex is capable of swimming at a much faster rate than normal humans and even certain aquatic/marine creatures in terms of undersea travel or sea travel, as a whole due to his half-aquatic/marine status; for example, he was able to get to Prince Eric's kingdom from Atlantica in less than a day.
  • Underwater Breathing: As a merman, Alex is able to metabolize oxygen from the water, which negates the need to surface, though he is certainly more than capable of breathing on land.
  • Aquapathy: As a merman, Alex is capable of speaking with aquatic fauna; as he can understand and communicate with aquatic/marine creatures.


  • Some fans theorize that he may be the young merman that Melody met at her birthday party due to their similarities in appearance, although Alex has green eyes while the young man has blue, Alex has different hair with dark and light streaks in it, a tanner complexion, and speaks with an American accent while the young man speaks with a British accent. Despite sharing the same voice actor (Justin Schulte) there is no connection between the two.
  • Also, due to similar appearance, many fans believe Alex to be Urchin and Gabriella's son.
  • Alex is (presumably) a love interest for Melody; since she immediately develop a crush on him from the moment they met.


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