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Alfonzo Dolittle[1] is a character in the Disney XD series Star vs. the Forces of Evil. He is a student at Echo Creek Academy, and is one of Marco's friends, alongside Ferguson O'durguson.



Alfonzo is the fun-loving, yet mostly immature friend to Marco Diaz. While slightly more mature than Ferguson, he still acts very childish and is highly eccentric. It is implied at times that he is not very bright and that he might be socially awkward compared to his friends. He is very observant, as he recognized that Marco's constant mentioning of Star Butterfly and their adventures together was dampening their own friendship. He maintains a relatively happy mood nonetheless.

Physical appearance

Alfonzo is a tall skinny tan-skinned boy with curly brown hair and big round glasses. He wears a white and light blue striped shirt, brown shorts and black sandals.

Role in the series

Season One

Alfonzo and Ferguson, who according to Marco Diaz are two of the coolest people he knows, are his two nerdy friends who hang out with him and eventually Star Butterfly. True to Star's habit of starting adventures, Alfonzo and Ferguson get pulled into her shenanigans. Since then, he and Ferguson would continue to take part in a variety of strange misadventures.

Season Two

Alfozno and Ferguson would make very few appearances; acting mainly as bystanders and only having minor interactions with Star and Marco. This would later be referenced in "Collateral Damage" where Star admits that she had barely seen the two of them almost all year.

Season Three

Alfonzo and Ferguson only make a single appearance in "Sophomore Slump" where they attempt to hang out with Marco, but he is so emotionally removed from them that they begin to avoid him. When Marco decides to go to Mewni as a foreign exchange student, the two of them see their friend off.

Season Four

Alfonzo and Ferguson return in "Britta's Tacos" where they hold no ill will to Marco and actually appear glad to be reunited with him. Furthermore, they have started their own D&D group with four other teens who, contrary to them, are rather attractive. They later witness Marco chasing after the portal in the sky in "Cleaved".


  • Alfonzo's voice is the same voice that Matt Chapman utilizes when voicing Homsar in the Homestar Runner series as well as Dooble from Two More Eggs.
  • The character, along with Ferguson O'durguson were prominent supporting characters in season one, but were immediately phased out in season two, most likely because the show's writers could not find a way to properly integrate them into the series. This was acknowledged in "Collateral Damage" and in the non-canon, and unfinished, comic book, it is implied that Star and Marco stopped inviting them on adventures out of annoyance.



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