Alice Blue Bonnet is the female main protagonist in the short Johnny Fedora and Alice Blue Bonnet, segment of the 1946 film Make Mine Music.


She is introduced to us in a hat shop, being placed on a hat stand in the window, where she meets her love, Johnny Fedora as he starts singing to her. She is eventually bought and is shown to be very sad as she is placed in a hatbox and taken away from her love. Later, while her buyer is walking through town, she sees Johnny who has been sold himself but the two cannot get to each other. However, Alice eventually ends up in the possession of an iceman who cuts two holes in her rim and places her over one of his horse's ears. To her joy, Johnny is found by the same iceman shortly thereafter and placed on the head of his other horse. Thus, the two are reunited and go on to be together ever after.



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