Alice Solves the Puzzle is a 1925 animated short film by Walt Disney in the Alice Comedies series and the first to feature Pete. This was also the first time in an Alice Comedies film that someone other than Virginia Davis played the role of Alice (in this case, Margie Gay).


A girl named Alice is stuck while solving a difficult crossword puzzle when her cat Julius tells her they should go to the beach. They swim in the ocean for a while then dry off and Alice continues her puzzle. Just as she begins, Pete (a collector of rare crossword puzzles who discovers that it is the one he is missing) demands she gives him her puzzle. Alice refuses and smacks him in the face. She then runs into a lighthouse and locks the door. Pete breaks down the door and chases Alice around the lighthouse. Alice screams for help and Julius hears her. He climbs to the top and a fight breaks out. Julius wins the fight by knocking Pete off the lighthouse. Alice then discovers the last phrase in her puzzle, "The End."


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