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Home video releases of Alice in Wonderland.

US releases

Cover Released Notes
Alice in Wonderland 1981 VHS.JPG
October 15, 1981

Standard Release Extremely hard to find, especially online. Features the MPAA rating screen and the longest Buena Vista logo from the film's reissue that year. The even rarer rental-only version ends with trailers for Old Yeller and Darby O'Gill and the Little People.

Alice in Wonderland 1986 VHS.jpg
May 28, 1986

Walt Disney Classics Release The 1988 reissue of this tape re-uses the 1981 unrestored master from the previous release, with the MPAA rating screen and Buena Vista logo shown at the beginning.

July 12, 1991

Walt Disney Classics Release In this version, the RKO logo is replaced by a black screen while the fanfare sounds.

Alice In Wonderland Masterpiece.jpg
October 28, 1994

Walt Disney Masterpiece Collection Release

Alice in Wonderland 1999 Masterpiece.jpg
July 13, 1999

Walt Disney Masterpiece Collection Release

AliceInWonderland GoldCollection VHS.jpg
July 4, 2000

Walt Disney Gold Classic Collection Release

Bonus Features:

Alice in Wonderland Laserdisc.jpg
October 15, 1981

Standard Release

May 28, 1986

Walt Disney Classics Release

July 12, 1991

Walt Disney Classics Release

October 28, 1994

Walt Disney Masterpiece Collection Release

November 22, 1995

Disney's Exclusive Archive Collection Release

Bonus Features:

  • Isolated Music and Effects Track

Side 4

Side 5

Side 6

  • Operation Wonderland
  • The Fred Waring Show (excerpt)
  • Supplemental Audio
    • BBC Christmas Radio Broadcast
    • Instrumental Demos
      • Instrumental Demo
      • Dance
      • Entrance of the Walrus and the Carpenter
    • Song Demos
Tumblr m39k5aZVHU1rnsw9qo1 1280.png

Standard Release

AliceInWonderland GoldCollection DVD.jpg
July 4, 2000

Walt Disney Gold Classic Collection Release Bonus Features:

AliceInWonderland MasterpieceEdition DVD.jpg
January 27, 2004

"Masterpiece Edition" Release

Bonus Features:
Disc One

Disc Two

  • One Hour in Wonderland
  • Alice's Wonderland
  • Backstage Disney
  • Reflections On Alice | A Making of Alice in Wonderland
  • Theatrical Trailers (Original Theatrical Trailer and 1974 Trailer)
  • Walt Disney TV Introductions (1954 and 1964)
  • Operation Wonderland
  • The Fred Waring Show (excerpt)
  • Abandoned Content
    • "From Wonderland to Neverland: The Evolution of a Song"
    • Deleted Storyboard Concept: Alice Daydreams in the Park
    • Original Song Demos
  • Art Gallery
March 30, 2010

"Special Un-Anniversary Edition" ReleaseBonus Features:
Disc One

  • "Reflections on Alice"
  • "Pig and Pepper"
  • "Virtual Wonderland Party"
  • "Adventures in Wonderland" Game
  • I'm Odd Unused Song
  • Thru the Mirror

Disc Two

7709 front.jpg
February 1, 2011

60th Anniversary Edition Release The DVD contained in this combo pack is the same disc as the "Special Un-Anniversary Edition" DVD.
Bonus Features:

Alice In Wonderland 65th anniversary BD.jpg
April 26, 2016 (Disney Movie Club Exclusive)

65th Anniversary Edition Release

International releases


Cover Released Notes
WD UK10109 AliceinWonderland.jpg
October 8, 1984
Alice in Wonderland UK VHS (1989).jpg
November 6, 1989
September 10, 1990
February 10, 1992
Alice in Wonderland UK VHS.jpg
May 9, 1994
Alice in Wonderland UK VHS (1995).jpg
October 30, 1995
Alice In Wonderland (2005 UK VHS).jpg
April 11, 2005
71HGD2SR5FL.gif November 22, 1999
Alice in Wonderland 2002 UK DVD.jpg January 28, 2002
Walt Disney Classics 2002 Box Set UK DVD.jpg November 18, 2002 Walt Disney Classics box set

Same as 2002 release

Alice in Wonderland SE 2005 UK DVD.jpg April 11, 2005
Walt Disney Classics Box Set 2005 UK DVD.jpg October 31, 2005 Walt Disney Classics box set

Same as 2005 release

Walt Disney Classics Box Set 2006 UK DVD.jpg October 2, 2006 Walt Disney Classics box set

Same as 2005 release

Disney's Heroines Box Set UK DVD 1.jpg
Disney's Heroines Box Set UK DVD 2.jpg
October 1, 2007 Disney's Heroines box set

Same as 2005 release

Disney Magic Box Set UK DVD.jpg October 1, 2007 Disney Magic box set

Same as 2005 release

Alice in Wonderland 2011 UK DVD.jpg February 28, 2011
Alice in Wonderland Disney Villains 2014 UK DVD.jpg June 2, 2014 Disney Villains limited edition artwork sleeve

Same as 2011 release

Alice in Wonderland UK DVD 2014.jpg
Alice in Wonderland UK DVD 2014 Limited Edition slip cover.jpg
September 29, 2014 Also available with a limited edition artwork sleeve

Same as 2011 release

Disney Classics Volume 1 Box Set UK DVD.jpg November 10, 2014 Disney Classics: Volume 1 box set

Same as 2011 release

55 Disney Classics UK DVD Box Set.jpeg December 3, 2018 55 Disney Classics Box SetSame as 2011 release
February 28, 2011 Released as a "60th Anniversary Edition" (Double Play)
Slipcover QoH.jpg
June 2, 2014 Released as a "Special O-ring Artwork Edition"
Alice in Wonderland Steelbook.jpg


Cover Released Notes
Alice in Wonderland Early 1980s Australian VHS.jpeg
Early-Mid 1980s
Alice in Wonderland Australia VHS.jpg
October 31, 1986
Alice au vhs 80s.JPG
March 5, 1993
Alice in Wonderland Australia VHS Masterpiece.jpg

Walt Disney Classics Collection Release the Australian equivalent to the Walt Disney Masterpiece Collection series.

Alice au vhs 2000s.JPG
March 20, 2002
Alice in Wonderland 2005 AU.jpeg February 16, 2005 Walt Disney Collection Special Edition release
Alice in Wonderland Pocahontas and Mulan 2007 AUS DVD.jpeg November 14, 2007 3 Movie Collection with Pocahontas and Mulan

Same as the 2005 release

Alice au dvd.jpg
June 8, 2011

"60th Anniversary Edition" Release

Alice in Wonderland 2016 AUS D.jpeg September 21, 2016 Disney Classics release

Same as the 2011 release

Alice in Wonderland 2012 AUS B.jpeg June 8, 2011
Alice in Wonderland 2012 AUS Blu Ray + DVD.jpeg June 8, 2011 Blu-Ray and DVD Combo


Cover Released Notes
March 15, 1991
May 19, 1995
March 20, 1998
December 6, 2000 English release
October 17, 2001
February 21, 1985
December 5, 1987
March 25, 1991
May 19, 1995
May 19, 1995 Bilingual version of the previous release, containing both the English and Japanese sound tracks.
Alice jp dvd2.jpg
November 25, 1998
Alice jp dvd4.jpg
July 9, 2004
Alice jp dvd3.jpg
September 7, 2005
Alice jp dvd.jpg
May 21, 2010
Disney Early Classics Collection.jpg
September 18, 2013 Disney Early Classics Collection [3000 Units Produced]
Alice jp bluray.jpg
March 16, 2011 60th Anniversary Edition


Cover Released Notes
Alice fr vhs early 1980s.jpg
Early 1980s
Alice 1987 french vhs.jpg
1987 Released as part of the "Les Tresors" collection
Alice be vhs.jpg
1991 Released as part of the Belgian "Classiques" collection.
1993 Released as part of "Les Grands Classiques"
Alice fr laserdisc.JPG
271210 150138 PEEL VPPGKg.jpg
February 17, 1999 Released as part of "Les Grand Classiques" collection
July 26, 2002 Released as part of the "Grand Classique" collection
271210 151002 PEEL 92evvD.jpg
April 6, 2005 Released as "Edition Exclusive"
Disney Mechants DVD 3 - Alice au pays des merveilles.jpg
???? Released as part of the "Les Méchants" series
2011 Released as "60ème Anniversaire" edition.


Cover Released Notes
Early 1980s Rental video
Late 1980s
71qVI7l0a8L. SL1500 .jpg
Alice de vhs 2000s.JPG
June 12, 2003
Alice de dvd.jpg
1999 First edition with hologram
Alice de dvd2.jpg
1999 Second edition without hologram
Alice de dvd3.jpg
June 12, 2003 Released as part of the "Special Meisterwerke Collection"
Alice de dvd4.jpg
January 13, 2005 Special Edition
71uw3fxIG6L. SL1087 .jpg
March 10, 2011 Released as "Special Collection zum 60. Jubiläum"
Disney's Timeless Masterpieces DVD Box Set.jpg
November 23, 2017 Disney's Timeless Masterpieces 12-Disc Box Set
Alice im wunderland classics.jpg
January 18, 2018 Disney Classics release
Disney's Timeless Masterpieces Blu-Ray Box Set.jpg
November 23, 2017 Disney's Timeless Masterpieces 12-Disc Box Set
Alice im wunderland classics blu ray.jpg
January 18, 2018 Disney Classics release


Cover Released Notes
Alice-i-underlandet orig.jpg
1984 Features the original Swedish dub
Alice vhs1990 300.jpg
1990 Features the original Swedish dub
Aliceiunderlandet vhs1998 300.jpg
March 1998 Features a new Swedish dub
Aliceiunderlandet dvd 300.jpg
February 13, 2002
Aliceiunderlandet dvd2005 300.jpg
February 23, 2005
Aliceiunderlandet bluray 400.jpg
February 9, 2011 60th Anniversary Edition


Cover Format Released Notes
Alice qe vhs.JPG
VHS 1991

Les Classiques Release

A1norFCOBaL. SL1500 .jpg

Le Chef d'Œuvre Release

271210 142925 PEEL H2FG26.jpg
July 13, 1999

Le Chef d'Œuvre Release

DVD March 16, 2011 60th Anniversary Edition
25 Disney Classics Brazil DVD.png
September 20, 2017 25 Disney Classics Box Set
Alice it vhs.jpg
VHS 1990
Alice it dvd.JPG
DVD 2011 Released as "Edizione del NON-Anniversario"
Alice it dvd classici.JPG
November 4, 2015 Disney Classics release
Alicia en el país de las Maravillas DVD 2010.jpg
DVD 2010 Released as "Edición Especial"
Alicia en el país de las Maravillas DVD 2010 especial.jpg
2010 Released as "Edición Especial DVD + Libro"
Slipcover QoH Spanish.jpg
2014 Released as part of "Los Villanos" series
Alicia en el país de las maravillas bluray 2012.jpg
Blu-ray 2012
VHS 1998
Vhs liisaihmemaassa.jpg
VHS Early 1980s


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