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The Aliens are the main antagonists of the 2005 Disney animated film, Chicken Little.


Every year on the trip to visit their in-laws (who obviously live on a different planet than they do, despite being presumably from the same species), they stop by to Oakey Oaks to get acorns as they looked on all the planets in our solar system and acorns can only be found on planet Earth. They're the main reason for, in the beginning of the movie, making the main protagonist, Chicken Little, the laughing stock in the entire town.


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This blue alien is the only other alien physically seen aside from Melvin, Tina, and Kirby throughout the entire film. He tells the citizens of Oakey Oaks that everything else damaged by the aliens is restored back to normal except for Foxy Loxy.

The Alien Police is voiced by Patrick Warburton.

Role in the film

In the film, the aliens come back to Earth a year later, in which their son, Kirby has wandered out of the spaceship and was consequently left behind as the aliens escape. This results in a panic among the aliens as they brought their planet's armada in an attempt to get their son back, while vaporizing all of Oakey Oaks in the process.

So, Chicken Little, Buck Cluck his father, and his friends make plans to bring Kirby back to his parents. However, Chicken Little, Kirby, and Buck Cluck are zapped into the spaceship. The big voice of Kirby's father, Melvin consults them on why they "took" their child. Buck Cluck tells the father that his son did not take their child. Buck Cluck tells him that he was the one that left him behind and that that's bad parenting. But, Kirby's dad yells "SILENCE", really loudly and makes them release the child whilst pointing weapons at Chicken Little and his dad.

However, Kirby tells his dad that Chicken Little and his dad were telling the truth. At first Melvin does not understand what he is saying, but Kirby's mom translates. Kirby's mom makes Melvin release Chicken Little, his dad, and the townsfolk who are imprisoned, and turn off his big voice. Kirby's mom apologizes to the town for the misunderstanding.

Everyone is put back to normal except Foxy Loxy who is brainwashed for being a bully, told by a blue alien cop. Foxy Loxy has a crush on Runt, Chicken Little's pig friend. The blue alien cop, followed by Kirby and his parents, left in a spaceship.


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