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"All In" is the fifty-seventh and eighth episode of the Disney Channel animated series, Amphibia. It serves as the penultimate episode of the series.


Anne and her friends fight for their lives as the fate of both worlds hang in the balance.


On the day before her birthday, Anne and her friends, Sasha and Marcy, pull a K-Pop dance party prank on their school by messing with the lights and unleashing puppies on the student body. The three are immediately caught by Principal Murphy who compliments Sasha for her leadership skills and Marcy for her intellect, but is concerned for Anne. She tells her that she has numerous unfinished papers and low grades at the school and is concerned for her well being. She decides to give her a personal project: write a paper titled "Who Am I?". Anne leaves feeling hopeless.

In the present, Anne, the Plantars, Sasha, Grime, Olivia, Yunan and Frobo have all been captured by Andrias' army. Andrias starts his invasion by sending drones and two mind controlled herons on the populace. The army, powerless against them, summons Mr. X who has prepared for the occasion. Sprig tells Anne not to use her blue gem powers as it will tire her out. Polly uses the upgrades she added to Frobo who lasers a hole beneath their prison and they fall towards Los Angeles. Luckily, they land in a high rise swimming pool. As they look out on the city, Hop Pop recognizes the two herons as the same ones that killed Sprig and Polly's parents; traumatizing him.

The heroes head into the city, only to be outnumbered by the drones. They are suddenly rescued by Anne's parents who are now highly trained agents and have teamed up with an enlightened Mr. X. They escape to Anne and Sasha's school where Polly uses the opportunity to make numerous upgrades to Frobo, turning him into a battle robot. Anne goes looking through her locker where she sees her old "Who Am I?" paper that she never finished. She reminds Sasha that Darcy only knows the old them and that they will free Marcy.

Within the recesses of Darcy's mind, an amnesiac Marcy finds herself surrounded by her interests including puzzles, books, and a whole fantasy world. Aldrich arrives and tells her that she can have whatever she wants and she excitedly embraces her world. Back at the school, Sprig tells Hop Pop that he will be glad once they defeat Andrias as things will go back to "normal", but he reminds him that Anne's idea of normal is different from his. The heroes formulate a plan and head out to fight, as Andrias begins to have doubts about the invasion, especially when he recalls his first meeting with Marcy. The Core told him to kill her, but he convinces it to let him keep her alive for future plans.

Marcy tries to remember what it is she has forgotten, but Aldrich continues to feed into her wants by turning her into a fantasy character and providing her with a more compliant Anne and Sasha. In the real world, Sasha, Grime, Yunan and Olivia break into the flying castle, while Anne and the rest battle the drones on the ground; getting some help from their L.A. friends. The arrival of the two herons causes the Plantars to freeze in fear. With supportive words from Anne, and after seeing the Boonchuys in danger, the Plantars overcome their fear to break the herons mind control necklaces while using their wild dance to tame them, turning them against Andrias' forces.

Sasha's group navigate the castle, only to run into more Cloak Bots. Yunan and Olivia hold them off, while Sasha and Grime confront Darcy who pulls out a large scythe to fight them. Andrias dons the Dyplasaurus, his robot armor, and calls out Anne with the intent to face her one on one for the fate of Earth. Anne, now knowing who she wants to be, unleashes her blue energy to face off against Andrias, whose armor nearly seems impenetrable. Back in the castle, Darcy slices Grime's arm off as he protects Sasha, sending Sasha into a rage. Anne's blue energy runs out until Mr. X begins using hidden sound speakers to blast K-Pop while everyone in L.A. cheers her on; empowering her. Marcy soon realizes that the Anne and Sasha in her fantasy would never be so willing and overcomes it, with Aldrich trapping her in a black void.

As Anne's blue energy begins to fade, Mr. X spots the letter Sprig was holding on to and uses his glasses to find the hidden message in it. Sprig takes his glasses and learns that it is from Leif. He takes it to Andrias and reads to him; revealing that despite running away and starting a new life in Wartwood, she never stopped loving him and hoped that he would let go of all that anger. Andrias, moved that Leif never forgot him, breaks into tears and he is unable to fight anymore and forgives his friend. Darcy tries to use their power to control Andrias, but an newly empowered Sasha slices the neural link on their helmet; freeing Marcy from the Core's control. Anne powers up one more time and blasts through Andrias' armor as he repentantly allows the blow to hit; revealing that he had turned parts of himself into a cyborg to prolong his life. As the castle shield turns off, he begs Anne to save Marcy

Anne, Frobo and the Plantars get up to the castle to a revived Marcy. She apologizes for her actions and getting them sent to Amphibia to begin with as she did not want to lose her friends. Anne tells her that no matter what happens, nothing will ever erase the good times they had together; words that hit Sprig. As everyone gets together for a big group hug, Darcy's helmet sprouts legs and crawls away. Anne makes one final phone call to her parents to tell them that they need to go back to Amphibia one last time to drop everything off before coming home, with the Boonchuys adding that they will tell Marcy and Sasha's parents what happened.

Everyone returns to Amphibia, where Polly apparently "drove" the castle into the lake surrounding Newtopia, and come out to announce that Andrias and Darcy have been defeated. When Sasha mentions the "prophecy", Marcy becomes alerted. Anne tells Sprig that she is unsure if things will change between them like with Sasha and Marcy, but that he can be sure that they will face it together. Sprig suddenly notices that the moon looks bigger and it is revealed to be red and headed closer towards Amphibia; leaving everyone in shock.


Additional Voices

  • Corey Burton as US Military General, News Anchor
  • Troy Baker as Frobots, Bystander


  • "As If It's Your Last" by Blackpink





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