All Wet is a 1927 animated short, starring Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.


The short opens with Oswald on the beach, manning a hot dog stand. He wards off two young cats who want hot dogs (what a strange way to do business) and eventually sells a hot dog to...a dog. The dog goes off to try and eat, but the hot dog runs off instead. Later on, we see Oswald still at his stand, and another hot dog tries to run off. Oswald catches him, pulls back his skin, and spanks him. Soon, Francine "Fanny" Cottontail slinks on by. Instantly smitten, Oswald closes his hot dog stand for the day and introduces himself. Sadly, she spurns his advances, and he walks away dejectedly. Oswald then notices Fanny admiring the nearby lifeguard, so he gets the idea to become a lifeguard as well. He pays off the lifeguard for his badge, and Oswald stands at the dock.

Fanny is excited at seeing Oswald as a lifeguard, especially as his chest seemingly expands into a broad muscular frame. A little cat runs up to Oswald, squirming and needing help. Oswald is at first impatient with him, then realizes what the little cat needs: directions to the nearest outhouse. Fanny wants Oswald to pay attention to her, so she rows out to sea, puts on a swimsuit, and jumps into the water, pretending that she needs saving. Oswald rows out to her immediately, as she treads in the water. While she's waiting patiently, a fish starts pulling her down, and she soon needs real rescuing. Oswald swims in after her, but the waves keep preventing them from reaching each other. Eventually, a large wave sends the pair back to the beach, where Fanny lies waterlogged. Oswald "rolls" her like a tube of toothpaste in order to squeeze the water out, and she gives him a kiss for saving her life.

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  • The gag where Oswald catches a runaway hot dog and proceeds to spank it would be used later in The Karnival Kid.


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