All the Cats Join In is a song from the Make Mine Music segment of the same name. While most of the song only consists of vocals and scats, only a few verses contain lyrics. The rest of the song is instrumental mostly instrumental while the end of the song contains the chorus singing the last lines afterwards.


Hop in the old jalop
And head for the malted shop
And all the cats join in

Down goes my last two bits
Comes up one banana split
And all the cats join in

Drop your jack in the old jukebox
Play your favorite disc
When you dance with the bobby socks
You dance at your own risk

Rip! Everybody swing
Yes, swing, till the rafters ring
And all the cats join in

Rafters ringin' how they're swingin'
All the cats join in!


  • The first line in the song is "Hop in the old jalop" in which this last word at the end of the first line is derived from "jalopy", a colloquial term used to describe cars depending on the country.

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