Allegiant General Enric Pryde is the secondary antagonist of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

He was promoted to Allegiant General of the First Order after Kylo Ren became the Supreme Leader and decided to favor him instead of General Hux to command the military forces. However, Pryde later swears the First Order's allegiance to Darth Sidious serving as commanding officer of the Sith Eternal's fleet, the Final Order, at the Battle of Exegol.

However, before he can leave Exegol with the Sith fleet, the Resistance as well as many other citizens of the galaxy join forces to attack and destroy the Final Order. As the resistance members manage to destroy his signal tower, his technology suffers a blackout and his starship eventually collapses, killing him in the explosion.


Pryde is a calm yet highly intelligent and ruthless general, as he was quick to identify General Hux's betrayal as the spy against the First Order and executed him on the spot without hesitation. He is also fanatically loyal to Darth Sidious, having served him back during the days of the old Galactic Empire, and followed his commands without question.


Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

After the death of Snoke, his former apprentice Kylo Ren, who had secretly assassinated Snoke himself but instead had implicated Rey as Snoke's murderer, became the new Supreme Leader of the First Order, coercing General Hux into following him. Pryde was left as one of the most senior officers in First Order High Command and commanded reserve forces. While rebuilding his command, Kylo Ren discovered the reserve forces under Pryde's leadership and brought Pryde to the fore, eventually making him a member of the Supreme Council he formed and promoted him to Allegiant General. Pryde knew far more about the machinations of Supreme Leader Snoke and the late Darth Sidious than his cohorts, which he used towards his advantage to cement his power.

After discovering the returned Darth Sidious, his cult, the Sith Eternal and their built up forces on Exegol, and learning that there was a spy within the First Order who had sent a message to the Resistance, Kylo Ren presented the head of Boolio before Pryde and the rest of the Supreme Council and informed them of his findings during a meeting on the Resurgent-class Star Destroyer Steadfast. General Quinn expressed skepticism of the cult, dismissing them as soothsayers and conjurers, but Pryde supported the First Order's alliance with the Sith Eternal, noting that the Sith Eternal's fleet, the Final Order, would increase their resources ten thousandfold before snidely remarking that it would "correct the error" of Starkiller Base while glaring at General Hux.

After discovering that the Resistance was operating on Pasaana, Kylo Ren ordered Allegiant General Pryde to notify their local forces on Pasaana of the Resistance's presence. General Hux later discussed the skirmish on Pasaana with Allegiant General Pryde, noting that the First Order had experienced considerable losses under the command of the Knights of Ren. Hux presented their captured prisoner, Chewbacca, to Pryde, who ordered he be locked up in the detention block. After the Resistance's mission to Kijimi, during which time Hux had helped Poe Dameron and Finn return to Millennium Falcon and escape the Steadfast, Hux reported to Pryde that the Resistance fighters had forced him to help them escape. However, Pryde saw through Hux's lie and, having realized that Hux was the spy, executed him on the spot before having the Supreme Leader informed of Hux's treason. Pryde also told Kylo Ren that the Sith dagger, upon which there was an inscription of the location of one of the Sith wayfinders, now in the Resistance's possession, had been scanned during the captivity of the Wookiee, allowing for Ren to track Rey to Kef Bir, where the Jedi aspirant hoped to uncover a Sith wayfinder that would lead to Sidious.

Kylo Ren renounced the dark side after his mother, Princess Leia Organa, sacrificed herself to reach out to him during a duel with Rey on Kef Bir and Rey risked her own life to heal him, assuming his identity as Ben Solo once more. Sometime later, Sidious discussed this turn of events with Allegiant General Pryde over a hologram. Sidious ordered the Allegiant General to come to him on Exegol, and Pryde pledged himself and the First Order to Sidious, reminding the Sith Lord that he had served him during the "old wars", and now would do so again. Sidious then informed the Allegiant General that he was sending him the Xyston-class Star Destroyer Derriphan and ordered him to send it to a planet with ties to the Resistance. General Pryde had the Sith Star Destroyer sent to Kijimi, which it subsequently destroyed.

Allegiant General Pryde arrived on Exegol sometime before the battle, where the Steadfast acted as the command ship of the Sith fleet. A Resistance attack soon launched, hoping to prevent the Sith fleet from sowing chaos across the galaxy. After learning from a fellow officer that the Resistance was targeting the navigation tower on Exegol, Pryde had the source of the navigation signal needed for the Sith fleet to deploy from Exegol switched to the Steadfast, declaring that they would guide the fleet out themselves. However, Resistance General Finn realized that the signal had been transferred to the Resurgent Star Destroyer, and the Resistance's ground team concocted a daring plan to land on the hull of the Steadfast. Pryde had legions of Sith troopers and Sith jet troopers move against the Resistance, causing a battle to break out on the ship's hull.

Pryde expressed bafflement when another fleet arrived to reinforce the Resistance, wanting to know where such a vast amount of ships had come from, given that the Resistance had no navy. He was shocked to learn that the ships were not a navy at all, but the people of the galaxy, rising up and coming together to turn back the darkness that threatened them. Sidious was temporally able to halt the Resistance fleet and their allies from attacking the Sith fleet using Force lightning, but right after Rey managed to stop him from doing so.

When Finn and Jannah were successful in shutting down the transmitter, the Resistance prepared to depart the ship, having beaten back a multitude of Sith troopers. However, Pryde merely gave the order to reset the Steadfast's systems, which Finn caught on to. He and Jannah chose to stay on the ship while the rest of the ground team escaped.

Holding back onslaughts of Sith troopers, Finn and Jannah successfully destroyed the Steadfast by turning its turbolasers against the ship itself, corresponding with the final demise of Sidious at the hands of Rey. As the Steadfast burst into flames, Pryde ran towards the front of the bridge, staring out at the doomed Sith fleet in horror, and was killed instantly in the following explosion, which violently ejected Pryde's lifeless body off the viewport.


  • Fans thought Richard E. Grant would play Thrawn in Rise of Skywalker because of his appearance being similar to Thrawn until Pryde's name was revealed.
  • To get the role of Pryde, Richard E. Grant had to act scenes from "a 40s British war film" in his audition before he was notified months later that he had get the role. On the other hand, Grant based his performance as Pryde on the legendary Peter Cushing's portrayal as Wilhuff Tarkin in Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope.


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