Allie is a major character from the popular Disney mobile app Where's My Water?.

Role in Where's My Water?

In the game, Allie is the only female alligator to inhabit the city sewers. Being the only female, it is no surprise that Allie is the girlfriend of the clan's alpha male Cranky. In spite of their relationship, Allie gets rather annoyed by Cranky's rude and abrasive nature. Unknowing to Allie, an alligator misfit named Swampy has feelings for her, and tries his best to impress her. Though Allie finds his human-like qualities to be rather strange, she eventually lightens up to Swampy and begins to return the feelings. This angers Cranky which prompts him to make several attempts to sabotage their romance. Thanks to Allie's quick thinking, he ultimately fails.

Allie's Story

Allie also appears as the main character of the spin-off which is an in-app purchase in the first game. Here, players must assist Allie in helping her tune her instrument, much like how they gave Swampy his bath water in the original game albeit using air to help her. If the player uses the wrong fluid, he or she will fail and the level must be restarted.



  • Allie's name may have been derived from the word "alligator", the reptile Allie is based on.