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Allison is one of the tritagonists and the crush and later girlfriend of Max Dennison in the Halloween comedy-fantasy film Hocus Pocus.


Allison, unlike Max, is highly passionate and interested in Halloween and the supernatural, and shows a particular interest in the history of the Sanderson sisters. She comments that her mother was the previous owner of their cottage when it was a museum, however she abandoned such ownership following several strange and supernatural occurrences in such property. She and her parents also appear to be rather wealthy; they are shown living in a large house in Salem, and on Halloween host an extravagant costume party with a French aristocratic theme which is boring to her.

Role in the film

Allison's first appearance in the film is giving the correct information about the main idea about Halloween in Miss Olin's classroom at Jacob Bailey High School when Max gives the wrong answer. She assists him and his sister, Dani, in visiting the Sanderson sisters' cottage on Halloween night, in which she unsuccessfully attempts to persuade Max not to light the black flame candle, which subsequently resurrects the sisters. She subsequently helps Max and Dani defeat them before sunrise to stop them from killing and consuming the life force of children, allowing them to become immortal. She demonstrates a good knowledge of the occult and supernatural when fighting them, such as when she applied rings of salt for protection against their dark magic, leading Winifred to mockingly label her "a clever little white witch". Following the sisters' death and defeat at sunrise, she officially becomes Max's girlfriend. 


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