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Don't touch my book!
―Ally's catchphrase

Ally Edgar Dawson (Ally Darby Dawson in an alternate universe) is the titular deuteragonist of Austin & Ally. She is an aspiring teenage singer/songwriter. She wrote the hit song, "Double Take", which Austin Moon stole and performed in the episode Rockers & Writers, which made him famous. After Ally forgives him, the two agree to become partners. Ally is best friends with Austin, Trish, and also Dez. Her parents Lester Dawson and Penny Dawson are are divorced. Over the course of the series, she becomes more confident, conquers her stage fright and is signed to a record label. She's a smart, cute, adorable, young, beautiful, lovely, sweet, happy girl and always tries her best to not hurt anyone's feelings. She is the wife of Austin Moon. She is portrayed by Laura Marano.



Ally is generally shown to be sweet and kind, often described as a good person or a "goody goody." She's against all forms of rule breaking, even insignificant ones such as coloring outside the lines. She is often portrayed as girly, and sometimes meek.

Ally is often shown not to be into things most teenagers consider fun, such as arcades or horror movies, and enjoys slightly unusual activities, such as cloud watching club. She is some what geeky, but constantly tries to hide it when questioned or accused of it, which generally leads to either disasters or her appearing even more geeky.

Ally has stage fright, and is a time shown not to be the confident in herself. She can also at times be a bit obsessive over simple things, such as trying to get a gold star, as she was the only person who didn't ever get one.


Season 1

Rockers & Writers

Ally writes a song which Austin takes and records a music video with. After the music video becomes a hit online, Trish convinces Ally to tell the world she wrote the song. Then Austin convinces Ally to help him out with writing a new song. He gives her credit for both songs and they make a deal to become partners together.

Kangaroos & Chaos

Ally is pressured to quickly write another song for Austin since it's been over a month since his last one. She scribbles down Austin's song lyrics in illegible handwriting prompting Dez and Trish to start gathering strange props for the music video which they think correspond to her lyrics.

Secrets & Songbooks

Ally loses her songwriting book, which is also her top-secret diary, so she and Trish comb the mall looking for it, unaware that Austin and Dez have already found it and read it, revealing that Ally has a secret crush. Ally reveals that her crush is actually a boy named Dallas, and her and Austin's misunderstanding is cleared.

Zaliens & Cloud Watchers

Ally wrote a song in which she thinks is the best song ever for Austin. Austin doesn't like it so they decided to hang out more. At the end Ally learned how to have a little fun and she wrote another song for Austin.

Bloggers & Butterflies

A hater known as Miami H8ter girl is blogging bad and embarrassing stuff about Austin because she hated Ally for having her song in a play instead of hers. H8ter girl made Ally sing the Butterfly song in front of a crowd of people knowing that Ally had stage fright, but Austin sings it for her instead.

Tickets & Trashbags

When Austin get a chance to have his song in Shiny Money song, Team Austin got excited but after they realize there is only one ticket, everyone is fight for it, including Ally. Austin said yes to Ally because she talks too much. Ally, Trish and Dez decided to apologizes to Austin so they went to the Award show, which puts Ally on stage.

Managers & Meatballs

A manager wanted to replace the whole gang with professional artists, Team Austin is disappointed but Ally was happy for him. She wrote another song for him telling Demonica that Austin doesn't need her to have his dreams come true.

Club Owners & Quinceaneras

When Trish had a quinceaneras, Ally decided that it's the perfect time to ask Dallas to dance. After he said no, she turn sad. Austin then stop his performance and dance with Ally.

Deejays & Demos

Ally writes her first personal song, "You Don't See Me". The song expresses the pain of the anonymity Ally feels. Austin hears the song and plays it for Miami when he's on the radio with Miami Mack. When Miami Mack wants Austin to bring Ally to sing her song the next day, Ally panics. So Trish pretends to be Ally and lip syncs to "You Don't See Me".

World Records & Work Wreckers

Ally's crush on Dallas grows stronger. She often doesn't know what she is saying when she is around him, which causes her to accidentally tell him she'll mow his lawn for him. Later, when Dallas tells her he hates his job. Ally says "try working here (Sonic Boom)". Dallas misinterprets this and thinks it means he is hired at Sonic Boom. Dallas turns out to be a terrible employee and Ally realizes she has to fire him for two reasons: He is a terrible employee, and her dad tells her they can't affords a new employee. Trish helps Ally find a way to fire him. In the end, Dallas ends up quitting.

Songwriting & Starfish

Ally, Trish, and Dez help Austin get ready for the Hot Summer Jam Contest on the beach, where he could win a chance to have his song played on the radio. Ally tries to put her previous, unpleasant beach-going experiences behind her. It is revealed in this episode that she and her father often went to the boardwalk and got ice cream when she was little. It is also revealed that her favorite ice cream is Fruity Mint Swirl. In the end of the episode, Ally writes the song, Heard It on the Radio, for Austin.

Soups & Stars

Ally finally gets a Tweeter account but has a problem writing good twits. Ally reunites with one of her favorite elementary school teachers, Miss Suzy, at her soup shop in the mall, Suzy's Soups. Ally thinks of this as a chance to finally get a gold star from Miss Suzy. When Ally tweets a picture of a spider in her soup at Suzy's Soups as an attempt to get more followers, Miss Suzy loses many customers. To make up for it and get a gold star, Ally tries to make a commercial with Austin, Trish, and Dez for Suzy's Soups. She ends up going way overboard. The commercial helps bring back customers and Miss Suzy tells Ally she only gave gold stars to the kids who needed extra motivation and Ally was so smart and talented that she didn't need that. Even though this makes Ally feel better, she still wants gold stars and by the end, she is covered in them.

Burglaries & Boobytraps

A mall thief has been robbing all of the stories in the mall. It is revealed in this episode that Ally is president of the Mall of Miami association. Ally tries to catch the thief after he steals a guitar from Sonic Boom. When Ally and Trish check the security cameras, they see that Austin stole the guitar. After confronting Austin, Austin tells her he just went to get it autographed by Bruno Mars because, he felt bad for missing her scheduled meetings. But, Trish already turned him in so she could get the rewards. So now, Ally, Trish, Dez, and Austin must all work together to clear Austin's name. In the end of the episode, Austin catches the thief and they find out it was the mall delivery man.

myTAB & My Pet

Ally leaves her pet parakeet with Austin, Dez, and Trish while she waits in line for the new myTAB, but they accidentally let Owen (Her pet) escape. Everyone except Ally creates a plan to get Owen back but it backfired. At the end Ally got a myTAB but Mindy took it away. Owen exposed everything that happened.

Filmmaking & Fear Breaking

Dez is filming his first big movie named Claws (Dun Dun Dun) and the whole gang jumps in to help.Austin nabs the starring role, Trish gets to play lot of characters and Ally offers to help out with the props because she has stage fright. However, when it's Austin's turn for his big scene, something triggers a childhood fear of umbrellas and that causes Austin to panic and quit doing Dez's movie. The cause of Ally's stage fright to revealed to Austin.

Diners & Daters

Ally, Austin and Dez all go to the newest diner, where the employees have to sing to the customers. Trish gets a job there, and where Austin gets a crush on one of the waitresses, Cassidy. However, Cassidy turns him down, and Ally tries to help Austin convey his feelings for her by writing her a song. Austin tries to describe what he's feeling so she can write lyrics, however, Ally cannot find good lyrics, and goes to Austin for help. He mistakenly sings Cassidy the awful song, and blames Ally for it. They end up arguing while singing, her not believing he would accuse her like that, and leaves, leaving Austin feeling bad. He finds her in the music room later, and they make up by "dancing it out" in a goofy fashion, and finishing the song for Cassidy.

Everglades & Ally-Gators

When Team Austin was invited to Shiny Money's Party in the Everglades, the whole gang was very excited because it was their first vacation together. Ally tried to write a song with Austin but constantly got interrupted by Trish and Dez. Because Trish plugged too many things into the outlets, the power went out and Austin and Ally couldn't play the keyboard to finish their song. Later, they see Big Mama attack the boathouse. The boathouse sank because of Dez, however Austin still get to perform and Team Austin dances along to it.

Successes & Setbacks

When Austin might gets the chance to earn a record deal from Jimmy Starr, they work very hard to make animpression, but when Ally overworks Austin, he suddenly can't hit the high notes. Ally tries to cheer up Austin, but it doesn't work as well as she wanted it to. Since she felt bad, Dez and Ally get Austin presents (she got him a scarf with "Austin, Ally, Trish, Dez" on it). Ally also made Austin soup, which she accidently spilled all over Austin. She later dances when Austin sings and his voice - after surgery? ; turns out to be fine.

Albums & Auditions

In this episode, Ally's friends, Austin, Trish, and Dez create an audition tape, so Ally can get into the music school seen in Filmmaking & Fear Breaking. She passes the audition - only for her friends to realize that the music school is in New York. Austin's album release party is also a going-away party for Ally. When Austin sings an acoustic version of Can't Do It Without You, and a video of Team Austin's memories from the past is shown, Ally decides she wants to stay in Miami because she realizes her new dream is to make music with her friends.

Season 2

Costumes & Courage

In this episode, Ally is Galexis Nova for Halloween (first she was Florence Nightingale). Austin and Ally write a song called Don't Look Down for Austin to perform at a Halloween party. Ally goes to lunch with Jimmy, where they discuss that Austin will perform the song at the Halloween party with Taylor Swift. She tries to impress a guy named Ethan, whom she saw at the costume store and the Halloween party Ally and her friends go to. Ally pretends to 'borrow' Jimmy's phone to delete a mean text message that Austin sent to him by accident. Ally and Taylor wear the same costume at the party. When Trish and Dez accidentally knock out Taylor, Ally pretends to be Taylor and performs the duet with Austin, without her stage fright getting to her. Dez suggests that Austin and Ally sing together from now on since Ally didn't have stage fright, but Ally doesn't know if she can, for she thought she could only do it because she was pretending to be someone else.

Backups & Breakups

In this episode, when Ally sees Trish and Dez hugging at their lockers, she thinks that they are secretly dating each other. Back at Sonic Boom, Ally confronts Trish about dating Dez. However, Trish tells Ally she is dating Trent, Austin's new backup dancer. Later when Ally sees Trent with another girl, Ally is faced with the difficult decision of telling Trish the truth. Back at the gang's practice, Ally video chats with her mom about whether to tell Trish or not. In this episode, Ally's mom was also featured through video chat.

Magazines & Made-Up Stuff

Throughout the episode, Ally consistently tells Austin that he doesn't need to lie to make himself look good; "just being yourself is enough.". However, once the last event of Austin's fabricated life is done and Meagan Simms declares that she thinks Ally writes amazing songs, Meagan asks Ally how she came up with it. Ally starts to tell the truth, but when Meagan declares that it's boring, she quickly lies, saying that she bungee-jumped off of the tallest bridge in Miami. Once up there, Austin and her jump down together, and all the exaggerations are over.

Parents & Punishments

Ally is visited by Nelson and the rest of his music class, including their music teacher at Sonic Boom. Nelson asks Ally if they can borrow the instruments since the music class's instruments got ruined, and Ally grudgingly says no after her dad tells her that they can't afford to let them borrow the instruments. Nelson and the rest of the class sigh and walk out, and Ally, feeling guilty, tells them to stop, saying that they can use all the instruments. Misinterpreting this, Nelson thinks that Ally said that they could take all the instruments for free, so all the students take the instruments. After accidentally getting rid of all the instruments, Ally and the rest of Team Austin brainstorm ways to get the money to get all the instruments back before finally thinking of hosting a fundraiser. They then decide that Austin performing will be their main act, but when Austin's bad grades cause him to get grounded to study, he sneaks out to perform, thus earning the required money Ally needed. Unfortunately for Team Austin, Nelson's music teacher thinks that Ally raised the money for HER and thanks her, running off with the money. Due to this, Ally gets in trouble for the first time, and her punishment is not being allowed to read any books for a week. Note that even though Ally has stage fright, she got up on the stage and spoke to the audience and camera multiple times. This could possibly be because her stage fright has gone away. Also, she wasn't all freaked out when she was featured in Cheetah Beat.

Crybabies & Cologne

She helps get revenge on Trent (Trish's ex-boyfriend), who deliberately steals one of the songs she was working on with Austin, although her efforts to do so get mixed reactions from the rest of Team Austin, who are quite surprised to find her just as eager to pay him back, until she suggests sticking a "Kick Me" sign on his back. At the ending, She says that she will get her revenge doubtful, Trish, Dez, and Austin walk out with Ally's "Kick Me" signs on their backs and gets her revenge.

Big Dreams & Big Apples

In this episode, Ally does multiple actions. She tries to get Trish to tell Austin that he wasn't truly booked at Times Square instead of having someone else tell the news for Trish. She also ends up sitting with Austin on the plane when she and the little boy that thought Austin was an impostor switched seats. She's proud of Austin when he performs and accomplishes his life-long dream; she's reduced to tears by the performance, and the tears freeze over, much to the confusion of the rest of Team Austin.

Ferris Wheels & Funky Breath

Austin needs to film his music video with Jimmy's daughter, Kira and she has bad breath. Ally is trapped in the giant hamster ball with Kira, Austin gets stuck with her for an hour on the Ferris wheel. Also, she tries to protect Kira's feelings by not telling her about her bad breath.

Girlfriends & Girl Friends

Ally helps Austin on his date with Kira, she later reveals to Trish that she has developed a crush on him. Trish advises Ally to tell Austin about how she feels but chooses not to tell him, worrying it will ruin their friendship and partnership. Ally is crushed when he leaves with Kira but wants him to be happy all the same. And it's hard for Ally to tell her feelings. She doesn't want to tell Austin her feelings out of fear that she'd ruin their partnership and his career. She reads the flowers that Austin sent reading "There's no way I can make it without you" and sadly goes up to the practice room.

Campers & Complications

Ally's old crush and camp friend Elliot comes into town, making Austin jealous of their budding relationship. She first finds it exciting that her first crush and friend has arrived but quickly get bored because all they talk about is camp and don't really have anything in common. After some sport activities between Austin and Elliot, Ally realizes that Austin likes her because of his jealous acts. She meets Austin in the music room while working on a song, they have a moment (their hands touch on the piano) they almost kiss but Ally stops the kiss by showing Austin how the chorus of the song should go.

Chapters & Choices

Ally and Austin both try to hide their feelings for each other, but are both caught up in awkward moments where they are found staring at each other. Ally tells Trish that she's not going to wait for Austin to decide who he want to be with. Ally's mother makes her second appearance and Austin and Ally try to help Ally get over her stage fright by getting Ally and Austin to sing a duet at Ally's mother, Penny Dawson's book release party. Ally overhears Austin and Dez's conversation about why Austin and Ally should not go out, leaving her upset but later feels okay about it. After they perform, Austin admits that he could do anything with Ally and they share their very first kiss. Unfortunately, Kira ruins the moment by telling Austin that she'll be his girlfriend, leaving Ally heartbroken.

Partners & Parachutes

Ally, still upset with Austin, decides not to think about him and tries to focus on herself and her own career. She starts "Team Ally" with Trish as her manager. Austin still wants to prove his feelings for her, but she remains unconvinced that he truly cares about her and is over Kira. It was revealed in this episode that Austin was her first kiss. They start dating in this episode after Austin serenaded her with a song that was originally written by her.

Freaky Friends & Fan Fiction

In this episode, she holds a fairly important role. She's one of the last members of Team Austin to be truly convinced that the typewriter is magic. She gets a wagon full of books as a gift from Dez and the typewriter. She and Austin were, in a way, guarding the typewriter while they were afraid that Chuck would steal the typewriter. After Chuck steals the typewriter, Ally's affected in several ways. First, her hair turns purple. Later on, she switches bodies with Trish, and then with Dez. She's next affected when Chuck uses the typewriter to make her fall in love with him. Then, she's turned into Abraham Lincoln while giving the speech for her dad.

Couples & Careers

Ally plays Clarinet Golf with Austin- signaling that she has changed from her Season 1 attitude, where she would scold Austin for playing such a game- and gets a horn-in-one. She is asked out on a date by Austin, and she accepts. It is revealed in this episode that Ally has a middle name. Trish asks her to write a new song for Butch & Bitey. Ally is awkward around Austin on their first date, and near the end of it, she gets jammed bread on her face! She talks to Trish about how it was awkward and begins to have doubts about being in a relationship with Austin. She blows them off when in a song-writing session with Austin, claiming that they've never been awkward when it comes to their music. She is easily proven wrong; she is too afraid to hurt Austin's feelings, and so agrees to compromise a song instead of pleading to write an emotional, serious ballad-like she wanted to. Later on, she and Austin both realize that the song is the worst song they have ever written! She is there when the director of Butch & Bitey gets goo splattered all over him. She and Austin, at the end of the episode, both agree that they are not meant to be a couple just yet. The two hug and she asks him not to let go just yet.

Spas & Spices

In this episode, she is first seen trying out poses for her interview with Miami Music, due to having won the title of "Songwriter of the Year". She goes to the Tranquility Spa, where Trish currently works, with Trish after Austin assures her that her dress and necklace will be picked up. At the spa, many bad things befall her: she drinks massage oil, her feet are burnt with hot stones, her hair becomes extremely puffy, her teeth turn green, her face becomes pink, and her hands become stuck to what is meant to be a relaxing wax. She and Trish eventually leave the spa and head to the Chili Cook-Off, where she learns and is devastated to hear that her necklace has been lost in the chili. She ends up getting it back at the end of the episode, however.

Solos & Stray Kitties

Trish books Ally to perform as she thought that Ally would get a record deal but it was actually to perform for the stray kitties. Ally is first excited at getting a part in a showcase, but when everything goes horribly wrong with Ally and the "Stray Kitties", Ally wants to get out of her contract, but the manager won't let her leave the band, for 5 years. She needs her friends' help.

Boy Songs & Badges

In this episode, Ally is writing songs for her demo reel. Due to this three-song-requirement, Ally is unable to write a

song for Austin's interview with Jett on "New Music Tuesday", which forces him to write a song by himself. After hearing Austin's heavily-Pioneer-Ranger-inspired song, Ally at first lies and tells him that she enjoyed it. Later, however, she tells him the truth with a wide smile and then offers to let him use one of her songs for New Music Tuesday. This plan is not able to work, unfortunately; her three songs are each too girly for Austin to sing at the interview.

Tracks & Troubles

In this episode, Jimmy asks for her to sell her song, I'm Finally Me, to Kira. She refuses and is sad that she didn't receive a record deal; thankfully, Austin and Trish cheer her up. When they visit Jimmy's new recording studio the next day, she is the last to play with the studio; Austin and Trish had played with it before her. She, Austin and Dez go to the yoga studio in an attempt to get Kira to sing her song, Elevator Doors, again so they can attach that singing to the music. When that doesn't work and Austin is dropped from the label, she is willing to sell her song to Kira so that Austin can get signed again. Kira has a change of heart and says that only Ally could sing the song; she then gets to sing I'm Finally Me at Kira's gig. Afterwards, Jimmy offers Ally a record deal as well as re-signing Austin.

Viral Videos & Very Bad Dancing

In this episode, Ally gets nominated for the Future 5 Contest, and she needs to make a video. But Ally wants to make a dance video, her friends try to stop her knowing her dance skills. When Ally finds out that her best friends don't think she can win, she gets disappointed and post a video of her dancing and gets many mean comments. In one moment Austin realizes that he needs to help her, and they make The Ally Way so Ally can show her moves and get chances to win because the song goes with her moves. At the end, Ally wins the contest because she made those moves fit in one song.

Tunes & Trials

In this episode, Ally, as well as Austin, are approached by Val, who tries to persuade them to write a hit song for her band, Stray Kitties. They decline. Ally, with the use of sports analogies that don't quite work, manages to persuade Austin to write the lyrics to his new single--later called Steal Your Heart--and tells him to write it about someone that he cares about. Due to Austin and Ally rejecting her request, Val comes back and sues Austin for stealing Steal Your Heart. At the end of the episode, it is confirmed that Austin wrote the song about Ally, which leads to Austin and Ally admitting they still have feelings for each other.

Future Sounds & Festival Songs

In this episode, Ally does not have too much to do. She tries to convince Austin to write a new song the traditional way, as opposed to the shortcut way with the Tune Pro. In Austin's dream about the future, however, Austin has to teach Ally how to write songs the traditional way, as Future Ally only knows how to use a Tune Pro to write songs.

Sports & Sprains

In this episode, Ally tries to get herself a job writing for the school newspaper. She also advises Austin not to give up on playing basketball even after Jimmy tells him to quit. In the end, she ends up getting her article on the front page.

Beach Bums & Bling

In this episode, Ally is given crystal look-alike shoes from her favorite movie by Austin. For most of the episode, she finds it hard to walk in them and makes Austin carry her around the mall so she can still do certain things, like go to lunch with Austin, or visit the grand opening of Trish's kiosk (her gift from Austin). Eventually, in the middle of the episode, Dez drives off in his car (his gift from Austin) with Jackson Lowe, with the shoes on the back. They topple over onto the floor and shatter. Ally also meets Jackson Lowe, Austin's old hero, and helps Austin to bring him back to stardom. She writes a song for Austin and dedicates it to Jackson, who also performs with Austin at the concert.

Family & Feuds

Upon finding out that Didi's boyfriend is Chuck, Ally ends up supporting the couple despite an endless feud between the two families. But, Ally gets mad when Austin and Dez made Chuck and Didi break up. She helps Austin, Trish, Didi, and Dez's parents get Dez and Chuck to be friends and end the feud.

Moon Week & Mentors

Ally, alongside Austin, is one of the celebrity judges on America's Top Talent. She thinks one of the contestants, Lucy reminds her of her old self, as she was shy and insecure. Ally decides to take her under her wing to "train" her so she's more successful. She and Austin work together to make the girl a top contender.

Real Life & Reel Life

In helping play herself in the Austin & Ally Rockumentary, Ally acts out various scenes from her life with Austin along with the rest of her friends. Though, it is discovered while filming one scene that Ally didn't originally want to be Austin's partner because he stole her song, embarrassed her on live television, and thought that he might end up being a one-hit-wonder. This results in Austin angry at her, but later, she finds out that Austin had a secret of his own too - meeting up with another songwriter, meaning that Ally is now angry at Austin. The two remain mad at each other until Trish and Dez have them film the scene of where Ally overcomes her stage fright, and the two kiss for the second time and makeup. Ally also says that her partnership with Austin is the best thing that's ever happened to her.

Fresh Starts & Farewells

As the day for the start of the tour comes closer, Ally helps Dez study for his biology exam so that he can go on the trip, though he does end up doing better than her on the actual test. Meanwhile, Ally fires and rehires Trish as her manager when she thinks Trish isn't taking her career seriously for messing up a meeting with Ronnie Ramone. But rehires her after Trish takes credit for getting Ally the opening act of Austin's tour. Though, when Ally finds out the lie, Trish is fired again but hired once again when Ronnie Ramone ends up being at the concert. So, when Ally performs her song, The Me That You Don't See, Mr. Ramone is impressed with her performance and offers her a record deal. The only thing is, she has to choose from the record deal and going on Austin's tour. In the end, Ally ends up staying in Miami to record her album and says goodbye to her friends before they leave. Though, Austin almost admits he loves Ally, but can't get the words out, so he gives her a card and note before he finally left too. Ally is then seen in the recording booth at Romone Records.

Season 3

Road Trips & Reunions

Having recorded several songs for her album and having trouble finishing the rest, Ally has been recently hallucinating about Austin, meaning that she does miss him. So, with encouragement from her friends, she uses the plane ticket in the card Austin gave her to meet up with them on tour for a few days before going back to Miami for a meeting with Ronnie Ramone. During all of this though, she and her friends keep messing up the exact location of where to meet up, as in different cities. Eventually, she and Austin are finally together, but she has to soon leave to go back to Miami, even after going all they went through just to see each other. But, Ally realizes why she's having trouble finishing her songs - she needs Austin to help her. That meaning, Ally stays on the rest of the tour with Austin, Trish, and Dez.

What If's & Where's Austin

While Austin is out getting breakfast burritos, Ally along with Trish and Dez imagine what their life would be like without him. This includes Ally giving up her dream of being a singer-songwriter, turning the practice room into a chemistry lab, and losing Trish as her best friend. Overall, she concludes with Trish and Dez that their lives would've been terrible without Austin around.

Presidents & Problems

Wanting to make the most of their last day on Austin's tour, Ally suggests going to the Smithsonian Museum after going to the ceremony for Austin - as he had received the Teen Role Model of the Year award. At the museum, Ally naturally takes over the tour guide's role, having to almost always add and correct the facts the guide presents at each exhibit. During the situation of Austin getting the silver shoes from the Wizard of Oz stuck on his feet, Ally is able to come up with a way to hide them and save him from getting in trouble - putting on bigger shoes over the heels. Though the idea did not work, Austin is pardoned by the president, saving Team Austin from any further complications.

Beach Clubs & BFFs

After getting back from Austin's tour, Ally reveals that she has become a close friend of Kira's. This makes Trish become jealous, and Ally and Trish face a conflict in their friendship. Ally starts hanging out with Kira a lot more often, and Trish tries to join in, but can't quite "fit in" with the two as they are twinsies. Trish confronts Ally about her being replaced by Kira and Ally assures her to not worry about anything. However, at the luau at Shredder's, Trish had accidentally made the machine spin too fast to cook the pig, making it fall on top of Ally. Ally accuses Trish of doing it on purpose to ruin her performance but eventually apologizes upon finding out it really was just an accident, meaning the two make up. Back at the beach club, Ally finally performs her new song, Redial, which is written and dedicated to her best friend, Trish.

Mix Ups & Mistletoes

Ally helps the rest of Team Austin with the Kids' Club Christmas Party and the Austin Moon dolls. She also performs a duet with Austin for the Club called "I Love Christmas".

Glee Clubs & Glory

In this episode, Ally and Austin start separate glee clubs, and Ally's team goes old-school. Soon Austin and Ally are both kicked off and later put back in. They perform a glee mashup as a whole glee club and win first place.

Austin & Alias

She is first seen in the practice room working on a song with Austin, and Ronnie Ramone walks in and says that he loves all her songs she's recorded and that its time to start talking about releasing the album. But then Ronnie tells her she and Austin can't be partners anymore. After Ronnie tells Ally she can't be Austin's songwriter anymore, she decides to create an alias called 'Roxy Rocket' to continue being his songwriter and she goes on TV with Austin as 'Roxy'. After Ronnie offers 'Roxy' a record deal, she reveals that she is Roxy and she starts getting cross at Ronnie but he lets her continue being Austin's songwriter and to keep her record deal.

Princesses & Prizes

Ally wants to do a charity and need money. She organizes an auction and raffling a day to spend with Austin. But it offers Chelsea, a beautiful girl and Ally begins to be jealous. When she discovers that Chelsea has a boyfriend and he just wanted to help in the celebration of his little sister, is embarrassed.

Cupids & Cuties

At the beginning of the episode, Ally gives Trish advice for her date with Jace. However, her advice doesn't work well for her. She also tried to cheer up Dez, whose love life isn't going so well. By the end of the episode, she was flying paper airplanes with Austin.

Critics & Confidence

Ally, along with Trish and Dez, help Austin gain his confidence back after a critic dislikes his performances. In the end, Ally relates to Austin about overcoming her stage fright and encouraged him to show Kenneth Kreen, the critic, what he can do.

Directors & Divas

Having been hired to be the songwriter for Spike Steven's "The Pilot and the Mermaid", Ally gets the chance to write a theme song for the new movie. However, Brandy makes her write it completely different after Ally attempts to show Spike the original, the lyrics come off as a little weird in the Heart of the Mermaid sequence. Meanwhile, Ally helps Austin and Trish get Dez his big shot at filming the movie. They all give him encouragement to not give up and have Spike pretend that his wife is in labor in order to allow Dez to direct instead.

Hunks & Homecoming

Ally gets a new songwriting partner - Gavin Young - to work with for a new song. Unbeknownst to her during their songwriting sessions, Austin gets jealous of Gavin and makes Ally choose between him and Gavin, which makes her upset with Austin. Ally and Gavin have been hitting it off, so after Austin apologizes for what he said, Gavin asks her out on a date. Ally is shocked by the question is unsure of an answer. However, after the performance of Me and You, it is confirmed by Ally that she has decided to start dating Gavin.

Fashion Shows & First Impressions

Trish gets Ally to partake in a fashion show that is to promote an endangered species of birds as the main model. Ally, being a bit clumsy as she is, struggles to successfully come up with model walks that will make her look good in the show. In the actual show, however, as she goes up the runway, Austin pushes her out of the way, due to him setting up the protest of dumping paint all over the models. Ally falls off the stage and the fashion show is ruined, but afterwards, she talks to Austin. She says that it was nice for him to do that, considering that he was able to take a hit and humiliate himself in front of an audience for Piper

Fanatics & Favors

Ally is first seen hanging out at the beach club with Austin, Dez, and Trish. Dez then invites Austin, Ally, and Trish to his cousin Dwayne's house. When they arrive, they find out that Dez's cousin is Dwayne Wade! Later, Ally gets suspicious about Dwayne and thinks that he is not just a fan, but is obsessed with Austin, and decides to have a look around his house. Ally then shows everyone how obsessed Dwayne is with Austin, and they come across Dwayne's secret shrine to Austin. Ally and Austin, back at Sonic Boom, decide to allow Dwayne to perform with Austin at his next gig so he can get over his obsession. Austin later performs What We're About with Dwayne - a song that Austin and Ally have been working on. Ally enjoys their performance and they find out that Dwayne knew that Austin and Ally tricked him into writing the song. Ally is later, at the end of the episode, at Sonic Boom again and reading magazines with Austin, and they find out that Dwayne is over Austin.

Eggs & Extraterrestrials

Ally is first seen in Sonic Boom and Austin, Dez, and Trish convince Ally to join them at the zalien convention. In the next scene, Ally is seen walking into the convention, along with Austin, Trish, and Dez, and Ally is dressed up as Princess Starna, and gets attention from boys, making her like it. When Trish and Dez later come into Sonic Boom, after the convention, they convince Austin and Ally that they are real zaliens, but Austin and Ally don't believe them until they see Zip suck Ziltch's brain. They then have to perform for them to save their lives! After the performance, since the zaliens loved their performance, they decide to take Austin and Ally to their planet instead of a prince egg. It's later revealed that it was all in Dez's dream, and then Ally is seen at the convention with Austin, Dez, and Trish.

Proms & Promises

Ally is first seen with Austin and helps him practice how to ask Piper to prom, but she thinks his way is boring and says how she wants Gavin to ask her. Ally is later seen on a date with Gavin and says how everyone has a date except her. Gavin then invites Ally to see his family, but she says no. Ally is later seen at the beach club with Trish, Piper, and Carrie and they're all talking about prom. Austin then sings to Piper and asks her to prom and she says yes, making Ally jealous, hinting that she still has feelings for Austin. Gavin then comes down the stairs and asks Ally to prom, but she says no. Ally is then seen in the practice room, and Trish asks her what happened, and said she said no because she wonders if she's with the right guy, making Trish wonder if Ally will break up with Gavin, but she said she doesn't know but knows that she'd rather stay home than go to prom with the right guy. On prom night, Ally is seen in sonic boom with everyone and that they wanted to see Ally before prom, and Austin says it's weird going without her. When Dez insulted Ally, Austin held Ally's hand and said she looks great and always looks great, making Ally blush. Piper then becomes suspicious of their relationship, but Trish said they broke up, making things clearer for Piper. When everyone leaves for prom, Ally is left with a hurt expression on her face. Austin is then seen at prom with Piper but keeps mentioning Ally making Piper even more suspicious about their relationship, and asks Austin if he still has feelings for Ally, but he denies it saying he's really happy being with Piper. Ally is then seen in the practice room, and her dad walks in and convinces her to go to prom to have fun with her friends since she doesn't have a date and she decides to go. Ally is later seen at the episode walking into prom and she caught Austin's eye and he looks like he is in love! Austin then realized that he has made a huge mistake - he's meant to be at prom with Ally instead of Piper! He then turns around to see Carrie and when Piper hugs Austin, Carrie almost tells her the truth, and the episode ends with a 'To be continued...' ending.

Last Dances & Last Chances

Ally is first seen walking up to Piper and Austin. Piper becomes suspicious of their relationship again. Later in the episode, Ally and Austin win prom king and queen. When they're dancing, Austin leaves with Piper and breaks up with her to be with Ally. When Austin almost tells Ally his feelings, Gavin turns up much to Ally's surprise. Ally is then seen outside with Gavin and she breaks up with him to be with Austin. Then Ally comes back in, and tells Austin she broke up with Gavin, and he says he broke up with Piper. Austin then asks Ally to dance, which she happily accepts to. When they're dancing, Austin admits to Ally he still has feelings for her, and she says she feels the same way. Ally then says Austin is the perfect guy for her to be with. Austin then asks Ally out on a date, which she happily accepts to. They then share their third kiss, hug and finally get back together. In the final scene, Ally is seen dancing with Austin, and they are officially boyfriend and girlfriend again, and Ally then says the evening turned out just how she wanted it to, and the episode ends.

Videos & Villains

Ally is first seen in Sonic Boom with Trish and Austin and Dez walk in. Ally gets excited (along with everyone else) about Austin's performance and interview with Jett Deeley on Video Countdown Live. Ally then becomes worried when she finds out that Brooke has kept Austin a hostage until he writes a love song for her and goes to find him. Ally is later seen at Austin's performance of Upside Down and loves it. At the end f the episode, Ally is seen in Sonic Boom with everyone and asks Austin again why he takes her food and throws it in the bin like a basketball hoop.

Beauties & Bullies

Ally auditions for the school play (Sleeping Beauty) and wants to play Sleeping Beauty, but loses the part to Trish, and gets the part of town's folk #1. She and Austin work on their scripts and Ally keep playfully saying he's doing it in a boring way. She later keeps changing her lines, annoying people. Ally along with the rest of the gang tries to help Trish when she gets bullied and she and Austin write a song for her. Ally is later seen at the beach club with Austin, Trish, and Dez and loves Austin's performance of Superhero, which he dedicates and sings to Trish. In the end, Ally performs in the play, along with everyone.

Horror Stories & Halloween Scares

Ally is first seen in Sonic Boom and compliments Austin on his Halloween costume and says Dez looks a little weird. When the power in the store goes out, Ally tries to scare everyone but fails and ends up getting scared. In Dez's story, Ally and Austin help Dezmond and Patrisha reunite when they find out that they haven't spoken in over 200 years. They are able to get them back together and they are able to and then find out that Esmerelda is the daughter of them (a girl that Ally teaches to play the piano). After all the stories, it's revealed that Ally pranked everyone with the lights and pretended to be possessed by a ghost and then at the very end of the episode, everyone screams when they realize that Esmeralda is a real girl.

Records & Wrecking Balls

This episode is centered around Ally. Ally is first seen working in sonic boom and gets very excited when Trish reveals that her album will be released the following week and she shares a tight hug with Austin after he says he's very proud of her. Ally spends the whole episode with Austin and they go on lots of dates together, cause of Ally's album. Later, she quits the store, which her dad is okay with, surprising Ally and then he decides to sell the store, upsetting everyone. Ally is later seen in the practice room, with everyone and she has a sweet moment with Austin when he says that he met Ally there. Later, at Ally's record release party, she is interviewed by Jett Deely and then performs Parachute and sings it to Austin and they gaze into each other's eyes. After the performance, Ally gets the store back and she and Austin share another tight hug and then Ally is seen talking with her dad and sonic boom then gets hit by the wrecking ball.

Relationships & Red Carpets

Ally is first seen in sonic boom with Austin and they find out that they have both been nominated against each other for best debut album at the Worldwide Music Awards. Ally is then seen in the practice room with Austin and can't wait to walk the red carpet together or tell the world that they're dating. They practice their walk for the red carpet and Ally calls Austin her boyfriend. Then, downstairs, in the store, Ally is seen with Austin again and after Austin tells Jimmy that they're dating again, he bands them from going together, which really upsets them. Ally is then seen on a date with Austin and says she was really looking forward to going to the WMA's with him and they agree to not act like a couple but fail. Then, at the red carpet, after Austin tells Jimmy he doesn't want to hide his relationship with Ally anymore, and Jimmy threatens to drop Austin from his label, Ally finds out and feels guilty for being in the way of his career. Ally is then seen outside with Austin and they temporarily broke up, leaving Ally crying. Austin then goes on stage and chooses Ally over his career and they both finally admit they love each other, by Austin saying, "I love you, Ally" and Ally responding with, "I love you, too, Austin!" and Ally runs on stage and they share their forth and most passionate kiss and get back together. In the final scene, in Sonic Boom Ally shares a tight hug with Austin after he said he made the right choice for choosing her over his career and Ally said she can't wait to go on tour with Austin. Ally group hugs with her friends and they will all see each other when Ally's tour arrives in LA. Ally exits the store, but comes back, after almost forgetting her songbook and happily leaves the store with Austin and the episode ends.

Season 4

Buzzcuts & Beginnings

Ally returns back home to Miami with Austin for the last concert of her tour. Austin and Ally reunite with Trish, who was away managing a new boy band named Boynado, and Dez, who was away at film school. But the four's time together is unfortunately short with Ally set to go on a European tour, Trish going back with Boynado, and Dez going back to film school. Ally confesses to Trish and Dez that she's really going to miss Team Austin. Trish confesses that she'd rather stay with her friends than be with Boynado, who fight all the time, and Dez reveals that Carrie broke up with him and film school is boring so he doesn't have much reason to stay there. The three then all agree to stay in Miami for their senior year together. But, to their surprise, Austin had already left to apply to military school. The three then go after him to stop him.

Mattress Stores & Music Factories

Ally, now a famous pop star, is getting tons of music lessons bookings but mostly just because people want to meet her, not because they actually want lessons. Ally gets so overwhelmed throughout the episode that she gets her self mixed up and does things she wouldn't normally do like take the bus. Pretty soon, while having lessons with student Lily, Ally gets the idea that maybe Team Austin & Ally could open a music school to teach kids the art of music and the ropes of making it in the music business. When Ally tells the other three her idea, they all really like it and agree to it.

Grand Openings & Great Expectations

It's the grand opening of the music store and Team Austin & Ally is very excited. But, when Austin and Ally are told by a reporter that the idea of the music school just looks like two pop stars trying to make some extra bucks, the two are pressured into claiming that they can make a child into a musician in just a week. Now, Austin, Ally, Trish, and Dez must work together to teach four kids an instrument by the end of the week. Ally introduces instruments to each child in hopes that they catch on to them.

Seniors & Señors

Austin, Ally, Trish, and Dez start their senior year in this episode and are all very excited to spend their exciting last year of high school together. But, Ally is disappointed when in Advanced Chemistry, she is partnered with Dez rather than a smarter, more focused partner who she would have preferred. Ally does what she can to get her partner switched but nothing works. Ally and Dez are both unhappy with each other as partners, Dez thinks Ally is too controlling. When the two are given chemicals to mix and Dez messes up the experiment, Ally sneaks into the lab to fix it so she can get a good grade. However, Dez only sneaks into the lab afterwards and messes it up again. This causes a chemical explosion in the lab and both Ally and Dez are punished by their teacher.

Homework & Hidden Talents

A new student named Shelby Hayden comes to the music factory for violin lessons but she is not good at it at all. Austin and Ally decide to make a bet on if Ally can teach Shelby how to play the violin by Friends and Family Night. If Austin wins, Ally will make Austin a five-foot-wide pancake and if Ally wins, Austin will give Ally a designer sterling silver necklace. Ally ends up losing the bet, as the two learn that Shelby's real talent is dancing, not playing the violin. However, Austin still gives Ally the necklace because he believes in her. At the end of the episode, Ally makes Austin the five-foot pancake as well.

Physical Appearance

Ally is a pretty teenage girl with large brown eyes, pale skin, and wavy, shoulder-length chestnut hair. She has a small, petite frame and usually wears high-heeled shoes to mask that. In Season 2, Ally added amber highlights to her hair, making it chestnut at the roots and ending in a blonde. By Season 3, Ally's hair has lightened to a medium brown with caramel highlights. It is now curlier and longer, having grown to armpit length.

In Season 1, Ally's clothing style is very bohemian, consisting of delicate dresses with lots of lace and modest colors or floral patterns. She wore vintage jewelry as accessories, such as a single pendant or long beaded necklace. Ally usually wore heeled boots with lace socks. She often layered her outfits with cardigans and dresses.

In Season 2, Ally's style is much more extroverted and a complete change from her previous choices in clothing. Her clothes are more girly, modern, and tight-fitting, with brighter colors. Ally wears a lot of bold tops with neon-colored pants/tights or short, tight skirts. For shoes, she wore colorful wedged sandals. Ally still layers her clothing with loose tops over her dresses and colorful jean jackets/vests over tank tops. Her main accessory usually consists of a gold necklace with her name spelled out, though she also wore more striking necklaces and bracelets.

From Season 3 onwards, Ally begins to wear more skirts and dresses, especially when she's hanging out at Shredder's Beach Club with her friends.


Austin Moon

Partners/Best Friends/Husband/In Love With Austin and Ally are best friends and may have a more-than-friends relationship. Ally really cares about Austin's feelings and hates lying to him, as it is shown in Kangaroos & Chaos, Austin also cares a lot about Ally's feelings and was the one who asked Ally to become his permanent songwriter and partner. Austin has been trying to help Ally get over her stage fright. Also, Ally helped Austin to face his fear of umbrellas in Filmmaking & Fear Breaking. Austin and Ally performed the song they wrote together called Don't Look Down in Costumes & Courage. In Girlfriends & Girl Friends, Ally revealed that she had a crush on Austin. Austin also felt the same as revealed in Campers and Complications. When talking to Dez in "Chapters & Choices" Austin choose Kira over Ally made her heartbroken when she conquered her stage fright she and Austin kiss they are interrupted by Kira says yes to Austin to be his girlfriend. In "Partners & Parachutes" Austin wanted Ally over Kira after discovering a song she wrote he performed in serenaded to her they hug and began dating at the end of the episode. But they broke up in Couples & Careers due to writing a bad song due to avoid hurting their feelings. They kissed for the second time in Real Life & Reel Life because Dez was making a scene about Austin and Ally's friendship and partnership and they did the scene from Chapters & Choices when they had their first kiss. In Fresh Starts & Farewells, Austin almost admitted he loves her but gave Ally a card with the words 'Thinking Of You' on the front. They got back together in the Season 3 episode, "Last Dances & Last Chances". They admitted their love for each other in the finale, "Relationships & Red Carpets".

Trish De la Rosa

Best Friends Forever/Practically Sisters/ Manager Ally and Trish are best friends. Ally tolerates Trish's craziness and the fact that Trish can't hold down a job. Trish often pushes Ally to do more things as shown in Rockers & Writers. They have been best friends since childhood and both support each other, even though Trish can be a bad listener towards others, mainly Ally. But it is also strongly shown that Trish and Ally have a clear and a very well friendship.

Dez Wade

Best Freckled Friends Ally and Dez doesn't show much interaction even though they hang out, maybe due to Austin being both their friends. Dez gives Ally a ham in Rockers & Writers and he has the idea to read Ally's diary in Secrets & Songbooks. In Soups & Stars, Dez tells Ally that he is her BFF - "Best Freckled Friend."

Lester Dawson

Father Lester Dawson is Ally's dad. They seem to have a very close relationship, although he told Ally that there is one and a bazillion chance to get famous in music. Lester trusts Ally to run Sonic Boom without him there. When Ally was little, she and her dad often went to the boardwalk at Miami Beach and got ice cream. Ally's favorite ice cream was, and still is, Fruity Mint Swirl. Ally and her dad also share a special handshake.

Penny Dawson

Mother Penny Dawson is Ally's mom. They haven't been seen interacting much on the show due to the fact that Penny lives in Africa, but they have done video chat and Ally asked Penny for advice in Backups and Breakups.


Friend/Ex-Crush Dallas is Ally's crush. He has been her crush since the episode, Secrets & Songbooks. Dallas has appeared in 3 episodes so far.


Lester Dawson

Father Ally's relationship with her dad, seems to be a good one, because he trusts Ally to watch the store for him, though he walks away before she can say anything. Lester also told Ally that there is one and a bazillion chance to get famous in music.

Penny Dawson

Mother Penny Dawson is Ally's mom. They haven't been seen interacting much on the show due to the fact that Penny lives in Africa, but they have done video chat and Ally asked Penny for advice in Backups and Breakups. Though, Penny returns to Miami in Chapters & Choices, and is also seen in Partners & Parachutes.


  • She is scared of spiders and always "silent-screams" when she sees them (as shown in Everglades & Ally-Gators).
  • In Albums & Auditions, we find out she was born in February as revealed by Dez, although the date was not revealed.
    • Although, this is later changed to November 29th to match Laura Marano's birthday, as revealed in Dancers & Ditzies.
  • She is a songwriter.
  • She works at Sonic Boom, her dad's business.
  • She sometimes writes songs for herself and then records them for fun, although she knows she won't be able to perform them.
  • Her favorite food is pickles.
  • She likes cupcakes.
  • She liked the Cha Cha Chicken Pot Pie served at the Melody Diner.
  • She isn't the best dancer.
  • She is a member of a book club.
  • She attended a calligraphy camp.
  • She loves gavelling.
  • She prefers to color inside the lines.
  • Her favorite ice cream since she was a little girl is Fruity Mint Swirl. In fact, she even once called it her "Best Friend" and said "I Love You Fruity Mint Swirl!" in Songwriting & Starfish, when the trio were locked in a freezer.
  • She has the same name as Sonny Munroe from Sonny With A Chance, another show created by Kevin Kopelow and Heath Seifert In the show, Sonny's full name was Allison "Sonny" Munroe. Ally's full name is Allyson "Ally" Dawson, which are the same, but the spellings are different.
    • It is later revealed to be untrue in Mattress Stores & Music Factories. After Mike and Mimi Moon walk into the store as one the water beds explodes because Dez injected staples into it because he was trying to help Austin get fired, the two started shouting each of the gang's full names. And they used Ally instead of Allyson, so ...
      • That same episode, it is revealed that Ally's middle name is not Elizabeth.
  • She has a song book that she does not let anyone touch. It's unknown if she still has it.
  • She is a member of the Cloud Watching club.
  • She cleans when she's upset.
  • She has a Tweeter account.
  • She is president of the Mall Association.
  • She admitted to having no social life.
  • She has a pet cockatiel named Owen.
  • She had a goose named Pickles.
  • She is somewhat of a germaphobe.
  • She chews on her hair whenever she gets nervous, but overcame that habit in Season 2.
  • When she gets excited, she tends to ask a lot of questions.
  • She can knit.
  • When she is stressed she has an imaginary friend she talks to named Ms. Pennyworth.
  • Her dad taught her how to play the piano when she was 5.
  • She hates it when people talk with food in their mouth.
  • She hates it when people say "liberry" instead of "library".
  • She hates the sound that rubbing styrofoam together makes.
  • She and her father have a handshake.
  • She doesn't like the pizza parlor, arcade or horror movies.
  • She is a fan of Bruno Mars.
  • She owned a stuffed dolphin named Dougie, but she gave it to Austin.
  • She used to wear glasses as seen in her flashback in Filmmaking & Fear Breaking.
  • She auditioned for a music school in New York, and even got accepted, but later gave it up to stay with her friends and family.
  • She can play the piano while texting as seen in the episode Filmmaking & Fear Breaking.
  • She gives instrumental lessons to Nelson.
  • She loves making pro-con lists, as seen in Successes & Setbacks.
  • She gives Jimmy Starr's son violin lessons in Successes & Setbacks.
  • If you look closely at her phone in Soups & Stars and Filmmaking & Fear Breaking, she has a music note on her phone.
  • She admitted that she only goes to one party a year which is Back to School night, as seen in Filmmaking & Fear Breaking.
  • She talks to herself sometimes. Mostly before talking to boys, as seen in Costumes & Courage
  • She likes the word Bungee as seen in Magazines & Made-Up Stuff.
  • She isn't as camera shy as she was in season 1.
  • Ally's character is similar to Teddy Duncan's character in Good Luck Charlie. They both do things perfectly yet they both are bad dancers. They also both love music.
  • She loves love, just like her mom (Penny Dawson).
  • She believes everyone deserves a second chance, and everyone has goodness inside of them.
  • She isn't scared of performing if the audience doesn't know who she is. (Costumes & Courage)
  • She went to Harvard for college.
  • She marries Austin in the final time jump of the last episode.
    • They also have two children - a boy, Alex, and girl, Ava.
  • She says the last line of the series - "Remember this?"


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