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Ally and Jess (collectively called I.T. Gals) are supporting characters in the 2019 animated series Amphibia.

Role in the series

Polly jumps on the computer and finds videos by the I.T. Gals who specialize in programming and fixing robots. Polly stays up all night watching the videos and working on the robot, and when she gets to a problem with powering Frobo, calls the duo directly who help her learn what battery to put in place of the two AAs she stole out of the TV remote.

Even the I.T. Gals tell her not to power it on in the garage, take it to an empty warehouse or open space, and even offered to help her find one before Polly disconnects the call and goes to power on Frobo.

The I.T. Gals show up looking for the girl they were talking to, and Anne and the Plantars just point up. Frobo’s boosters start to fail, and the two start on path crashing back to Earth. Polly, mourning her lost friend, starts to sob and the tears seep into Frobo’s hard drive, shorting him out and restoring his memory. He places Polly in the dryer portion of his torso that Polly has given him to keep her safe, and they smash back into the ground.

While all of his body is destroyed, his head stays intact and powered on, still able to communicate with Polly. The I.T. Gals then show up, impressed with Frobo's hard drive still in one piece, and discussed with Polly how to fix him.

The IT Gals were throwing a Christmas party with their robots, Anne and the Plantars even asked them to help out while making a float for the Christmas parade. They even tell the Plantars what Christmas is about. They later help Anne, the Plantars, and the Thai Community make the float and then drove in truck with the Float while at the Parade. However, King Andrias sent a drone to eliminate Anne, he took control of a giant Santa Claus robot which he used to attack Anne and the Plantars. The duo was amazed by it, Polly snapped them out it and drove the float while Andrias chase after them. However, they came upon a dead end, luckily Anne and the Plantars managed to destroy it using the tree from their float. They then joined up and stand on the float and saw what look like snow, but turn out to be ash.

In "Escape to Amphibia", the duo is made aware of the Plantars' true identities as otherworldly anthropomorphic frogs, and are convinced by Anne to help her ansd her family rescue them from an FBI base. The I.T. Gals, with help from Molly-Jo, hack into the base' computer system and find what they assume to be the Plantars. However, it turns out Mr. X used a decoy to trap them. While in jail, Jess notices that Dr. Jan and Terri stole the base's generator, allowing the group to find the Plantars and escape, with the I.T. Gals discovering that Polly managed to fully fix Frobo by turning him into an R.C.-like machine. With the FBI in pursuit, the group arrives at Terri's lab, they witness Terri failing to open the portal, and Anne using her Calamity powers to fend off the FBI, with the I.T. Gals deducing her powers also serve to power the portal, allowing Anne and the Plantars to return to Amphibia.

In "All In", they are seen with Molly Jo, Terri, Humphrey, and Dr. Jan watching Anne's battle against King Andrias and then later cheer after Anne defeated him.


Polly Plantar

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  • In Ally and Jess' video description, they refer to each other as "just two girlfriends 🏳️‍🌈" implying that they are a couple. This was later confirmed by character designer Andy Garner-Flexner.[1]
  • Their clothing is based based on the pansexual flag (Ally) and the bisexual flag (Jess), implying that these are their respective orientations.
  • Jess' voice actress Dana Davis previously worked on the Disney XD animated series Star vs. the Forces of Evil as Kelly.



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