Amity Blight is a character who appears in the Disney Channel animated series The Owl House.


Amity is a bright and competitive young witch who attends Hexside Academy of Magic and Demonics. She is proud of her status as the best student in school, and likes to rub it in everyone's faces. She enjoys looking down on other students who are not as successful as her, and does not take kindly to those who steal her spotlight. However, she does have a sensitive side whenever her flawless reputation is compromised.

Her reasons for being the way she is is because she wants to someday become a member of the Emperor's Coven, who only handpick the best of the best.

Although she's typically not a nice person, Amity has a sense of honor, as she was shocked that her mentor Lilith made her cheat in her duel with Luz without Amity's knowledge, and seeing as how Luz's own mentor, Eda, cheated as well, Amity called off the forever-oath magic she cast on Luz so that Luz could continue her own training to become a witch. This indicates Amity truly wants to be a great with but one of her own merit and not resort to cheating or dishonesty.

Powers and abilities

  • Magic: Despite being a witch-in-training, she appears to be highly skilled in magic. Like all witches, her connection comes from a sac of magic bile attached to her heart. She can cast the Spell Circle to cast spells.
    • Abomination crafting/summoning: Amity is a top student in Abominations class. She created and owns a slimy mindless creature known as an Abomination that obeys all her commands.


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