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Amos is the main character, a mouse and a helper of Benjamin Franklin from Disney's 1953 animated 20-minute short film, later the 1989 animated 25-minute extended short film version, Ben and Me.

Role in the film

Amos narrates with the introduction and his family was Christopher Mouse in 1568 that he and his family of 24 moved to London from Devonshire to settle in the cellar of a bakery on Fleet Street. Then one foggy day in November of 1573, Aramis Mouse, the adventurous oldest son sailed across the Thames River in a teacup. In 1523, Aloysius the painter observed from under the floor of the art studio of the famous German painter Hans Holbein the Younger painting the Portrait of Erasmus of Rotterdam. In the early 17th century, Amos' great, great, great grandfather Jason Mouse championed for the rights of mice, and prepared a petition, demanding that all cats be caged but it was ignored. In 1620, he and his family moved to the seaport in Southampton and onboard the ship Mayflower as he learned that all of passengers men and mice were on the same boat. They sailed and fled from the persecution and tyranny of the old country England. They found a new land America and settled called Plymouth Colony in Plymouth, Massachusetts that a new life in a new land was begun as they were free, but then, Jason heard "meow" and observed a cat carrying by a man that he didn't know. Finally, Amos begins for his life story as the same title.

Amos is a poor church mouse who sets out to find work since his family of 26 is starving. In the winter of 1745, he's rejected by several places and takes refuge in the run-down print shop of Ben Franklin. Quickly, he gives Ben the ideas for the Franklin stove, bifocal lenses, and the newspaper the Pennsylvania Gazette as Ben's creditors are threatening to shut him down in 24 hours. The paper is an instant hit and Ben prospers. With Amos hidden in his hat prompting him, Ben seems much brighter than he is. However, when Amos is attached to Ben's kite and gets hit by lightning with rain, he leaves. Later, in the summer of 1776, Ben is desperate and begs Amos to return. He agrees but only if Ben will sign a contract. The next day, as they are beginning their talks, Thomas Jefferson drops by for help with the wording the opening of the Declaration of Independence, and as Ben reads the opening words of the contract, Jefferson says, "That's it!"

Amos's role in helping Ben Franklin was memorialized in mouse society through a placement of a statue of him on the hat of a Ben Franklin statue outside of Independence Hall.



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