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The following is a list of episodes of Amphibia, listed in the order they originally aired. An online series of shorts premiered on September 6, 2019 on the Disney Channel YouTube channel.

Series Overview

Season Episodes Segments Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
Shorts 21 September 6, 2019 October 6, 2021
1 20 39 June 17, 2019 July 18, 2019
2 20 36 July 11, 2020 May 22, 2021
3 19 32 October 2, 2021 May 14, 2022
Total Series premiere Series finale
1-3 59 107 June 17, 2019 May 14, 2022

Shorts (2019-2021)

No. in
No. in
Title Original
Teen Girl in A Frog World
01 01 "No Signal" September 6, 2019
Anne can't get any signal on her phone so Sprig tries to help her find an antenna.
02 02 "Whack-A-Mole" September 10, 2019
Anne and Sprig play whack-a-mole to get rid of some pests! But they turn out to be not so little after all...
03 03 "Scenic Route" September 17, 2019
Anne and the Plantars take the more scenic route on their casual snail stroll, but it winds up being crazier than expected!
04 04 "Hop Popcorn" September 24, 2019
When Anne and the Plantars sit down to watch a movie, Hop Pop brings out a giant snack!
05 05 "Cattail Catastrophe" October 1, 2019
Anne and Sprig use a cattail to get across a gap!
Wild Amphibia
06 01 "Rhino Beetle" November 13, 2019
Host Soggy Joe introduces Amphibia's very own species Rhino Beetles that are not to be messed with...
07 02 "Killer Tomatoes" November 20, 2019
Host Soggy Joe introduces giant killer tomatoes that are only supposed to eat flying things...oh wait nevermind...
08 03 "Kitty" November 27, 2019
Host Soggy Joe introduces the cutest little kitty...oh wait WHAT IS THAT?!
09 04 "Praying Mantis" December 4, 2019
Host Soggy Joe introduces the deadly Praying Mantis that takes at least 30 frogs to defeat them... oh wait just kidding.
Chibi Tales
10 01 "Mantis Bowling" June 7, 2020
Anne teaches Sprig, Polly, and Hop Pop how to bowl.
11 02 "Quit Bugging Me" June 14, 2020
Hop Pop can't seem to catch a break these days!
12 03 "Bird Attack" June 21, 2020
Anne and Sprig get chased all over Amphibia!
13 04 "Bucket Blues" June 28, 2020
Polly's bucket gets jealous when she finds a new friend!
14 05 "Family Photo" July 5, 2020
Hop Pop tries to set up a cute family portrait, but Spring, Anne, and Polly keep ruining the photos!
15 06 "Quicksand" July 12, 2020
When Anne gets stuck in quicksand, Sprig, Polly, and Hop Pop have to figure out how to get her out!
16 07 "Selfie Safari" April 18, 2022
Lions and tigers and frogs! OH MY! Anne and the Plantars take a trip to the zoo in this new Amphibia Chibi Tiny Tale!
Vlogs from the Bog
17 01 "Amphibia Food!" September 1, 2021
Anne has Hop Pop show the recipe to make Amphibia Bug Roast. Unfortunately, the bugs refuse to cooperate and Hop Pop is forced to resort to explosive measures.
18 02 "Hop Like a Frog!" September 8, 2021
Why walk when you can hop?! Sprig and Polly show Anne how to hop like a frog!
19 03 "Driving the Amphibian Way!" September 15, 2021
No cars, no bikes, no scooters! Just Bugs! Anne shows us that in the Bog you can drive a snail, ladybug, or spider!
20 04 "Learning About Each Other!" September 22, 2021
We are learning about each other! The frogs draw each other as humans and Anne draws herself as a frog!
21 05 "Glamour!" September 29, 2021
Anne gives the frogs a lesson in Glamour!!
22 06 "My Dope Life As A Battle Queen! By: Sasha" October 6, 2021
Sasha's taking over! She shows us how dope her life is as a lieutenant in the toad army!

Season One (2019)

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No. in
Title Original
01 01 "Anne or Beast?"
"Best Fronds"
June 17, 2019 TBA
In the land of Amphibia, populated by anthropomorphic frogs, young Sprig Plantar takes the chance to prove he's responsible when One-Eyed Wally comes running into town warning everyone about a beast. The 'beast' is revealed to be a human girl named Anne Boonchuy, who has been magically transported into their world. After Anne saves him from a giant mantis, Sprig sees her as a hero. Anne later gets captured by an angry mob led by Mayor Toadstool, but when the mantis comes back she and Sprig work together to defeat it. After beating the mantis, Toadstool suggests running Anne out of town. Sprig stands up to the mob, taking responsibility for her well-being. Anne now lives with the Plantar's, until the valley clears up in a couple of months.
Wanting to help Anne with her homesickness, Sprig takes her swimming at the lake. But Hop Pop locks the door to keep Anne inside. Anne and Sprig would then grab the key and open the door. While swimming at the lake, they face off a giant snake. After fighting the snake, Anne finally sees Sprig as a good friend. Meanwhile, a mysterious toad interrogates Anne's human friend, Sasha, who has also wound up in Amphibia.
02 02 "Cane Crazy"
"Flood, Sweat & Tears"
June 18, 2019 TBA
While making fun of Hop Pop, Anne accidentally breaks his favorite cane. She, along with Sprig and Polly, first visit town wood-smith, Leopold Loggle, so he can fix it. After telling them he can't, Loggle tells them that the cane comes from the Doom Tree and shows them a map to it. Anne, Sprig, and Polly find the tree and break a branch from it, but then find that it's a giant walking stick. They beat the walking stick with termites, but have to give the new cane to Loggle to pay for his shop's damages. Thinking that she can no longer stay, Anne packs up to leave. But Hop Pop tells her that she can stay but is on dish duty for breaking his cane.
Anne’s bedroom gets flooded by a leak. So, while Hop Pop tries to fix the leak, Anne bunks with Sprig in his room. They soon discover that they can't stand each other as roommates and try to fix the leak. They soon have to battle a couple of giant lampreys, who escape after being defeated, causing the water to drain. Anne and Sprig later find that being honest with each other has made them even better friends.
03 03 "Hop Luck"
June 19, 2019 TBA
To win the town's annual potluck and avoid the "Shame Cage" again, Anne leads the family on a quest to make pizza. They gather the ingredients, getting Sprig betrothed to a frog girl named Maddie along the way, but the last one, tomatoes, which can only be obtained from a giant carnivorous tomato plant. They get swallowed by the plant and lose the ingredients in its stomach. But through Hop Pop's old cookbook, they find that they can eat out of the plant. Though the family loses again, their dish still turned out better than before.
Seeing that arguing could lead to a family breakdown, Sprig steals some of the corn to have Anne and Hop Pop go on a stakeout. While they wait, Anne and Hop Pop talk about how they each miss a certain aspect, Anne her home and Hop Pop the old ways. They then try each other's drinks, which gives them strange hallucinations, including Sprig as an evil corn monster. Once the hallucinations stop, Anne and Hop Pop appreciate how they both have each other's back.
04 04 "The Domino Effect"
"Taking Charge"
June 20, 2019 TBA
After saving it from giant hornets and seeing similarities to her old cat, Anne wants to keep a caterpillar as a pet and names it Domino 2. But Hop Pop won't allow pets in the house, so Anne and Sprig hide Domino 2. Domino 2 would later turn into a giant cat-like moth and attack the Plantar's. Seeing that Domino 2 is too dangerous, Anne distracts it with a mouse toy to drive it away. Sprig would later make a doll that looks like Domino 2 for Anne.
Anne shows the Plantar's her favorite show, Sprig and Polly like it but Hop Pop doesn't. Anne later finds that someone used her phone's battery to watch the other episodes. Hop Pop tells them about zappapedes, centipedes with electricity, and one has enough power to charge Anne's phone. While on the trip, the family gets suspicious of each other. Hop Pop then admits to using the phone, and jumps into a pile of zapapedes to redeem himself. Anne later forgives Hop Pop.
05 05 "Anne Theft Auto"
"Breakout Star"
June 24, 2019 TBA
Hop Pop allows Anne to ride Bessie, the family snail, but needs her to read Bessie's history before doing so. Anne thinks it's better to ride by experience, so she and Sprig take it for a joy ride. They then drove off road and decided to get back on road, but Bessie hides in her shell. So while Sprig rides with Mrs. Croaker (Laila Berzins) to get Hop Pop, Anne reads Bessie's history to pass the time. She then reads the part why Bessie hides, to avoid an array of giant hedgehogs. Anne and Bessie manage to out run the array, pick up Sprig, and head for home so Anne can finish the book.
Anne gets a pimple breakout and tries to hide it from the towns folk, but when they see her pimples, they think they are ruby warts and make her a celebrity. Seeing this as an opportunity to get the town's vote, Toadstool, and his assistant Toadie, invite her to the town hall and take her to public events. Anne would later find her skin cleared-up and asks the Plantar's for help. They find red berries that look like pimples and plasters them on her face. Seeing that the Plantar's like her for what she is, Anne wipes off the berries and gets shunned by the town again. Toadstool angrily asks Anne how he is going to get the town's votes now, while insulting them. Which causes them to throw fruit and vegetables at him. Anne then returns to with the Plantar's.
06 06 "Sprig Vs. Hop Pop"
"Girl Time"
June 25, 2019 TBA
Seeing that Hop Pop doesn't take any suggestions from anyone, Sprig challenges Hop Pop for the control of the farm. Sprig surprisingly defeats Hop Pop and starts to take all suggestions. Seeing that the farm is falling apart and that Sprig is mad with power, the girls get Hop Pop, who was among beetles in the cemetery. Hop Pop challenges Sprig to a rematch, during which promises Sprig that he'll consider some of the suggestions. Sprig throws away the match and everything is back to normal.
Not wanting Polly to end up like the boys, Anne plans to give Polly some long-overdue girl time. While going to different places, Anne enjoys the girl time but Polly doesn't. While Anne gets a painful massage from Tuti, Polly ditches her. Anne later finds her with Wally and chastises her for ditching her. Then after Polly says girl time is boring, Anne insults her, hurting her feelings. Anne, along with the boys, gets arrested by Sheriff Leatherleaf for the IOU's she used to pay the services. They were to be sent to debtor's prison to gather giant spider eggs to pay their debt. Knowing that Polly is a great spitter, Anne wants her to break the spitting record to get the trophy, so their debt can be paid. However, Polly is not up to it because she felt gross about herself. So Anne apologizes to her and accepts her for who she is, giving Polly the motivation to spit. Using their cut of the trophy, Anne has it made into a statue of Polly, which she appreciates.
07 07 "Dating Season"
"Anne Vs. Wild"
June 26, 2019 TBA
While walking in the woods Anne and Sprig run into Ivy Sundew, Sprig's childhood friend. Seeing that Sprig likes her, Anne, Hop Pop, and Ivy's mother, Felicia, attempt to set them up at the Firefly Formal. Seeing that they don't actually want to date each other, they leave the dance together and watch the fireflies. Not wanting to let the courtship be ruined, Anne and the others follow the two kids, only to get captured by a couple of giant love doves. Sprig and Ivy then head off to rescue them. After the rescue, Sprig comes to realize that he fell in love with Ivy.
Anne, wanting to spend time with the Plantar's, decides to go on a camping trip with them. Anne finds out that it's difficult to camp, but not wanting to leave, she lies about camping tough. Which then causes Soggy Joe, a survivalist, to take Anne and the Plantar's to the more dangerous area. After telling the family the story of the Mudmen, Joe gets attacked by them. They then turn to the family and start attacking them. Anne remembers that they hate to be clean, so she throws her bath bomb she had in her bag, and the Mudmen are revealed to be wimpy frogs. Anne then tells the Plantar's the truth and that she didn't want to be left out, to which the Plantar's happily say they will include her to more things. Anne then, at home, shows them the music box, which Hop Pop says he has never seen it before and goes to bed. But actually, Hop Pop discovers in one of his books that it's an item called "The Calamity Box."
08 08 "Contagi-Anne"
"Family Shrub"
June 27, 2019 TBA
To get out of working in the rain, Anne fakes getting sick. But when the rest of the family comes back from working, they get sick. Feeling guilty, Anne decides to take care of them while pretending to be sick. The Plantar's then start to develop an aliment called Red Leg, which is deadly. Finding that there is a pond that can heal them, Anne takes the Plantar's there. After climbing a steep trail, jumping over geysers, and riding a giant fly, they make it to the pond, but the redness doesn't die off. Sad that she will lose her adoptive family, Anne tells them the truth and promises to never fake sickness again. They realize that they are not dying, but are just red because of a mushroom Anne put in the soup she made for them. Anne then hugs the Plantar's and cries tears of joy knowing they are going to live.
While working on the Plantar's family shrub, Sprig and Polly think their ancestors are boring. As Hop Pop goes out to get more glue, the kids find a secret entrance to three rooms of their ancestors, each with a deadly trap. In the first room, belonging to a scientist ancestor, Sprig pulls a lever that releases a mutated pumpkin creature. Sprig tames it, only to betray it and kick it back in the cage. In the second room, they find out their turnip-farming ancestor was also a great warrior. Sprig pulls another lever, activating a training simulator which Polly smashes her way though. The final room was full of games and puzzles collected by, much to Anne's joyous surprise, a newt who was an honorary Plantar. The ceiling begins to cave and Anne solves the puzzle, opening their escape. After finding the exit, the kids are proud of their ancestors and Anne is proud to be an honorary Plantar. Having just got home and learning about the secret rooms, Hop Pop decides to check them out.
09 09 "Lily Pad Thai"
"Plantar's Last Stand"
July 1, 2019 TBA
The Plantar's go to Stumpy's to eat. Seeing how Albus Duckweed, the food critic, was treating Stumpy, the cook, Anne makes a bet that she and Stumpy can turn the diner around, which Duckweed accepts. Since Stumpy doesn't care, Anne, using her skills she learned from her parents restaurant, takes it upon herself to fix the diner. Stumpy would later help out, and together they turn the diner into a Frog-Thai fusion restaurant. It becomes successful, but Duckweed's still unimpressed and plans to release his terrible review. So, Anne and Stumpy bring in a kraken for a special dish. The kraken turns out to still be alive and attacks. Anne and Stumpy beat it and Duckweed gives the restaurant a great review. Stumpy later thanks Anne for her help and that her parents would be proud.
After Toadstool increased the food stand tax, Anne convinces Hop Pop to sell Plantar's Potions, which is just vegetable juice. Seeing that he needs to embellish the truth to sale the juice, Hop Pop makes up benefits to it. The juice becomes a great success, but it's still not enough to pay the tax. Seeing that they're out of vegetables, Hop Pop decides to gather garbage and make juice. However, Hop Pop tells the truth and apologizes. While he's apologizing, giant flies came and started picking off people, including the kids. Hop Pop sees that they're attracted to the garbage juice and takes the barrel to push it off a cliff. The flies drop the kids and take the barrel away. Hop Pop then gives the town a refund and loses the stand, but he is happy to be honest again.
10 10 "Toad Tax"
"Prison Break"
July 2, 2019 TBA
Anne feels that the town doesn't respect her. She thinks she can get it if she hangs out with the toad soldiers, led by Bog (Darin De Paul), as they go around collecting taxes. But the toads proved to be a bunch of bullies and Anne returns at least one item to the towns people. When the toads attempt to raid the Plantars, Anne stands in the way and fights them to protect her family. The towns people then stand up to protect Anne. Sprig then tells everyone that Toadstool's been hoarding the taxes, who's saving it for his re-election campaign. The toads leave with the taxes, and Anne is praised as the town protector.
At Toad Tower, a fortress far from Wartwood, Sasha is held prisoner by Captain Grime and his army of toad soldiers, which include prison guards, Percy and Braddock. As Percy leaves to pursue his jester dreams, the noise of his instruments attract a couple of giant herons. He runs back to the fortress, unintentionally leading the heron to the toads. While fighting the herons, Grime is impressed by Sasha's fighting skills and releases her. Sasha makes a deal with Grime to help fight the herons for her freedom. At the safe room, Sasha helps Grime manipulate his soldiers to fight. After winning the battle, Grime offers her the position of lieutenant, which she accepts.
11 11 "Grubhog Day"
"Hop Pop and Lock"
July 3, 2019 TBA
It's Grubhog Day, the holiday where everyone takes a day-off and celebrates the grubhog for predicting the weather. And to restore the family name, Hop Pop has Sprig to watch the grubhog until the ceremony. Sprig wants to make Hop Pop proud, but also wants to have fun at the carnival. Anne convinces him that he can do both, and they enjoy the carnival. At the last ride, Anne and Sprig lost the grubhog and it gets taken away by a giant vulture. To save the ceremony, Anne creates a grub hog sock puppet and people enjoy it's shenanigans. Then it came time to cut open the grubhog, and Sprig tells the truth. Seeing that he placed a lot of pressure of Sprig, Hop Pop apologizes. And seeing that the people liked the puppet, the town decides to make that the grubhog tradition.
While selling produce in an alley, Hop Pop runs into an old crush, Sylvia Sundew. As Hop Pop wonders how he can show Sylvia how he feels about her, he sees that a dance is happening tonight. So to win over Sylvia and beat his old rival, Monroe, Hop Pop asks Anne to teach him to dance. At the dance, Hop Pop and Monroe have a dance battle, which Monroe wins. Hop Pop shows Sylvia his feelings by freestyle dancing, which horrifies the people. Sylvia responds with an equally terrible dance and saying she always had a soft spot for the weird ones. They then danced together, with Sprig playing his fiddle.
12 12 "Civil Wart"
July 4, 2019 TBA
It's theater night and the town is excited, until Toadstool announced that the acting trope got eaten. Anne then shows the town a teen romance movie, which causes the town to split on it's love triangle with Sprig and Polly as leaders. Anne and Hop Pop try to get the town back together by stealing the flags. The two sides commence to fight, and during the fight Sprig protects Polly from an array of vegetables. After the town makes peace, Anne shows another movie.
Hop Pop is depressed about losing his stand, and the kids get him a job interview. After the interview, Hop Pop sees that Toadstool nominates himself for mayor, to which he rents on how the town could be better. The town, inspired by his words, nominate Hop Pop as mayor and he accepts. Along with the town's vote, the candidates have to go through trials to prove their worth. Hop Pop excels at the trials, while Toadstool struggles. Toadstool makes a deal with Hop Pop, if he forfeits the last trial he'll give him his stand back tax free. Hop Pop was about to, but seeing that the town believes in him he gets back up and wins by a knockout. However, due to not extending his campaign across the valley, Hop Pop lost the election. The town gives him a new stand for giving them hope.
13 13 "Croak and Punishment"
"Trip to the Archives"
July 8, 2019 TBA
Sprig finds a rare and precious Blue Moon Shell and wants to give it to Ivy for her birthday tomorrow. But after cleaning Bessie's stable, he finds it stolen. He and Anne then investigate to find the thief. Their first clue, a red string, leads them to Grub & Go, where Quentin, the cashier tells them that it came from Mr. Flour, the baker. After forcefully getting his customer list, Anne and Sprig go around to confront the suspects, with Sprig being the bad cop with rage. They head over to their last suspect, Gunther, a gentle frog from the south who had to move because of a misunderstanding. Sprig starts breaking his things, which causes him to turn into a hulking tusked-frog. After the town refuses to help, Sprig apologizes and gives Gunther some donuts and he calms down. They return home and discover that it was Ivy who stole to clean it for Sprig. Sprig gives it to her, but she leaves it with him, so she knows how to get to his place.
The mountain pass will clear up in one week, and to prepare for the quest to find Anne's way home, the Plantars visit the town archives for research. While the others are enjoying reading, Sprig wants to have an adventure, so he took the lens that keeps the door open and traps them inside. After many attempts to escape, Anne thinks they can escape through the skylight, but she ends up getting stuck and surrounded by giant cicadas. Sprig, using the archives blueprints, goes through the bathroom pipes to escape. He rescues Anne and accepts all the ways to help Anne get back home, whether it's boring or not.
14 14 "Snow Day"
"Cracking Mrs. Croaker"
July 9, 2019 TBA
Hiber Day is coming to freeze all the frogs in Wartwood, and when that happens someone goes missing never to be seen again. That causes everyone to say their goodbyes, but Anne, being warm-blooded, promises to protect them until they thaw out. The cold came early to freeze everyone, and Anne brings everyone to town together. She then got bored and thaw Sprig out early to have fun. They then do head count and discover that Polly was taken. They track her down to a cave where the face off a giant weasel. Seeing that the weasel is a mother trying to feed it's children, Anne gives it her omelet in exchange for Polly. The town thaws out and praises Anne for protecting them, even when she admitted she messed around.
Sprig is very well liked by everyone, except for Mrs. Croaker. So to make her like him, Sprig goes through her stuff and discovers a man named Jonah. Thinking he's Mrs. Croaker's long-lost love, Sprig goes out to find and bring him to her. Jonah then turns out to be an assassin, hunting Mrs. Croaker for many years to kill her. But she, along with her spider Archie, defeat him. Seeing how much Sprig did to get her to like him, Mrs. Croaker decides to try to do so.
15 15 "A Night at the Inn"
"Wally and Anne"
July 10, 2019 TBA
The family find the mountain pass still frozen over and head back to town. But then Bessie broke down, and a storm came. They decided to stay at Dandy Lion Inn, a bed and breakfast owned by Teddy and Martha, a couple of friendly horned-bullfrogs. While Anne and Sprig have their own rooms, Polly has to room with Hop Pop which bothers her. She then gets the room next to Hop Pop's and is at first happy about her independence, but starts to get scared. She visits Anne and Sprig, and goes back to Hop Pop, but finds that they disappeared. She then gets attacked by Martha and escapes through the laundry shoot. Polly then discovers that Martha, Teddy, and a couple of other bullfrogs are cannibals ready to eat her family. She then comes to the rescue and defeats the bullfrogs. The family escape with Bessie and the snails of past guests, and Anne destroys the inn with giant barrels of baking powder and vinegar. They all then sleep in Hop Pop's bed.
While foraging with the family, Anne sees the Moss Man, a mythical green creature with trees for horns. She tells the family about it but they don't believe her. To prove she's not crazy, she goes to Wally, who also saw it, and asks for his help to find the Moss Man. While on the quest, Wally saves Anne's life and she starts to see him as a friend. After finding the Moss Man, Wally admits that he never seen it up until that point, which frustrates Anne because she doesn't want to be like him. Seeing that her remark hurt Wally's feelings, she apologizes. They see the Moss Man on top of a cliff and climb up to get a picture of it. However, Wally falls off and Anne saves him, missing her chance to get proof. They tell the town about it, but without proof they don't believe them. Anne's okay with it because she and Wally know what they saw, and they didn't care what people think of them.
16 16 "Family Fishing Trip"
"Bizarre Bazaar"
July 11, 2019 TBA
Sprig looks forward to the wants to the family fishing trip and spend time with Hop Pop. But then Hop Pop’s girlfriend Sylvia comes along and Sprig gets jealous of her. He tried a lot of tactics to get rid of her, but each one just makes Sylvia look better to Hop Pop. Seeing that Sprig is upset, Sylvia tries to talk to him about it. Sprig sees an island with blue flowers and lies to her about them being Hop Pop's favorite so she can swim to it. Hop Pop then comes out ready to fish after Sylvia told him he should spend time with Sprig, which cause Sprig to feel guilty. They hear Sylvia scream, and using Anne's hang glider Sprig sees her attacked by a giant crab, disguised as the flower island. After beating the crab, Sprig apologizes to Sylvia and she forgives him, thus resuming the fishing trip.
Sprig finds an egg the leads to the Bizarre Bazaar, the mysterious and exclusive marketplace. Anne, wanting answers to the music box, goes to the bazaar with Sprig. They find the stand of items that have similar designs like the music box, but the vender is out to lunch. So as they wait they decide to look around the bazaar. The vender, Valentina (Susanne Blakeslee), returns and Anne was about to show her the music box, but her backpack was taken by Marnie (Bill Kopp). As Anne and Sprig go after him, Valentina wonders if Anne's the one she's been looking for. They catch Marnie and demand the backpack back, but he tells them that the only way to get it back is winning the Cockroach Race. They accept but lost to the Wrecker, a champion racer, and the bazaar closes. The Wrecker turns out be Hop Pop and he gives Anne's backpack back to her, Anne apologizes for lying to him and trusts Hop Pop to find answers to the box. Later at night, Hop Pop buries the Calamity Box, which he feels is too dangerous for anyone else to discover.
17 17 "Cursed!"
"Fiddle Me This"
July 15, 2019 TBA
Sprig hides from Maddie, his spooky fiancee. Seeing that he's too scared to break up with her, Anne does it for him through a note. The next morning they find themselves cursed, Sprig to be a fur-ball and Anne a bird. They think it was Maddie who cursed them and try to lift it themselves, so Sprig doesn't have an awkward conversation with her. But their attempts don't work and they remain cursed. Maddie arrives with their bread delivery and they ask her to lift it. She tells them that only the caster can lift it, which wasn't her. She helps them find the caster and find that it is Barry, the candy man wanting revenge for the ruined Blue Moon Berries. Maddie fights Barry and turns him into a fuzzy bird, and lifting Anne and Sprig's curses. Sprig apologizes to Maddie and they remain friends.
"Amphibia's Got Talent" comes to Wartwood, and Hop Pop trains Sprig to win. But he goes overboard on the training. At the show, Sprig impresses everyone, including the judges, with his over-the-top, moth-themed fiddle playing. Then a giant bat, thinking Sprig's a moth, comes in and catches him. Using the judges' launching stage, Hop Pop and Polly rescue him. Hop Pop tells Polly to sing, which disorientates the bat and it lets Sprig go. After crashing the stage, Sprig asks Hop Pop why he was pushing him so hard when he wanted to have fun. Hop Pop tells him that he wanted to give him and Polly a better future, but realizes that he was a bit tough on him and apologizes. Sprig accepts the apology and he and his family end up winning. The judges offer to have them go on tour and share their act, but they refuse and take the trophy with them as payment for Anne mortgaging the house earlier.
18 18 "The Big Bugball Game"
"Combat Camp"
July 16, 2019 TBA
The town is celebrating Harvest Day, and part of the celebration is that Anne must learn the Big Bugball Game. Every year, it is the farmers versus townies, and the farmers always lose. But this year Anne joins the farmers team, with Sprig, Hop Pop, Mrs. Croaker and Chuck the tulip farmer. But while going against the townie team, which includes Toadstool, Toadie, pro-Bugball player Frog Jordan, and a couple other players, in a practice round, Anne refuses to let her team help. After losing the practice round, Anne's team help her be more of a team player. At the game, the teams are evenly matched and the townies resort to cheating by blinding Anne. Using the trust expertise from practice, Anne reaches to the goal but doesn't make the shot. Sprig then catches the ball and wins for the farmers. Anne now sees the importance of teamwork and later gets victory dunked with bug juice much to her discomfort.
While Hop Pop heads to Crop-Con, Anne, Sprig, and Polly are forced to stay at a daycare center with Tritonio, the new owner. But when Hop Pop leaves, Tritonio turns out to be an adventurer-type instructor who has converted the daycare into a combat camp. While Tritonio praises Sprig and Polly, he pushes Anne to train harder. Anne feels that Tritonio is picking on her and asks him why, he tells her that he is tough on her because he believes in her potential. He gives Anne his family sword and trains her to fight. On the last day of their stay, Tritonio has them learn an expertise plan that involves a train. Sprig and Polly question it but Anne trusts Tritonio and says they should do it. At the train, they manage to get pass the guards and get the Tiger-Moth's Eye, a priceless ruby. Tritonio takes it and is revealed to be a train-robber who only used the kids to get it. They escape and Anne fights Tritonio. She defeats him and the guards take him away. While Anne feels betrayed by Tritonio, she'll still give teachers a chance.
19 19 "Children of the Spore"
"Anne of the Year"
July 17, 2019 TBA
Hop Pop tries to build and preserve a battle-ship replica, but the kids' rough housing breaks it and he takes it to Loggle's to fix it. While there he meets Apothecary Gary, a salesman who sells him a potion who will make the kids behave. He doesn't think it'll work, but after the kids break the ship again he decides to put it on them. In the morning, the kids behave till the evening. Hop Pop puts another dose on them, and they turn into mind-controlled zombies. He runs into Gary, who turns out to be a sentient mushroom who plans to takeover all of Amphibia. Hop Pop leads the citizens and Gary to the stable and uses Bessie to eat all the mushrooms, including Gary. The citizens and Gary's host, Lloyd, are free and return home. Hop Pop apologizes to the kids for giving them the potion and the kids apologize for not listening to him and promising to listen to him more often. Jeremy, Hop Pop's beetle, later eats some of the potion and becomes infected.
Wartwood awards its most prestigious award, the Frog of the Year, to Anne. Toadstool is incensed at this and bets that her celebration party, an annual event the winner puts on for the town, will be a disaster. To prove him wrong, Anne plans the party, with Hop Pop being the entertainment, Polly as the bouncer, and Sprig bringing the spectacle by confessing his feelings to Ivy. Anne becomes obsessed with proving Toadstool wrong. The party seems to go off without a hitch, until the sashimi, a giant mud-skipper, begins destroying the party, setting fire to the stage. Taming it, Anne puts the fire out with the chocolate fountain. Hop Pop says that they chose Anne because of how much she has grown, not because she was flawless. Toadstool even concedes and tells her she deserves the award. When the party resumes, Ivy asks Sprig if he wants to go out with her and he accepts. Toadie tells Anne that "a friend" is waiting for her on the bridge outside of town. It is revealed to be Sasha, finally reuniting with Anne. However, she arrives with the entire Toad Tower army, led by Grime, who says that it is nice to finally meet Anne.
20 20 "Reunion" July 18, 2019 TBA
Three months ago, Anne and Sasha ditch school for the former's birthday. Just as she is about to head home, Anne is convinced by Sasha to go see Marcy about getting the music box. In the present, Grime and his army enter Wartwood, to invite the frogs to a banquet celebrating Anne and Sasha's reunion. After Anne gives the okay, they head to Toad Tower. While the frogs enjoy the banquet, Anne and Sasha hang out at Sasha's room. Sprig, after talking to a nervous soldier, figures out the banquet is a trap and they're prisoners causing the frogs to fight back. Sasha tells Anne that the banquet was to get Hop Pop to the fortress, so he can be fed to a giant venus flytrap for inspiring rebellions in the valley. Anne tries to rescue the frogs, but are all captured. As Hop Pop is taken to be executed, Anne, with the help of Sprig, stands up to Sasha and defends him. Grime proposes a duel between the girls, if Anne wins the frogs can go, but if Sasha wins Hop Pop is to die. Anne beats Sasha, but the fortress starts to explode from Wally's boomshrooms. As everyone escapes the collapsing tower, Anne tries to save Sasha, but she lets herself fall out of guilt. Grime saves her and he and the toads escape with her unconscious body. After getting back to Wartwood, the Plantars apologize that Anne lost Sasha as a friend, but Anne tells them it is okay because she considers them her family and that as long as they stay together, they'll get through anything.

Season Two (2020-2021)

No. in
No. in
Title Original
21 01 "Handy Anne"
"Fort in the Road"
July 11, 2020 440A-201
Spring is upon Wartwood, and Anne, Sprig, Hop Pop, and Polly decide to travel to Newtopia, a sprawling metropolis located at the heart of Amphibia, to find answers on how to get Anne home. Because they will be gone for a long time, Hop Pop hires Chuck to protect the house in their absence. After seeing how incapable Chuck is at defending the house, Anne decides to fortify the house herself. She uses a special potion from Loggle to strengthen the plants, but does not heed the warning on using too much, resulting in the plant's mutating into a giant monster and destroying the house. Anne and the Plantars are able to defeat it, while Chuck quickly fixes the house (which is why Hop Pop hired him). With this, the Plantars set out for Newtopia.
The Plantars are on the road to Newtopia. Sprig and Anne want to experience exciting adventures, but Hop Pop forbids them using his rule book, knowing that beyond the valley can be dangerous. As a result, all their requests to stop and see sights are denied. In order to explore, Anne feigns a stomachache and sneaks out with Sprig to check out ancient forts. They accidentally trigger a door that leads to the inside of one of them, discovering a factory. Hop Pop follows them, and when Sprig accidentally reactivates the factory's assembly line and its associated computer, it puts Hop Pop in danger. After Anne's attempts to rescue him herself are futile, Sprig forcefully shuts down and destroys the factory by jamming Hop Pop's rule book into the disc drive. After they escape, Hop Pop apologizes for being so strict, and to make it up to them, he buys the kids ice cream that they wanted to get earlier. As they drive away, a robot from the destroyed factory emerges from the rubble, still alive.
22 02 "The Ballad of Hopediah Plantar"
"Anne Hunter"
July 18, 2020 440A-204
The family arrives at Bittyburg, a literal small town where its tiny citizens are being forced to pay the ruthless outlaw Judro Hasselback. Wanting to have a heroic song about him, Hop Pop stands up to Judro and drives him out of town. The towns people thank him as a hero until Judro comes back with the rest of the Hasselback Gang and their leader Mama Hasselback (Jenifer Lewis). After Hop Pop loses to Mama, the Plantars leave the town. Hop Pop later realized that being a hero isn't about songs and praises, it's about doing the right thing and turns back around to face the gang. While it appeared that Hop Pop was winning, Mama figures out that his family is helping him. She beats Hop Pop again and the sick kid Bailey goes berserk along with the other townspeople and defeat the Hasselback Gang. As the Plantars leave, the robot from the factory continues to follow them.
The family makes a stop in a forest where they discover that they are low on food and need to gather some more. Feeling guilty about it, Anne goes hunting for food while Sprig teaches her the Plantar family hunting techniques which also include a funny yet hypnotic dance. While Anne gathers food, the rest of the family gets captured by a scorpileo, a creature that is half-scorpion and half-lion. With the guidance of a Sprig hallucination, Anne uses what she learns as a hunter and saves the family from the scorpileo. The robot is still following them, but keeps bumping into trees.
23 03 "Truck Stop Polly"
"A Caravan Named Desire"
July 25, 2020 440A-206
Feeling a little small, Polly tries to spend some time with the family, but keeps messing things up. They make a stop at a truck stop where Anne, Sprig and Hop Pop vent out their frustrations about Polly. Polly feeling unwanted trades places with a purple stone and expects the family to apologize. However, thinking that she's asleep in her bucket, the family leaves Polly behind. It's then revealed that the stone is a roc egg. When it hatches, it'll eat everything it sees. With the help of Soggy Joe, Polly gets to the family just as the roc hatches and zaps it, saving her family. The family apologizes for what she overheard and they hug it out. As Soggy Joe tolls them to the next stop, Hop Pop reads a story to the kids.
While traveling through the dry swamp, the family encounters a sand-worm. They are then saved by Renee Frodgers, the manager of a traveling theater troupe who offers to have them join them. Hop Pop, who happens to be a struggling actor, takes the opportunity. He then gets casted in the lead role of a new play, while Sprig tries to get in with Francis and the other cool theater kids and Anne tries to put together a puzzle due to having a traumatic experience in a play she was in. Hop Pop later discovers that Frodgers is using the play to rob the towns they past by, and not wanting to steal from unexacting folks, exposes her as she robs the bank. Frodgers tries to escape, leaving the troupe behind, only to be stopped by a sand-worm and get arrested by the local sheriff. The family then head out on their own once more with Hop Pop denying to the sheriff any knowledge of the incident.
24 04 "Quarreler's Pass"
August 1, 2020 440A-208
Annoyed at Sprig and Polly's bickering, Hop Pop drops them off at Quarreler's Pass, a split road to let travelers vent their frustrations. Sprig and Polly continue to annoy one another, but they eventually realize that they need to work together if they are to reunite with Anne and Hop Pop. They end up in a cave where their bickering alerts a two-headed blind olm that can hear them and intends to devour them. Realizing that their arguing is what got them in their situation in the first place, Sprig and Polly use their vocal mimicry to have the olm fight itself and the two escape the cave. They make it back to the fwagon where Anne has been listening to Hop Pop non-stop on advice on how to get a boyfriend.
Following her defeat by Anne, Sasha's been training to get her revenge on her and the Plantars while also looking after a defeated, lazy and out of shape Grime, who is now wanted by Newtopia for his crimes. Percy and Braddock, the only soldiers of Grime's army who didn't abandon him, visit a town when they accidentally reveal Grime's whereabouts to the newt soldier General Yunan. Sasha and Grime flee where the latter deduces that the former's rigorous training is due to losing her friend back at Toad Tower which Sasha confirms, but also adds is due to not wanting to lose Grime who she considers as her only other friend. They team up and manage to outwit Yunan by dropping her into a river. Reinvigorated, Grime decides to conquer Newtopia while Sasha promises that she and Anne are not through.
25 05 "Swamp and Sensibility"
"Wax Museum"
August 8, 2020 440A-210
When Bessie's reins break, the family makes a stop in Ribbitvale, a highly affluent, upper-class town. There, they find Wally who is revealed to be the heir to the one of the richest families in Amphibia: the Ribbitons. Wally's father Wigbert takes the family to their mansion where Wally tells Anne that Wigbert is unaware of how he lives in Wartwood and cannot tell him for fear that he will disapprove. Wanting Wally to just be himself, Anne shows his family his life in Wartwood at dinner. When Wigbert forbids him from returning to Wartwood, Wally is forced to win his freedom in a game of beast polo that is commentated by Crumpet. Trying to make up for what she did, Anne volunteers to be Wally's beast and they end up defeating Wigbert. Wally is allowed to return to Wartwood, but he tells his father that he still wants to be a Ribbiton, as long as he is accepted for who he is. Wigbert agrees and expresses his pride for his son.
The family stops at a town where its citizens marvel at Anne's appearance. This leads them to an oddities wax museum, where they meet the Curator who shows off the various wax statues he has on display. When Anne comes across a portable CD player that came from her world, she allows herself to be put on display for a day so she can obtain it. She goes back later that night to prepare, but the Curator traps her and attempts to permanently encase her in wax. When the Plantars discover Anne missing, they go back to the oddities museum and try to free her. They find out that the wax "statues" are actually live creatures where they free them and save Anne. The creatures drag the Curator into a room as red wax spills under the door. Sprig is able to get the CD player and the family makes their final push to Newtopia.
26 06 "Marcy at the Gates" August 15, 2020 440A-211
The family finally arrives at Newtopia, only to find that it's closed to all outsiders until the army of giant ants called barbari-ants are gone. They then get attacked by the barbari-ants, but are rescued by a hooded-figure, which is later revealed to be Anne's other human friend Marcy. She tells the family that the only way to defeat the barbari-ants is to drive away the queen. They go with her on the mission, with Anne wanting to protect Marcy, as she had always been a bit clumsy, while Sprig is suspicious of her after their encounter with Sasha. After convincing Anne that she can take care of herself, Marcy manages to save Sprig from the barbari-ant queen and drive her away. The family is then able to enter the city where they meet Lady Olivia who welcomes them to Newtopia. Anne later tells Marcy about Sasha and they both promise to find a way home, unaware that they are being watched by the King of Amphibia who apparently has a secret plot involving the girls.
27 07 "Scavenger Hunt"
"The Plantars Check In"
August 22, 2020 440A-213
The King sends Marcy a puzzle message and she along with Anne and Sprig go search for the clues. During the search, Anne tries to prove that she's just as smart as Marcy while also helping Efty get her caterpillar down, talking to Doris, and encouraging the gnatcho vender Gertie. Acting on the advice that Gertie gave her, Anne tries to be act smart to find the last clue. This leads them to the sewers where they run into a giant alligator. Just as the alligator was getting closer, Gertie, Doris and Efty open the manhole and Anne, Sprig, and Marcy made it out of the sewer. Hop Pop and Polly later meet up with them and Sprig blurts out that Anne feels dumb around Marcy. Marcy later tells Anne that she's been jealous of her cause of her social skills. After coming to a better understanding, Anne finds the last clue in a gnatcho tray, bringing the clues together to say "Bring me the Plantars." Meaning the family's being summoned by the King.
The Plantars meet King Andrias, who turns out to be a friendly giant newt. Seeing that the Calamity Box is still at Wartwood, Andrias tells Anne that it might take some time for him and Marcy to find more information about it. In the meantime, he gives them a place at Newtopia's finest hotel called the Hemisphere Hotel with an unlimited royal credit card. While the rest of the family sleeps in the room, Sprig takes the card and explores the hotel. He's about to ride the in-door ferris wheel, but he drops the card and it falls into the hands of the bellhop Bella. Bella tries to run with it, but Sprig catches her and the card lands on top of the ferris wheel and they race for it. As they fight over it, they stop to look at the view and are in awe. Bella returns the card to Sprig and apologizes, then falls off the top. Using a cup of coffee to gain speed, Sprig gathers pillows to make a pile and save Bella. Bella was about to be fired by the hotel manager, but Sprig stands up for her and manages to get her a raise. He returns to the room and the rest of the family wakes up and try to get Sprig moving.
28 08 "Lost in Newtopia"
"Sprig Gets Schooled"
August 29, 2020 TBA
Wanting to get the authentic Newtopian experience, Anne and Polly fake stomach problems to get off the tour bus. Once they do, they first go to a food stand run by Jerry who sells spicy wraps. The wraps turns out to be too spicy as Anne and Polly breath fire and accidentally burn the stand's roof. They get away from Jerry and then decide to buy artificial tails. Anne's tail proves to be too big and just keeps crashing into people, including the guards. The duo get away from the guards and Anne participates in a parade, being the head puppeteer of a float. Anne plays with the float, thus offending the locals because the float and parade is to honor a fallen Newtopian hero. Anne and Polly then get chased again by the locals, guards, and Jerry back to the bus. Anne gives Polly a spicy wrap and Polly breathes fire to drive the angry mob away. They then join back with the tour group to continue the tour. Meanwhile at the Newtopian Library, Marcy and Andrias find a secret entrance that might lead them to the Secret knowledge of the Calamity Box.
The Plantars visit Newtopia University where Sprig impresses the headmaster Professor Harringbone with his survivalist knowledge, athleticism, and musical talent. Harringbone then offers Sprig a chance to enter the school through its young student program, which he accepts to fulfill Hop Pop's dream of seeing one of his grandkids go to college. Even after a rough trial period, Harringbone decides to enroll Sprig immediately to which Sprig refuses and tries to leave. However, the school is on lockdown for the night, making Sprig a prisoner. Hop Pop sees this and tries to get in to get Sprig out while Anne and Polly try to break in to get in the supposed college party. Sprig escapes and finds Hop Pop stuck in the front gate. Harringbone arrives with the campus police and demands to know what's going on. Sprig then tells Hop Pop that he hates the college and apologizes for disappointing him to which Hop Pop tells him that he doesn't care about the college dream because he's not ready to let Sprig go yet. Harringbone still offers Sprig a spot at the college when he's ready.
29 09 "Little Frogtown"
"Hopping Mall"
September 12, 2020 TBA
While the kids wait in line for Newtopia's arcade, Hop Pop takes it upon himself to figure out what happened to his friend Sal, a sandwich maker from Wartwood who came to Newtopia to start a deli. Doing self-monolouging in the style of a noir film that he saw on Anne's phone, Hop Pop's investigation then leads him to a sauce factory. After knocking one of the security personell into a vat of sauce, Hop Pop is apprehended and taken to their boss who turns out to be Sal. It turns out that Sal left his deli so he can sell his sauce. Sal tells Hop Pop that sometimes change can be a good thing and that if he embraces it, you can make the future yourself and bring along the past. Thoug Hop Pop had to quickly leave when Sal is informed that one of his workers was found in one of the vats. Hop Pop later meets up with the kids, who are banned for life from the arcade because of Anne scaring a kid that was cutting in line. Hop Pop finds himself still self-monologuing.
The Plantars go to the mall to get souvenirs. Anne wants to find the perfect gift for her mother and finds it in the form of artisan-made teapot. However, the teapot is the grand prize for the winner of a bumper-cart competition and Anne has to face it's champion Priscilla the Killa and her daughter Pearl. Anne wins the competition because Priscilla had to use her injured tail to avoid hitting Polly. After hearing that the teapot was made by Priscilla's mother, she gives it to her leading to Pearl giving her hand-made butterfly to Anne. After Anne tells him about her mother, Sprig tells her that his and Polly's mother died when they were young. Sprig wonders if it's possible to miss someone you barely remember and Anne gives him a comforting hug.
30 10 "The Sleepover To End All Sleepovers"
"A Day At The Aquarium"
September 19, 2020 440A-221
Marcy is having a sleepover at the castle and the kids are invited. After a montage of shenanigans, Anne and Marcy decide to do a scare dare challenge and dare Sprig and Polly to come with them to the basement. Anyone who chickens out gets their names in the Book of Losers. They enter the basement and find themselves in a crypt where they are chased by ghosts. They make it to Marcy's room, but the ghosts catch up to them. The kids find out that the ghost get physical forms when facing a mirror, so they grab a few, make the ghosts physical and beat them. Even though they have to write their names in the Book of Losers, they consider the sleepover awesome.
The next day, The Plantars and Marcy meet with King Andrias, who tells them what he found about the Calamity Box. The Calamity Box turns out to be a transporter to other worlds, with the three gems needing to be charged at three temples. Knowing only one temple's location, they decide to prepare for it. Anne tells Marcy that she'll go with the Plantars and wait for Marcy to pick them up, but Marcy says it's best that she stays at Newtopia since they're getting close to their way home. Wanting to make their last moment with each other the best, Anne suggests to the Plantars that they should go to the aquarium. However, their trip turns out to be filled with memories of their past adventures and get depressed over separating. The security guard suggests that watching the live show can cheer them up and they go there. During the show, Sprig volunteers to feed a giant water snake, but cries remembering it was his first adventure with Anne. The water snake gets spooked and flees, breaking part of the stage and Sprig falls into the water where a couple of giant stingrays plan to eat him. The family fights off the stingrays, but later gets kicked out of the aquarium. Anne and the Plantars say their last goodbyes and the Plantars head off back to Wartwood. Seeing that Anne really misses her frog family, Marcy suggests that she should go with them to get the Calamity Box. Anne races to catch up with them and the family is reunited again. Andrias comes up to Marcy with a proposition.
31 11 "The Shut-In!" October 17, 2020 440A-223
The Plantars stay inside during a blue moon, so they won't turn into beasts. To pass the time, they tell spooky stories.
"Phone-Mo": Anne, renamed Anna, is told about a cute animal video by human versions of Sprig, Polly, Maddie, and Toady, but causes them to mysteriously disappear into the video. At first, she resists the video, but then watches it and likes it. She then finds that her friends are trapped in the video and the cute animal comes out of the video as a monster to take her. Finding that it is weak against harsh criticism, Anna dislikes the video, defeats the monster, and saves her friends, but the monster eggs hatch into tiny versions of itself.
"Dead End": A young Hop Pop works as a wagon driver picking up his next customer Mr. Littlepot (George Takei). After a few stops, Hop Pop realizes that Littlepot is death personified and the next stop is at his farm. However, instead of Hop Pop, Littlepot takes his hair to cover his baldness and leaves while Hop Pop cries over the loss of his long and luxurious hair.
"Skin Deep": Sprig and Ivy are playing bugball until they lose the ball and go looking for it. They find the ball in an old house that belongs to a skin-wearing monster called the Seamstress. Sprig rips her mask off, revealing her to be a glass frog who uses her skin cloth to cover herself. Sprig and Ivy beat the monster and escape.
After Sprig and Ivy prank the family, Polly, wanting a spooky story to tell since most of her stories were all experiences the family had, looks at the blue moon to turn into a beast. Nothing happens at first and the blue moon legend appears to be false. That is, until Polly turns into a beast, freaking out the Plantars.
32 12 "Night Drivers"
"Return to Wartwood"
March 6, 2021 440A-222
Wanting to be home quicker, Sprig and Polly decided to drive the fwagon in the night while Anne and Hop Pop sleep. At first the drive is smooth sailing until they come across a terrifying hitchhiker. They try to avoid him but he manages to get on the fwagon and the frog siblings try to fight him off. The morning comes and Sprig and Polly discover a statue of the hitchhiker, who turned out to be the ghost of a helpful guide named Zachariah Nettles. Anne and Hop Pop wake up and find the two frog kids in a tired daze, and decided that they learned their lesson and drive the rest of the way home. The robot continues to follow them.
The family receives a warm welcome back from the townsfolk, but Hop Pop and Polly realize that they forgot to pick up the items on a wish-list that the townsfolk requested from Newtopia. Not wanting to disappoint them, they decided to stage an accident in which fake presents get destroyed by a demonic creature they summon called The Chickalisk. The Chickalisk arrives at the welcome home party and starts eating the presents. The townsfolk fight him off, provoking the beast. Seeing that there's an actual formation for the Chickalisk, the Plantars and townsfolk use it to drive it away. The town's glad that they won, but felt bad because they didn't save the presents, causing the Plantars to feel guilty and tell the truth. Instead of being mad, their friends say that they missed the shenanigans they pull, so all is forgiven and Sprig and Ivy officially start their relationship.
33 13 "Ivy on the Run"
"After the Rain"
March 13, 2021 440A-226
Ivy is trying to hang out with Sprig, but Felicia is constantly making her do her chores in such a specific and perfect manner. Fed up with Felicia's overbearingness, she decides to run away, something Sprig tries to dissuade her from. They run into Anne and Polly, who were training in Muay Thai. Felicia catches up with Ivy, and agrees to let her go if she can defeat her once in a three-round match, where Felicia reveals herself a competent fighter. In the final round, Felicia reveals that her chores and lessons were actually fighting techniques. Telling her daughter that she knows what she wants, Felicia agrees to take Ivy with her on her next adventure.
The family receive a letter from Marcy, telling them to pack supplies for the trip to the first temple. One of those is the Calamity Box, which Hop Pop goes to dig up. He finds it missing, and accidentally reveals to Anne, who snuck up on him, that he buried it instead of sending it out to his contacts. Feeling betrayed, Anne runs away, and Hop Pop sets off to find her, while Sprig and Polly go looking for the box. They learn that it was taken by a Magpie beetle, that burrows underground and takes valuables to create a shell for its mating ritual, known as the "lovenado." Sprig and Polly, in an attempt to retrieve the box, find themselves trapped by the beetles. Hearing their cries for help, Anne reluctantly works together with Hop Pop to save them. Just as Anne is about to leave the Plantars for good, Hop Pop reveals why he hid the Calamity Box: Years ago, Sprig and Polly's parents were killed when herons attacked Wartwood, which Hop Pop blames himself for because he was out of town. As a result, he would do anything to protect his family, including burying the Calamity Box when he found out it was dangerous. Hearing the truth and seeing that he's truly sorry for lying to her, Anne forgives Hop Pop, who shows her the entry for the box in his family book. Anne and the Plantars promise to stick together as they wait for Marcy and head to the temple.
34 14 "The First Temple" March 20, 2021 440A-227
Marcy arrives to pick up the family for the first temple trip. The temple gives those who enter three trials to challenge their intellect, which Marcy has while being oblivious to her surroundings. They pass the first two trials, but the third proves to be difficult, because it's a game of flip-wart where the family becomes game pieces with the Plantars as Marcy's and Anne as the temple's. During the game, Anne and Hop Pop have a falling out about Hop Pop hiding the Calamity Box. Hop Pop wants Anne to not be angry with him and asks what does he have to do, to which Anne tells him that she wants to move on but needs time to do so, which Hop Pop agrees. Marcy seeing the situation, forfeits the game and gets the family out, at the cost of going through the temple again. Green arrows appear to lead them out, but are actually leading them to the outhouse, where they can recharge the first stone after Marcy proved herself to have humility. The stone gets recharged, as the green color is drained from Marcy's eyes, and is leading them to the next temple. Meanwhile at Newtopia, Andrias receives a message from Marcy about her progress, cutting his meeting with Yunan short and heading to the basement. There he tells his master, a multi-eyed monster, that the prophecy is being undone and they'll soon have their vengeance.
35 15 "New Wartwood"
"Friend or Frobo?"
March 27, 2021 440A-230
Marcy is excited to meet the people of Wartwood, but they don't like her as much. So to get them to accept her, Marcy, along with Anne, fix up the town with improvements. This catches Toadstool's eye and he offer her a chance to renovate Wartwood as a tourist attraction. Anne advices against it, but Marcy goes along with it. The now renovated town then starts to sink into the swamp it was built on due to the weight of the new additions. Marcy and Anne then use Joe to remove them and the town is saved. Marcy apologizes for the destruction and the townsfolk, while still mad, accept it and let her know that they're starting to like her. Marcy then begins to fix the town without going overboard.
Polly wants to have fun, but Anne and Sprig feel a little more mature and chose to stay in the wagon. After getting the two in trouble, Polly leaves to do fun activities only to find them not as fun as she hoped. She then meets the robot, and was at first afraid of it but soon finds that it's friendly. Calling it Frobo, Polly plays with it while also causing destruction. After Frobo destroys the fountain, the townsfolk form an angry mob to destroy it. Polly tries to stop them but gets hurt, angering Frobo. Frobo attacks but Polly stops him and tells the town that she'll take responsibility for Frobo's actions. Frobo is then accepted and is welcomed into the family.
36 16 "Toad to Redemption"
"Maddie & Marcy"
April 3, 2021 440A-232
Mayor Toadstool begins to like being helpful to the people of Wartwood, but is approached by Newtopia emissary Jacinda who offers him to lead South Toad Tower and adds that turning it down will result in his imprisonment. With Anne and the Plantars' help, he tries to look incompetent, but to no avail. Bog and the rest of the Grime's former Toad warriors attack Wartwood, but Toadstool defends the town and saves the day. Instead, Jacinda decides to make Bog the new leader after deeming Toadstool as "too soft" and he is allowed to stay in Wartwood much to everyone's casual acceptance.
While trying to perfect a spell, Maddie gets pestered by her younger sisters, Rosemary, Lavender and Ginger, who want to play with her. Instead, she forms a closeness with Marcy who wants to help complete her spell. The triplets become jealous and, based off of a comment made by Maddie, decide to literally grow up using one of her spells. The triplets proceed to grow continuously and Maddie realizes that it is her fault they are this way. With Marcy's help, she uses another spell to shrink her sisters back down and promises to be more caring to them.
37 17 "The Second Temple"
"Barrel's Warhammer"
April 10, 2021 440A-234
Anne, Marcy and the Plantars arrive in a frozen tundra where they run into Valeriana who claims that she can take them to the second temple. However, she continuously belittles Anne due to her selfless acts to help her friends. After insulting her, Valeriana takes Anne to a spire and recalls her misdeeds. Once again, Anne acts selfless and Valeriana reveals that it was all a test and rewards her with recharging the blue gem on the box. However, Anne leaves before it can finish charging when she believes her friends are in danger. Upon heading home, the blue gem begins to flicker.
Sasha, Grime, Percy and Braddock arrive at the Toad summit to pitch their idea of taking over Newtopia and Amphibia. Everyone likes the idea, but do not want Grime to lead. Sasha impulsively takes the challenge of acquiring Barrel's Warhammer to prove their worth. Despite Percy and Braddock saying they should quit if things got too dangerous, Sasha ignores their pleas and together they face a giant worm to get the hammer back and to prove that she can make it without Anne or Marcy. They are successful, but Percy and Braddock leave, unwilling to work with Sasha.
38 18 "Bessie & MicroAngelo"
"The Third Temple"
April 17, 2021 440A-236
While Anne, Marcy and the Plantars pack for the last temple, Bessie is placed in charge of looking after MicroAngelo who continuously gets into trouble. Meanwhile, Marcy hires a fashion expert from Newtopia named Bernardo to find the perfect armor for Anne. After a series of mishaps, Bessie rescues MicroAngelo from a giant bat creature while simultaneously putting out a fire that was almost going to blow everyone up. Anne eventually settles on a "minimalist" armor chest plate so that she can see herself, while Bessie and MicroAngelo form a close bond with each other.
Anne, Marcy and the Plantars arrive at the third temple located inside of a volcano. Upon entering, they run into Sasha and Grime who claim that they have changed their ways and want to help. Anne continues to doubt Sasha's motivations until they reach the final room where they must face a stone monster. Anne admits that it is not just now, but their entire friendship that bothers her, but encourages Sasha to defeat it while also charging the pink gem on the Calamity Box. After exiting the cave, Grime reminds Sasha of their true plan, which now makes her feel guilty.
39 19 "The Dinner"
"Battle of the Bands"
April 24, 2021 TBA
Anne, Marcy and the Plantars invite Sasha and Grime over for dinner to bury the hatchet. While things seem nice at first, everyone becomes awkward with one another when they bring up past conflicts. Unable to contain herself, Sasha lashes out at Anne and Marcy for trying to change her. A cake Grime brought turns into a deadly challenge that forces the girls to save everyone. Afterwards, Anne tells Sasha that while she knows it is difficult for her to change, she needs to accept that she and Marcy have done so. Sasha apologizes as everyone tries the cake and find that it is quite delicious.
To ease Sasha and Grime's presence, Toadstool holds a battle of the bands contest and the girls get together to reform Sasha and the Sharps. However, Sasha shows her controlling nature when Anne suggests a new song and she leaves in a huff where she teams up with Toadie. Sasha quickly learns that always being in control is exhausting and she needs to support her friends. At the contest, Sasha reforms with Anne and Marcy to perform the new song, but Grime wins with his three hour harp solo. Anne suggests taking a group photo before she, Marcy, and Sasha leave for home.
40 20 "True Colors" May 22, 2021 440A-240
In a flashback, Marcy is upset after having a talk with her parents and inspired by a book, discovers the Calamity Box and suggests getting it for Anne for her birthday. In the present, the group arrive at Newtopia, but Sasha and Grime unveil their plan to take over the kingdom. Upset that she was betrayed by her friend again, Anne rallies everyone to take back the kingdom, during which Sasha and Grime discover that Andrias has sinister motivations. They are successful, but Andrias reveals that he intends to conquer other worlds using the box and Marcy admits to knowledge of the box's power and sent her friends to Amphibia after hearing from her parents that they would be moving out of town. A fight breaks out, during which Frobo is destroyed, Polly grows legs and Anne unleashes her inert blue gem power to protect her friends. Marcy opens the portal home, but is stabbed by Andrias and Sasha is left behind just as Anne and the Plantars enter and arrive in Los Angeles.

Season Three (2021-2022)

No. in
No. in
Title Original
41 01 "The New Normal" October 2, 2021 440A-301
Anne and the Plantars arrive in Los Angeles and head straight to the former's house. Mr. and Mrs. Boonchuy are relieved, yet shocked at the recent events that have occurred over the past five months. While they try to keep Anne safe, they notice that she has matured significantly and even allow her to bring the Plantars to the market with them, albeit disguised. Meanwhile in Amphibia, While keeping Marcy in stasis, Andrias sends a drone to earth to find Anne and kill her. At the market, the drone uses its cloaking ability to attack Anne and the Plantars, but they fight back discreetly. Eventually, Anne unleashes her blue gem energy after the Plantars are in danger and destroys a section of the drone as it flees. Afterwards, the Boonchuy's commend Anne for her maturity while the drone who is making repairs to its body, decides to double its efforts in killing Anne at all costs.
42 02 "Hop 'Til You Drop"
"Turning Point"
October 9, 2021 TBA
Realizing that the Plantars cannot restrain themselves in her world, Anne takes them to the mall and challenges Polly to not lose her temper, Sprig to not touch anything and Hop Pop to not fall for "free" things. Anne gets distracted by her talkative friend Gabby, resulting in the Plantars getting in trouble. Anne rescues them and apologizes for throwing them into the world without planning as they had done for her, but the Plantars point out that she made the same mistakes in Amphibia. Nevertheless, they promise to be more compliant and listen to her when she warns them.
Immediately after Anne and the Plantars disappear to Earth, Sasha and Grime escape King Andrias and seek refuge in Wartwood. They convince the townsfolk that Anne asked Sasha to protect the town, but she feels guilty about her actions. When a drone arrives and requests reinforcements, Grime plans to flee, but Sasha instead finds Anne's journal and realizes that their friendship truly mattered. Seeking redemption, Sasha tells the people of Wartwood the truth and they join her and Grime in defeating the arriving drones. With nothing left to lose, Sasha, now in the lead, plans to fight back.
43 03 "Thai Feud"
"Adventures in Catsitting"
October 16, 2021 TBA
Wanting to be accepted as a Boonchuy as Anne had been accepted as a Plantar, Sprig joins Anne and her family at work at their restaurant Thai Go. Their biggest customer Ned does not realize that his dream to expand their business is hurting it, so Sprig tries to sabotage him. He ends up making things worse and he and Anne find themselves trying to maneuver Ned's out of control food truck. Sprig takes responsibility for the events which convinces Ned to cease his dream, though he gets hired as a delivery boy. Mrs. Boonchuy scolds Sprig which ironically makes him happy as this means he is a Boonchuy now.
With Mr. Boonchuy going to work and Mrs. Boonchuy taking Anne to the dentist, the Plantars offer to take Domino the cat to the vet, as they do not want to be seen as freeloaders. Despite several mishaps along the way, they manage to get to the vet and ask about frog biology. When they hurriedly leave, Domino escapes her carrier and Sprig calls Mr. Boonchuy for help. They find Domino at a shawarma restaurant and rescue her. Hop Pop feels guilty, but Mr. Boonchuy reassures him that the Plantars do not owe them anything, as they took care of Anne during her time in Amphibia.
44 04 "Fight at the Museum"
"Temple Frogs"
October 23, 2021 TBA
Obsessed with studying multiverses, Anne and the Plantars head to the museum and find an ancient jar of Amphibian origin. They meet the curator Dr. Jan who offers to talk about it, but Anne, in a paranoid delusion, turns her down. They resolve to steal the jar at night and end up running into the Cloak-Bot where a fight breaks out. Dr. Jan and a couple of security guards spot the Cloak-Bot, forcing it to flee. Despite seeing the Plantars, Dr. Jan protects them and learns the jar's importance. She tells Anne to get some sleep and in the morning, she discovers a hidden message using a black light.
Anne gets a message from Dr. Jan, but is told by her parents that they will go to the Thai Temple and ask her to stay for at least an hour. Despite Anne's belief to the contrary, the Plantars enjoy their stay there. Anne gets caught trying to leave and Mrs. Boonchuy reveals that she was returning dishes to the neighbors who were comforting her during her disappearance. Drones attack the temple, but the whole community pitches in to help fight them off while keeping the Plantars safe. Dr. Jan arrives with the jar and a message about the "Mother of Olms", but none of them know what it means.
45 05 "Fixing Frobo"
October 30, 2021 TBA
Despite being told not to, Polly tries to fix Frobo on her own and gets help from an internet duo named Ally and Jess (The IT Gals). She face chats with them and they give her the help she needs, but are concerned with her plans. When Anne, Hop Pop and Sprig find out what she is doing and reprimand her for it, Polly angrily activates Frobo and puts herself in danger. Frobo remembers who he is and saves Polly, but they crash land in the backyard and he is reduced to a head again, though he is still active. Ally and Jess arrive and are impressed with Polly's skills and decide to help her fix Frobo.
Anne realizes that she needs to tell her parents the truth about what is happening. Meanwhile, King Andrias gives Cloak-Bot one hour to find her or the timer he activated will set off his self-destruct sequence. Cloak-Bot attacks the Boonchuys and Plantars who escape to a junk yard. During this time, Anne realizes that her mother had high expectations for her and she in turn is angered at her for lying. Anne tells her parents that she lied to protect them and the Plantars. They work together to defeat the Cloak-Bot. They drive home on good terms. Meanwhile, FBI agents watch footage of Anne and the Plantars.
46 06 "Mr. X"
"Sprig's Birthday"
November 6, 2021 440A-311
As Anne takes the Plantars to the movies, the enigmatic Mr. X begins to snoop around for them. Mr. and Mrs. Boonchuy quickly discover this when he comes asking around for them and try to warn Anne. When Mr. X has every corner of the cinema covered, Anne and the Plantars hastily try to run and hide from them. Mr. and Mrs. Boonchuy offer help to Anne who continues to refuse it. Eventually, the parents manage to rescue them and Anne admits that she underestimated them. Mr. X vows to catch the Plantars next time. The Boonchuys reveal that they planted a tracker onto Hop Pop.
Anne discovers that it is Sprig's birthday and is shocked that he never told her. She decides to give him the best birthday ever as they travel around Los Angeles. When Sprig says that this birthday is in the "top 3", Anne angrily suggests going on a balloon ride. Despite the warning of heavy winds, Anne and Sprig take off in a Pennywise-resembling balloon and end up flying out of control around the city. They manage to land safely where Sprig tells Anne that he does not care that she did not know it was his birthday and that he just wanted to spend time with her. They return home with their friendship renewed.
47 07 "Spider-Sprig"
"Olivia & Yunan"
November 13, 2021 440A-314
After watching a superhero movie called Tarantu-Lad, Sprig decides to use his abilities to become the superhero Frog-Man. His actions earn him the ire of junkyard owner/self-proclaimed "neighborhood safety supervisor" Robert Otto, but the admiration of the people of Los Angeles including Robert's granddaughter Molly Jo. Robert discovers Cloak-Bot's arm in his junkyard and becomes a villain to get revenge on Sprig. Their battle destroys the streets and Molly Jo chastises them. Realizing that he was simply seeking attention, Sprig and Robert clean the city. Afterwards, Sprig gives up being a hero.
Lady Olivia and General Yunan decide to rescue Marcy from stasis so that they can create a plan to end Andrias's tyranny. The pair traverse the castle's many passages before managing to find and revive Marcy. However, the three soon become trapped in a hologram that preys on their worst fears. After overcoming the illusions by destroying the source, Andrias appears and reveals his plan to use Marcy as a host for his multi-eyed master "The Core": an artificial intelligence composed of the collective preserved memories of Amphibia's greatest minds. As Andrias mentions that he has tried to get the Core to reconsider its choice for a host body, the Core transfers itself into Marcy's body as it takes control of it.
48 08 "Hollywood Hop Pop"
"If You Give a Frog a Cookie"
November 20, 2021 TBA
Upon arriving in Hollywood, Hop Pop finds himself auditioning for a commercial and gets the part, despite another man named Humphrey Westwood giving up his chance for it. The commercial becomes a hit which gets the attention of Mr. X. After getting offered a big part in a movie, Hop Pop takes off with Mr. X in pursuit and Anne, Sprig and Polly also after him. However, Hop Pop learns that Humphrey is a janitor who has been waiting for his big break and gives up his role to him. Mr. X is humiliated once again and Hop Pop returns home with the intent to pursue a career in directing instead.
Dr. Jan tells Anne about Dr. Frakes, a scientist who could potentially help them. Jan says to wait until they know they can trust Frakes, but Anne, guilted by the homesick Plantars, goes to see her immediately. Frakes reveals that she has built a machine that can create portals to other universes, but the Plantars cannot find Amphibia through it. When Frakes discovers that the Plantars are frogs, she kidnaps them. With the aid of Frakes' assistant Terri, Anne rescues them. Afterwards, the Plantars apologize for guilting Anne. Having been fired by Frakes, Terri decides to help them build their own portal.
49 09 "Froggy Little Christmas" November 27, 2021 TBA
The Boonchuys prepare for Christmas while the Plantars are trying to wrap their heads around it. Mrs. Boonchuy turns down her dream of entering a float into the annual Christmas parade due to costs, but Anne and the Plantars recruit the IT Gals and Dr. Jan to help making one. Meanwhile, Andrias sends a remote control drone to Earth to find and kill Anne. With the float complete, the Boonchuys, Plantars and IT Gals enter the parade. Andrias finally finds Anne and takes over a Santa Claus float, but they manage to defeat it. Despite the incident, everyone is happy with how things turned out. Darcy (the Core's possessed form of Marcy) mocks Andrias for his failure, but he is confident that his new army will be insuperable. Later, Anne writes an anonymous letter to the Wus and Waybrights promising to bring their daughters back.
50 10 "Escape to Amphibia" March 19, 2022 440A-319
Terri and Dr. Jan almost get the portal back to Amphibia up and running, but do not have enough power to make it big enough. The Boonchuys and Plantars go shopping for supplies where Anne reveals to Sprig that she is unsure if she can leave her parents again. Mr. X and the FBI arrive and kidnap the Plantars forcing the Boonchuys to recruit their friends to rescue them. The group is captured and Anne feels helpless, until her parents tell her that she has grown and achieved much during this time and have faith in her. The rescue is successful, but the portal still does not work and Mr. X has them cornered. Anne unleashes her energy which is enough to get the portal open and she and the Plantars escape. As the Boonchuys confront Mr. X, Anne and the Plantars return to the devastated wasteland that was once known as Amphibia.
51 11 "Commander Anne"
March 26, 2022 TBA
Anne and the Plantars discover that Wartwood has become the home base for the resistance with Sasha leading them. However, Sasha decides to hand command over to Anne, despite her reluctance. Anne turns out to be terrible at leading, especially when they have to take down one of King Andrias' factories. Sasha finally admits that she is afraid of ruining everything like she did their friendship. Anne puts herself in harm's way so that Sasha can regain her confidence and rescue everyone from a giant snake. Anne hands command back over to Sasha and discovers she lost a shoe again.
Sprig and Ivy are spending every moment of their time together, much to everyone's annoyance. Sasha sends Sprig and Ivy on a mission to destroy Andrias' cannons with Stumpy and Fern, but wants them to pair off differently. Sprig and Ivy forge a letter so that they can stay paired up with each other. However, this makes the mission more difficult for Stumpy and Fern, and Sprig and Ivy decide to temporarily separate so they can make things right. Sasha scolds them for nearly destroying the mission and Sprig and Ivy agree that while they still love each other, they need to be more cautious with their relationship.
52 12 "Sasha's Angels"
"Olm Town Road"
April 2, 2022 TBA
Sasha puts together a team to help take down a Marauders camp. They get ambushed; getting everyone captured, sans Sasha and Anne who wait and spar with each other. Toadie has trouble breaking out of his comfort zone and botches a plan to escape which results in Mrs. Croaker getting knocked out. After being pushed too far, Toadie finally leads the team to break out, destroying the camp and getting their supplies back. Sasha tells Anne that she does care about the Wartwood citizens and that she needs to trust her judgment even when she makes difficult decisions.
Using the information they gathered on Earth, Anne, Sasha, and the Plantars go looking for the Mother of Olms and find Lysil and Angwin; demanding that they take them to her. Lysil and Angwin turn out to be banned from Proteus, the city of olms, who are in denial of the tremors being from Andrias' drilling machines and get kicked out. The heroes manage to take down the drills, but when Parisia, the leader, refuses to acknowledge this, Sasha snaps back at her. Impressed with her determination, Parisia allows Lysil and Angwin into the city again and gives them access to the Mother of Olms.
53 13 "Mother of Olms"
"Grime's Pupil"
April 9, 2022 TBA
Anne, Sasha, and the Plantars meet Mother Olm who has information on the prophecy, but cannot remember. The kids go into her head to rub cream on her brain while Hop Pop waits outside with Mother Olm who gives him encouraging advice on being old. The kids are attacked by batsquitos and get trapped in the nose. Hop Pop gets Mother Olm to sneeze them out, but she still cannot remember. Luckily, she wrote down the prophecy which says that "three stars" will burn brightly, implying that Sasha and Marcy also have superpowers similar to Anne and will help them regain them.
Sasha tries to get the other toads to join their cause, but the bickering between Grime and Sprig results in Captain Beatrix challenging Sprig to a duel after hearing that he defeated Grime. Grime is forced to train Sprig and while the two start as enemies, the two of them begin to acknowledge the other's prowess and train for real. Sprig faces Beatrix in a cage match and, using what Grime taught him, manages to defeat her much to everyone's delight. Beatrix admits defeat and states that her toads will be of service to the resistance in their fight against Andrias.
54 14 "The Root of Evil"
"The Core & The King"
April 16, 2022 440A-326
Anne, Loggle, and the Plantars find themselves in a village called Gardenton where all the residents love horticulture, much to Hop Pop's delight. However, they discover too late that their leader is their old enemy Apothecary Gary, now using Jeremy the Beetle as his host, and with the villagers willingly under his control. Gardenton is attacked by Andrias' forces and the heroes save the village. Hop Pop convinces Gary that they have a lot in common and gets him to help fight alongside the resistance while also revealing that there may be another fungal creature like him.
In a flashback, King Andrias recalls his friendship with the frog Leif and the toad Barrel and the pressure he faced under his father King Aldrich. When Leif has a vision of Amphibia's destruction, her warning comes as a threat; forcing her to take the music box and flee. His friendship with Leif and Barrel forever ruined, continues to haunt Andrias. In the present, the Core-possessed Marcy, now going by Darcy (short for Dark Marcy), tells Andrias that they are close to invading Earth before revealing that some of their personality contains that of King Aldrich as Darcy starts to talk in his voice.
55 15 "Newts in Tights"
"Fight or Flight"
April 23, 2022 TBA
As some toads and newts are working for Andrias, Anne and Sprig are reunited with Tritonio who leads a band of neutral thieves who steal from Andrias, but are unaligned with the rebellion. When his team is captured, he bails on them due to his harsh upbringing on the streets. Words of encouragement lead him to change his mind and he rescues his thieves from a judge-themed Frobot and joins the rebellion. Back at base, the group finds a hidden room that contains a red envelope with no writing. While disappointed, Sprig takes extra precaution and pockets the letter before leaving.
While on a scouting mission with Sprig, Loggle, and Soggy Joe, Anne reunites with Domino II who has had "kittens". Domino II is captured by drones to help power a battery, Anne and Sprig go and rescue her while the rest of Wartwood reluctantly look after the kittens, though they end up falling in love with them. Anne discovers that Domino II remembers her, but when the other Kill-a-moths try to eat Sprig, Anne learns that Domino II is the Alpha Moth and she alerts the other moths to leave them alone. Anne and Sprig liberate the moths and they all fly back to Wartwood where Sasha dubs them their new flying artillery.
56 16 "The Three Armies"
"The Beginning of the End"
April 30, 2022 440A-331
Anne is shocked to learn that the frogs, newts, and toads do not get along, despite her hard work of getting them to fight against Andrias. She has Beatrix, leading the toads, and Tritonio, leading the newts, come and work with the frogs via team-building exercises, but these all end in disaster. Fed up with everyone, Anne uses her powers to set everyone straight and the three armies finally formulate a plan. Mother Olm arrives to tell everyone that King Andrias has decided to start his invasion of Earth that very night; leading everyone to prepare for the final battle.
Anne and Sasha have a talk over their bad relationship with Marcy in that despite her actions, they feel that they are to blame for her tricking them into sending them to Amphibia. The whole rebellion attacks Andrias' forces while Anne, Sasha, Grime, and the Plantars sneak inside to get the music box. After freeing a mind-controlled Yunan and Olivia, they fall into a trap by Darcy who plans to kill Anne, but she exploits the fact that they are clueless about the box and they decide to leave her alive. Darcy and Andrias enact their plan as they open a portal back to Los Angeles.
57-58 17-18 "All In" May 7, 2022 440A-334
The day before her birthday, Anne is tasked by her principal to decide "Who I Am". As Andrias and Darcy continue their invasion of Earth, Anne and her friends manage to escape where they are reunited with an allied Mr. X and the Boonchuys who are now trained agents. The heroes split into two teams with the Boonchuys, Plantars and Mr. X challenging the army while Sasha, Grime, Olivia and Yunan break back into the castle. The Plantars encounter the exact same herons that broke their family, but with Anne's support, they tame them and use them to fight Andrias' army. Marcy, held within Darcy's mind, is enticed by her fantasy world by Aldrich, but soon overcomes this when she realizes that her friends would not want this. Sasha and Grime fight Darcy, resulting in Grime's arm getting cut off. Andrias faces Anne for the fate of their world, but Mr. X translates Sprig's letter and he gets it to Andrias, revealing that it is from Leif who still loved him. Andrias willingly lets Anne defeat him; revealing that he is part cyborg. Darcy plans to finish her plan, but Sasha slices the neural link and frees Marcy, though the helmet crawls away. The heroes transport the castle back to Amphibia and announce their victory, only to see the red moon heading towards the planet.
59 19 "The Hardest Thing" May 14, 2022 440A-336
The Core's helmet blasts into space and attaches itself to the moon before rocketing it towards the planet as revenge. Mother Olm arrives to tell everyone that the prophecy is actually a request and Valeriana imbues Anne, Sasha and Marcy with the gem powers so that they can push the moon back. Andrias overcomes his father's influence and has his drones help. With no other option, Anne absorbs the other gem powers and blows up the moon along with the Core. Anne comes back down to Amphibia, but due to the excess of powers, deteriorates into feathers. Anne finds herself in a strange purgatory where she encounters the guardian of the stones (in the form of Domino) who offers that she replace her, but Anne turns it down as she feels she is not ready. The Guardian returns her to life and leaves her with tiny gem shards. The girls have a heartfelt goodbye with the Amphibians. As they leave, the box deteriorates. Some years later, Amphibia has changed, such as Polly being a full frog. After unveiling a statue of Anne, Ivy tells Sprig about a new continent for them to explore and they head off. 10 years later on Earth, an adult Sasha and Marcy meet up at the airport before going to the aquarium where Anne works to pick her up. As the girls leave, the series ends.

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