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Amy is a 1981 live-action Disney film released by Buena Vista Distribution Company, written by Noreen Stone and directed by Vincent McEveety, and starring Jenny Agutter.


Amy Medford (Jenny Agutter) is a dutiful housewife of the early 1900s. But when her husband Elliot (Chris Robinson) objects to a wife with a career, Amy leaves her husband and comfortable lifestyle. She goes on to devote her life to teaching sight-and-hearing-impaired students at a tradition-bound special school. Amy's students take on a team of "normal" kids at a football game.

Educational film

In 1982, Disney Educational Services excerpted a sequence from the film for educational use, entitled Amy-on-the-Lips.


  • Jenny Agutter as Amy Medford
  • Barry Newman as Dr. Ben Corcoran
  • Kathleen Nolan as Helen Gibbs
  • Chris Robinson as Elliot Medford
  • Lou Fant as Lyle Ferguson
  • Margaret O'Brien as Hazel Johnson
  • Nanette Fabray as Malvina
  • Otto Rechenberg as Henry Watkins
  • David Hollander as Just George
  • Cory 'Bumper' Yothers as Wisley Moods
  • Alban Branton as Eugene
  • Ronnie Scribner as Walter Ray

DVD Release

Disney released a DVD-on-Demand version of this film as part of their "Disney Generations Collection" line of DVD's on June 26, 2011.