A Christmas Carol Performed by the Walt Disney Players

A Christmas Carol Performed by the Walt Disney Players

The soundtrack to the record, accompanied by illustrations from its accompanying book.

An Adaptation of Dickens' Christmas Carol, Performed by The Walt Disney Players is a 1974 Disneyland Records album written and conceived by Alan Young and Alan Dinehart.

It would go on to inspire the 1983 animated featurette Mickey's Christmas Carol.

Voice Cast


  • This album marks Alan Young's first performance as Scrooge McDuck.
  • This marks the first and only time that Alan Young voices Mickey Mouse and Morty Fieldmouse.
  • Most of the characters and the roles that they played would remain the same in the 1983 cartoon, with a few exceptions:
    • The two fundraisers were played by Honest John and Gideon in the record, whereas those roles in the cartoon were played by Water Rat and Mole.
    • The Ghost of Christmas Past was played by Merlin in the record, whereas Jiminy Cricket took on that role in the cartoon.
    • The Ghost of Christmas Future was played by the Witch from Snow White in the record, whereas the cartoon gave that role to Pete.
  • This record was reissued in 1982 under the title Mickey's Christmas Carol, and features the same characters as in the 1983 cartoon (such as Jiminy Cricket replacing Merlin as the Ghost of Christmas Past), along with beginning with the song "Oh, What a Merry Christmas Day," the song that opened the cartoon.
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