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"An Innocent Warrior" is a song from the Disney animated feature film, Moana. It serves as a starting point for Moana's bond with the Ocean.


The song begins after the baby turtle reaches the ocean after being protected by a baby Moana from seagulls. The Ocean, sensing Moana's purity, opens a path for her to walk with a trail of seashells to collect.

As the turtle Moana helped passes, the Ocean begins to interact with the toddler, giving her the heart of Te Fiti.

Upon hearing her father, Chief Tui, calling out for her, the Ocean carries Moana safely to the shore, but she drops the heart. As she searches for it, Tui finds his daughter on the shore and immediately takes her back to the village.


Ou mata e matagi
Ou loto mamaina toa
Manatu atu
Taku pelepele

Pa mai to mafanafanaga
Saolotoga tenei
Ki tamafine

Maua ai te lumanai
Ki tamafine

Ou mata e matagi

Your eyes so full of wonder
Your heart an innocent warrior
There’s a task for you
My dearest one

Let it flow over you
This freedom you feel
And your deep thoughts
Our young girl

You have come
Our young girl

Your eyes so full of wonder


  • According to an interview with singer Vai Mahina[1], the song was original "Loimata E Maligi" which was written by Opetaia Foa'i in memory of the 19 females who lost their lives in a fire at Motufoua Secondary School on the island of Vaitupu, Tuvalu in 2000. The song was rewritten to "An Innocent Warrior" to fit in the theme of Moana.


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