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Andalasia is a magical kingdom in the film Enchanted that acts as the homeworld of the animated characters in the film. It is a beautiful place reminiscent of past Disney fairy tale films, and has a lot less trouble than the real world. As a result, emotions such as anger and frustration are rare. It is found beyond the Meadows of Joy and the Valley of Contentment. It is a monarchy, as many fairy tale countries are, and the animals here are able to speak. It is currently inhabited by Pip, Nancy, Edward, Giselle's animal friends and the unnamed troll. It is also the former home of Giselle, Nathaniel, and the wicked Queen Narissa.

Places of interest

  • Andalasia - Beyond the Meadows of Joy and the Valley of Contentment, according to Giselle.
  • Giselle's Cottage - Where Giselle used to live. It is located in an unnamed forest. It is nearly destroyed when the troll breaks in.
  • The Forest - An unnamed forest where some of the action in the story takes place. It is the site of troll hunting and is the home of many animals.
  • The Castle - The home of Andalasia's royalty. It has lots of gardens, one of which contains a "wishing well", which is, in reality, a portal to the real world's New York City.
  • Underground River - An unnamed underground river which flows through all of the kingdom.



  • The name of Andalasia appears to be based on Andalusia, an autonomous community in Spain. In fact, Robert's assistant Sam gets the place confused with Andalusia at one point.
  • Shortly after arriving in the real world, Giselle confuses a little, grouchy man for the dwarf Grumpy. This seemingly implies that Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs takes place, if not in Anadalasia as such, then at least in a nearby kingdom. This also implies Andalasia takes place in or is in connection with classic fairytales, as shown by it's magical and storybook settings.
  • Robert is the only major character of Enchanted that hasn't been to Andalasia.

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