André is a blue boy-like character in the 1984 Pixar short, The Adventures of André & Wally B.

Role in the short film

In the short, Wally B. begins to pester André, so he distracts him to get away. He speeds off running and laughing out loud. He is then chased by Wally B. and is stung offscreen. He throws his hat at Wally B. as a last laugh.


  • André's character was originally going to be an android, but John Lasseter (having just been an animator for Disney) designed the character in a way similar to Mickey Mouse, knowing that he would be limited to simple geometric shapes.[1]
  • André is a tribute to the early characteristics of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck (through his laughter), and Goofy (with the "holler" he makes after he gets stung by Wally B.).
  • André can be seen on a clock in Red's Dream.
  • When Hamm is clicking through channels in Toy Story 2, André is shown briefly on the TV.



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