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André is a pity in the 2014 Disneytoon Studios animated feature film, Planes: Fire & Rescue. He is Cad's former minion and associate who kept the hotel busy. His shown to be exceptionally devoted to his position as a concierge, claiming to know everything there is to know about his job and the lodge.


Planes: Fire & Rescue

André first appears beside Cad Spinner when he is checking on the people going into the Grand Fusel Lodge while Dusty Crophopper flies over it. Later, he is seen talking to a married couple at the lodge's grand reopening party, telling them to enjoy their stay.

When Cad gives a speech to the tourists and the Secretary of the Interior about the grand reopening of the lodge, André was talking to Pulaski about a large forest fire coming towards the lodge. Cad overhears them, pauses his speech, and argues with Pulaski on giving the speech. André suggests to Cad that they should turn on the roof sprinklers, and Pulaski and Ol' Jammer tell Cad that they need to evacuate. After the Secretary tells Cad to let them see the plaque, André, Pulaski and Jammer argue that the fire will get worse, before Cad angrily insults them by saying that André is a glorified bell boy, Pulaski is an overpriced sprinkler, and Jammer is old and has a dumb hat, and says that he is the park superintendent and getting the moment of reopening his lodge, before coming back to the crowd, and revealing the lodge's plaque before the tourists notice the fire and drive away. André alerts the tourists staying in the lodge that they need to evacuate and must not panic. He gets some of the tourists onto Muir, the steam train, but when the train did not have space for the rest of the tourists, he tells them to follow a staff member to the main road exit.

He later argued with Cad, who was trying to get some water to the lodge's roof sprinklers. Cad tells him to switch the main water line to them, but André explains that the firefighters need it to make their fire retardant. However, Cad refuses to listen, stating that he doesn't care, and switches the water supply himself, while André leaves with his luggage, showing that he stopped working for Cad.

At the end, he arrives at the firefighters' base along with Pulaski, his pity Rake, and Ol' Jammer after Dusty gets fixed by Maru, informing him that Jammer was made the superintendent after Cad got fired for caring about only the lodge.

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