Andrew Jacoby is a character featured in the 2004 film The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement who was portrayed by Callus Blue as Mia Thermopolis' ex-fiancé and a photographer chosen from a lineup of fiancé candidates. A pilot in the Royal Air Force, he is pictured on the lineup PowerPoint holding a fighter pilot helmet in front of what looks to be a military aircraft.


Andrew Jacoby is the Duke of Kenilworth, England, son of Susan and Arnold Jacoby, also a pilot of the Royal Air Force and a photographer. Andrew was chosen to be Princess Mia's husband from a list of suitors in order to marry and being able to inherit the throne of Genova, they met in the beach where they got along and later played Badminton where Andrew tended to Mia after she tripped. Days later they went to the Royal Garden where Andrew proposed to Mia with his great-grandmother's engagement ring. He then told Mia that his great-grandparents were married by many years and hoped they could be able to do so. Even though Andrew was aware that she did not love him, he was willing to marry her because of a sense of duty that he felt.

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