Andromeda is a supporting character from the Disney Channel animated series Big City Greens. She is a conspiracy theorist who befriends Tilly Green (and, to a certain extent, her brother Cricket).



Andromeda is a true conspiracy theorist. She is a quick witted, suspicious young girl who is always looking over her shoulder. While her whole gimmick could be for play, she speaks as if she believes every word that comes out of her mouth. Due to her suspicions, she has trouble trusting others and took a while to accept Tilly's help and eventually her friendship. Andromeda does not like to be made fun of for her opinions or looked down on and will fight furiously to prove herself.


Andromeda is a short rotund girl with light violet skin and dark violet hair that is done up with two short pigtails held up by green knots. Her attire is basic; consisting of a green shirt and dark purple pants and black shoes. She is occasionally seen with a blue backpack.


  • It is implied that Andromeda is not her real name.
  • She is the only person who likes it when Tilly pops her cheek with her finger.
  • She is an only child.
  • Based on her voice actress, it could be assumed that Andromeda is African American.
  • She claims that her parents are heavy sleepers and that they might not be into her hobbies.

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