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Andy and Randy Pig are Miss Piggy's dimwitted young nephews.

In their first appearance in Muppet Classic Theatre, Andy and Randy, along with their "sister" Sandy (played by Miss Piggy), starred in a version of the "Three Little Pigs" tale. Both Andy and Randy also appeared in other segments of Muppet Classic Theater. Andy was voiced by Brian Henson in this production but would be performed by Steve Whitmire in all other appearances. Randy was always performed by Dave Goelz.

In Muppets Tonight the characters were reintroduced with different puppets and established as Miss Piggy's nephews. Although they were hired as production assistants, their severe ineptitude caused the show more harm than help. When faced with any task, Andy and Randy would exclaim in unison, "This job's too hard!" In addition to "working" backstage, Andy and Randy were featured in the recurring sketches, "Bay of Pigswatch" and "The Eagle's nest".

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