Aneesa with Marnie in Return to Halloweentown

Aneesa is a character in Return to Halloweentown, portrayed by Summer Bishil. She's a genie, one of Marnie Piper's friends and one of the students in Witch University. She is the first genie to attend Witch University, and the student dorm advisor.

When Marnie accepted the "Gift", Aneesa was controlled for a brief time and helped Marnie destroy the gift forever with by sealing it in her magic lamp, which was destroyed by Marine, Dylan and Gwen in a slight of hand to make everyone think the Gift was destroyed. At the end of the movie with Aneesa's lamp gone, she says she needs a new place to stay and Marnie offers to have her as a roommate.



  • Aneesa's room was empty except for the lamp, which could mean she transferred all the furniture into her lamp. This makes some viewers wonder what her home is like.
  • Despite genies being magical beings, Aneesa isn't shown using any magic aside from putting things inside her lamp.
  • Her outfits are stereotypical genie clothing.

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