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Angel's Cove is a snack shack at Sydney Harbour featured in the 2003 animated Pixar film, Finding Nemo.


Angel's Cove is located at Sydney Harbour and is the place where a flock of pelicans socialize with no humans around them. On the signage above the pelicans, Angel's Cove sells a variety of snacks such as hot dogs, fish n chips, soft drinks, and assorted snacks.


Finding Nemo

During the part where Marlin and Dory arrive at Sydney and are swallowed by Gerald, one of the pelicans, a fellow pelican wakes up Nigel to which he tells the pelicans to help the poor pelican who is choking after swallowing the fish in which the pelicans all agree together to which Nigel tells the pelicans to not fly off at once just as he manages to deal with the problem so that Nigel can help Dory and Marlin continue their plans to find Nemo. The shack is not seen again after that.

Disney Parks

Crush's Coaster

Angel's Cove can be seen in the attraction's queue with two animatronic Seagulls sitting on top of the signage. On the wall next to a window is a menu indicating that the shack also sells shrimp, crab, and fresh fish aside from the names of the snacks seen on the signage.


  • The pelicans mingling with each other at the roof of Angel's Cove are brown pelicans, even though the film is set in Sydney Harbour in Australia. Brown pelicans in real life are restricted to the Americas and are not found in Australia in real life.


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