Angel Donald is the good side of Donald Duck's conscience, personified as an overly righteous but strict angel.


Donald's Better Self

Donald's good side makes his first appearance in Donald's Better Self. Donald's good side persuades Donald to go to school while his bad side tempts him to go fishing. After witnessing the bad side pull a prank on Donald, Angel Donald gets into a fight with the devil and pulverizes him. Donald thanks the frustrated angel for helping, pleasing Angel Donald to accompany Donald to school, although not without booting Donald back on the path after the duck walks past the schoolhouse.

Donald's Decision

In this wartime retread of the latter, the Angel encourages Donald to help the war effort by making a loan to the US government while the Devil encourages Donald to be stingy and that war bonds are a scam. Like in the last cartoon, Angel Donald wins over Devil Donald.


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