Angel Lieberman
Angel Lieberman is a character and antagonist from the Lizzie McGuire TV series.


She was the stereotype of the goth/bad girl. She ditched school, chewed gum in class, and always got detention. She is first seen while Mrs. Wortman is teaching her algebra lesson. She is trying to put gum in Lizzie's hair and does it, but is caught. Angel then wants to copy off of Lizzie's pop quiz when the teacher isn't looking, and ends up getting caught and gets detention along with Lizzie. At first in detention, she is furious at Lizzie because she missed the line to get Eminem's new CD, but feels better when Lizzie says that she will let Angel cheat. Angel is trying to form a band, and when Lizzie suggested "L-Squared," Angel thinks that is a great name for her band.

Angel comes up with a lot of acronyms like LL (live large) and EE (the two letters in "geek" and "dweeb"). Angel ends up turning Lizzie into a good girl gone bad. She calls Lizzie "Frizz" and Gordo "Gordork." Angel convinced Lizzie to go to a high school party with no adult supervision and cute boys. Gordo and Miranda show Lizzie a home video explaining their friendship and Lizzie finally changes back to her old self, gets the courage to stand up to Angel, and also tells Angel that her name is not "Frizz," Gordo isn't a dork but is one of Lizzie's best friends, and that she doesn't cheat.


Angel has brown hair with blue and orange highlights. She almost always wears a top with her name on it, but it is styled differently almost every time she makes an appearance. She wears a lot of makeup, but it is colored regularly.


Season 1

  • Bad Girl McGuire
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