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I was raised by humans. There's no reason we can't live in harmony!

Angela is a character from Disney's Gargoyles. Appearing in the second season's Avalon arc, she was one of the surviving eggs of the Wyvern Castle massacre before being taken by Princess Katharine and the Magus to the magical kingdom of Avalon for safekeeping. She is later revealed to be Goliath and Demona's biological daughter.


Physical appearance

Angela is a tall, slender gargoyle with long dark brown hair worn in a ponytail. She has inherited her father's lavender skin complexion and hair color, although her features are closer to Demona's (even Elisa has expressed that she looks similar to Demona). When Angela left Avalon, she wore a one-piece conservative outfit but had later changed her outfit to a much more provocative two-piece white loincloth, reminiscent of Demona's typical style. This change on her part was made to express her growing up and pursuing her adult relationship with Broadway.


Angela is the gentlest and most innocent member of the Manhattan Clan, although she remains somewhat naïve long after coming to New York City. She views harmony between humans and gargoyles as natural (thanks to her upbringing on the peaceful Isle of Avalon), and thus cannot understand why the humans of New York fear and hate her clan so much; it bewilders and grieves her. She is very trusting and kind and has a good judge of character.

From Anton Sevarius, Angela learned that Goliath is her biological father, and the relationship between them changed to uneasy; Angela wanted Goliath to accept her as his daughter, but Goliath stuck to the Gargoyle Way of raising their young and because being a parent was foreign to him until Diane Maza helped him better understand parenthood and the bond with one's children, and he accepted Angela as his daughter, to her happiness.

She eventually learned that her mother is Demona, and expressed several times to Goliath she wanted to try and change her. Goliath had tried to keep them apart because he didn't want Angela to be hurt by Demona.

To Angela's joy, she found her mother did love her, but to her heartbreak, Demona manipulated her in the hopes of eliminating Goliath and swaying Angela to her side. Angela was driven to tears and rejected Demona's apologies.


Angela was one of the surviving eggs of the Wyvern Castle massacre before being taken by Princess Katharine and the Magus to the magical kingdom of Avalon for safekeeping. After some time, the eggs hatched, and Angela was born. Katharine and Tom raised the newly-born Gargoyles with love and care, but around when Angela reached adulthood, Avalon was attacked by the Archmage, supported by Demona, Macbeth, and the Weird Sisters who had guarded Avalon, but were defeated and chased off by the Magus when he and the others first came to Avalon for sanctuary after Scotland was no longer safe after Katharine's uncle, King Kenneth II, was murdered by Lord Constantine and he took over the kingdom, threatening to destroy Angela and the other eggs if Katharine did not swear fealty to him.

When Goliath, Elisa Maza and Bronx came to the island of Avalon after Tom came to Manhattan to see if Goliath has awoken from his stone hibernation the Magus placed him under before they fled Castle Wyvern, she helped them battle the Archmage and when the three left, she left with them, wishing to see the world. It was during the Avalon World Tour that Angela learned of her bloodline with being Goliath and Demona's birth-daughter, and during the journey, Goliath was forced to surrender the Eye of Odin back to its original owner, and cast the Phoenix Gate into the time stream to be lost forever after witnessing a dark future thanks to Puck.

When the four finally are released from Avalon's magic to return to Manhattan, they reunite with Hudson and the Trio, and the Trio are formally introduced to Angela. However, they soon learn that Oberon is after David and Fox Xanatos' newborn son Alexander Fox Xanatos, and reluctantly ally with Xanatos to stop Oberon. However, it was all part of an elaborate plan by Titania to get Fox to awaken her dormant Fae magic, thus allowing Alex to stay with his parents with Puck serving as his tutor.


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