Angela Morrisey is a character and protagonist of Hatching Pete. She is portrayed and played by Josie Loren. She is the love interest of Pete Ivey. She said that she is falling for a guy in a chicken suit.


Angela is a cheerleader for The Roosters Basketball Team. At first when Pete fell she started laughing at him. On a game Pete carried Angela into the hallway and gave her a flower, she was happy and started falling in love with him. Angela is friends with head cheerleading captain Jamie, Pete and Cleatus Poole. She used to date someone which she had a long distant relationship but then got dumped over a text message. She joined the float committee along with Pete. At one point she was talking to Pete and asked if he knows who the "chicken" is. Pete said no and she said that she wants to know but it takes the magic away from the mystery. When Pete is dressed up in the "chicken" suit for an interview Pete quotes " Well it takes the magic away from the mystery". After what Pete said she realised it was Pete but didn't put any pressure on him. At the end Pete reveals himself and Angela says while she's helping "You want a little bit of help Pete?". Pete is then surprised she knew but is glad she did not put pressure on him. Later on she falls on Pete and says "See I told you I was "falling" for a guy in a chicken suit.


Angela is sometimes seen with her cheerleading outfit. When she is not wearing the cheerleading outfit she is mostly seen with a scarf, a shirt, a jacket, pants and casual shoes.

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