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He will never be satisfied...I will never be satisfied.
―Angelica Schuyler

Angelica Schuyler is a musical dramatized version of the historic-figure of the same name. She is a supporting character in the Disney+ film, Hamilton taken from the staged theater production.



Angelica Schuyler was first portrayed by Broadway star Renée Elise Goldsberry in the 2015 hit musical Hamilton. Lin Manuel-Miranda, the show's composer who also played the lead role of Alexander Hamilton, didn't think there would be an actress who could portray Angelica the way he envisioned her. However, Goldsberry came in and stunned Manuel-Miranda by singing Angelica's main song in the show, "Satisfied", which is known for being an extremely hard and emotional song to nail. It was revealed that Goldsberry had learned it only the night before.

Goldsberry eventually left the cast, and was replaced by Mandy Gonzalez in 2016. Gonzalez continues to play the role to this current day.

Angelica Schuyler was portrayed by many actresses on the national tours. On the original national tour, she was played by Sabrina Sloan, on the Angelica Tour, she was played by Stephanie Umoh, on the Philip Tour, she was played by Ta'rea Campbell, and on the And Peggy Tour, she was played by Marja Harmon. In Chicago, she was played by Montego Clover, and on the West End she was played by Allyson Ava-Brown.


Angelica Schuyler is shown throughout the show to be a confident and sassy woman who stands up for what she believes in. She values her sisters, Eliza and Peggy, "More than anything in this life." Angelica would do anything for them, shown when she lets Eliza marry Hamilton instead of claiming him for herself. She also a proud feminist, stating many times that she believes women should have the same rights as men. Angelica can also be quite emotional, shown when she lashes out at Hamilton when he cheats on Eliza. She is also intelligent, and known throughout New York for being "intense or insane".

Physical Appearance

In the musical, Angelica Schuyler is a dark-skinned woman with curly black hair and she usually wears down, in a ponytail, or in a bun. She is tall and slender, with dark brown eyes.

When we first meet her in "The Schuyler Sisters", she wears a traditional 1700s dress, in a saturated pink.

Differences from History

  • While in the musical she is characterized as a black woman who is adamantly concerned with progressing civil-rights, in real-life history she was a white slave-heiress and slave owner was well recorded to have been abusive to the slaves she owned.
  • Angelica's romance with Alexander Hamilton was highly exaggerated and often subject to outright fabrication at times.


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