Animated StoryBook: Pocahontas is a PC video game released on December 1, 1995.


Follow the story of Disney's Pocahontas through the Pocahontas Animated Storybook. Pocahontas, along with her friends Flit the hummingbird and Meeko the Raccoon help avert a war between the settlers and the Native American Indians. Pocahontas befriends the explorer John Smith and teaches him the great love her people have for the land.

But the settlers are afraid of the Indians, and soon, both sides have nearly come to blows. Pocahontas' great courage in shielding John Smith from execution by her father and then John Smith's throwing himself in front of the bullet meant for Powhatan, contrive to bring a sort of peace between the settlers and the Native Americans that lasts for many years.

The story is narrated by Grandmother Willow and includes four games players can play, either as part of the story, or separately.


  • Read and interact in an animated storybook featuring characters from the movie Disney's Pocahontas
  • Explore 16 story screens featuring hundreds of clickable objects
  • Teaches reading, vocabulary, and concentration skills


Additional Voices


  • Unlike the film, Pocahontas' mother's necklace does not get broken.
  • Jim Cummings replaces Russell Means as Chief Powhatan and Gordon Tootoosis as Kekata (Cummings was previously the singing voice for the aforementioned characters), and Corey Burton replaces Mel Gibson as John Smith.


Disney's Animated Storybook Pocahontas (Read Along)

Disney's Animated Storybook Pocahontas (Read Along)

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