Anita Cabrillo is a young teenager in the 1957 TV series, Zorro. She is portrayed by Annette Funicello who got the role as Anita for a birthday present.

Role in the Series

"The Missing Father" Anita Cabrillo is a young girl from Spain who came to Los Angeles looking for her father, but no one has heard of him. Don Diego offers Anita a place to stay until it can all be sorted out, but a series of strange events makes everyone expect she's just imagining it all.

"Please Believe Me"

With only Don Diego and Zorro believing her story, Anita continues her quest to find her father. Sergeant Garcia insists she be return to Spain when letters that prove her claims are suddenly missing. Anita tried her own tactics, but is about to be robbed unless Zorro's cunning can save her.

"The Brooch"

Don Alejandro insists that she be sent back to Spain, until he notices her brooch. It belonged to Diego's mother and was given to a charity auction, proving Anita's words have been true. The search for who purchased the brooch leads to more intrigue, a ransom and her father's true identity.


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