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"Anne-sterminator" is the second segment of the forty-fifth episode of Amphibia.


A dangerous enemy finally locates Anne and the Plantars, and Anne must finally come clean to her parents about what's going on.


Anne has become very responsible around the house and performing chores much to her parents' happiness. When they compliment her on her honesty, Anne pulls Sprig into the kitchen where she voices her frustration over not telling her parents about what is actually happening right now. She resolves to finally be honest with them. Meanwhile, Cloak-Bot has been repairing himself with construction equipment when he gets a message from King Andrias about updates. Realizing that Anne is still alive and the robot has not killed her yet (and has gotten the wrong book he asked for), Andrias gives Cloak-Bot one hour to find and eliminate her or else he will activate his self-destruct sequence.

Anne pulls everyone into the living room to finally explain what is happening, when Cloak-Bot (having tracked Frobo's frequency) suddenly arrives in front of her house. He attacks and the Boonchuys and Plantars run upstairs into the exercise room, only to find that it had been converted into a shrine of sorts for Anne. She notices that their are numerous art pieces including one of her dressed as a doctor, which Anne assumes that it means that her mother has high expectations for her. Cloak-Bot enters, but cannot decipher the real Anne from the sculptures and they use it as a distraction so that everyone escapes into the Boonchuy van and drive as fast as they can.

Dodging traffic, the families get chased all the way to a junk yard where Mrs. Boonchuy scolds Anne for lying to them and accuses her of being irresponsible. Anne breaks down and admits that she did lie, but she did it to protect them. Realizing they have put too much pressure on her, the Boonchuys apologize to Anne and everyone teams up to finally defeat Cloak-Bot. Just as he is about to self-destruct, Anne unleashes her blue energy and tosses him into space where he safely explodes. As her parents react in awe and shock, Anne faints from using her powers again as she's caught by Sprig. On the drive home, Mrs. Boonchuy finally realizes that Anne has been very responsible and promises that she and her husband will help however they can.

Meanwhile, FBI agents see video footage of Anne and the Plantars escaping from Cloak-Bot and call their superior.


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International Premieres

  • November 1, 2021 (Canada)
  • December 22, 2021 (Singapore)
  • January 5, 2022 (Australia & New Zealand)
  • January 7, 2022 (Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand)
  • January 26, 2022 (Latin America)
  • February 12, 2022 (Spain)
  • February 14, 2022 (Portugal)
  • February 23, 2022 (United Kingdom & Ireland)
  • March 30, 2022 (France)



  • Cloak-Bot is officially destroyed for good.
  • The official name for the Amphibia robots are called Frobots.
  • When entering the exercise room, a note on the wall says 89 days that Anne has been gone, implying that Mrs. Boonchuy managed to emotionally move on from her disappearance after two and a half months in the five months she had been missing.
  • Two weeks have passed since the events of "True Colors".
  • The Boonchuys' van's license plate says BCHUYS.
  • Anne's middle name, Savisa, is said for the first time.
  • Anne's parents find out about the Cloak-Bot, that the King of Amphibia are trying to destroy her and about her powers in this episode, but she has yet to tell them that he wants to invade and conquer Earth along with the other worlds, as well as Sasha and Marcy's betrayal.
  • King Andrias saying "Olms have mercy!" ties in with "Temple Frogs" when the Amphibian vase's message decodes to "Seek the mother of Olms, she will guide you to your destiny," which could contain information for Anne and the Plantars to get back to Amphibia.
  • The episode ends with FBI discovers the Plantars without their disguises with Anne while escaping the from Cloak-Bot in a video footage, they call their superior known as Mr. X.
    • The events of this episode continue into the next episode, "Mr. X".
    • It is unknown that Mr. X is going to be one of the main villains of season 3 or a temporary villain.


  • Anne is shown wearing her shoe inside the house. However, when spins through the kitchen she is not. She has them back on her feet soon after.
  • When Mr. Boonchuy reacts to Cloack-Bot self-destruct initiation his wedding rings is missing.

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