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I think the reason I don't want a new look is because I'm finally happy with who I see in the mirror right now. So, whatever I put on, I just want to be able to see the same me looking back.
―Anne finally comfortable about herself.[src]

Anne Savisa Boonchuy is the protagonist of the 2019 Disney Channel animated series Amphibia. She is a 13-year-old Thai-American girl, who originally resided on Earth until a magical music box transported her to Amphibia. In this new world, Anne befriends a family of anthropomorphic frogs who aid her on a quest to find her missing friends and return home. Along the way she learns her destiny and the fate of two worlds are in her hands. She represents the sapphire of heart on the Calamity Box.


Anne comes from a Thai-American family from Los Angeles, California. She was friends with two girls named Sasha and Marcy. As shown in "Marcy at the Gates" Anne and Marcy appear to have a good friendship as Anne would constantly protect Marcy from dangers, but in "Best Fronds" and later in "Reunion" revealed that her other friend Sasha was really taking advantage of her, as she claims that one must do anything a friend wants one to do to keep the friendship alive, whether one wants to do it or not. One day, on her 13th birthday, her "friend" Sasha convinced her to ditch school, and later forced her to steal a mysterious box from a store. Once Anne opened it, she along with Sasha and Marcy were transported to Amphibia, a world with anthropomorphic frogs and dangerous creatures. For some time, Anne was forced to live in a cave, which was very unpleasant for her, especially at night (as giant creatures tried to eat her). Ever since Anne met Sprig she has gone on one crazy adventure after another and has found a true friend in the silly young frog.

When she eventually does make it back to the human world, she must now protect it from an invasion led by King Andrias and his mysterious master the Core while figuring out her new powers. After returning to Amphibia she reunite with Sasha to Co-Lead the Wartwood Resistance and learns from Mother Olm of the ancient prophecy involving herself and her friends.


Anne is described as fearless and self-centered. She also has a rebellious side, as shown in the second segment of the first episode, where she and Sprig defy Hop Pop's orders to stay put and instead go to the lake to swim. Anne is shown to have a zany side; a good example are her interactions with Sprig and anyone else she is really close to. She is also very energetic, which has got her both in and out of trouble. Anne started off as a slightly conceited girl who nevertheless embraced her ethnic roots. Anne is a pop-culture enthusiast with a love for young-adult movies and TV shows. Like most teenagers, Anne is obsessed with her phone, often watching shows and playing games on it. In spite of her recklessness, Anne can often deliver good advice. This is seen in both "Grubhog Day", where she advises Sprig to tell Hop Pop that he doesn't want to take care of the grubhog, and "Cursed!", where she tells Sprig to just break his engagement with Maddie due to his fear of her.

Anne protecting Marcy from a volleyball.

Anne deeply values her friends, feeling lost if she doesn't have one, and is ready to do anything to protect both her friends and her friendships with them. However, this latter trait is a double-edged sword, as it causes her to save her friends in Amphibia even if she knows she may die while doing it. Anne was also manipulated by her "friends" on Earth to get what they wanted, although it was mostly with Sasha. Due to her relationship with Sprig, she has discovered what true friendship is and has continued to develop strong bonds with her new friends in Amphibia. Also, Anne realizes the bad side of her friendship with Sasha through Sprig's encouragement and faith in who she really is. Anne also deeply cares about her parents and her frog family more than anything else as she tries her best to make them happy.

At the beginning of the series, Anne was disgusted at the idea of eating bugs, but as the series progressed, she has come to really enjoy eating them. When she first realizes this in "Toad Tax", she says "I've been here too long," but by "The Big Bugball Game" the fact that she now likes to eat bugs no longer bothers her as she says, "Eh, who am I kidding, I'll eat it." Anne shows a strong dislike of pineapples, especially as a pizza topping, and will threaten anyone who mentions them.

Anne finally liking what she sees in the mirror.

During her time in Amphibia, Anne has grown as a person, such as learning to respect teachers, due to disliking them before, the value of being a team player and most importantly she has learned to stand up against what she knows is wrong, like Sasha's behavior. Anne also stops caring about what others think of her. During her quest to find a way home, Anne looks back at her previous selfish behavior and past misdeeds as she learns to take responsibility for her actions. Overall, Anne has slowly matured as the series progressed and her experiences with her surrogate frog family have turned her into a kindhearted and selfless person that loves helping others, even those who treated her badly. Also, Anne is feisty, peppy and quirky yet sensitive and sweet with a love of adventure and a heart of a true hero.

However, Anne has shown to crack under pressure, as shown in the "The First Temple", when Hop Pop kept asking her what he needed to do in order to fix their strain relationship as she tells him that she doesn't know and needs time to sort things out. This was shown again in "Anne-sterminator", when she sees that her mother has high expectations from her and being confronted her about lying as she accused her of still being that same irresponsible little girl that she was before she disappeared to Amphibia then asked her when is she going to grow up, Anne cracks right in front of her parents as she tells them that she doesn't know when she'll be the daughter they want her to be. When Hop Pop and her parents at different times see the pressure they put on her, Anne was given an apology for overwhelming her, and she easily forgives them.

Ever since she realized how much she has been lied to, pushed around, tricked and used by Sasha, Anne doesn't take those characteristic well, as shown in "After the Rain", when she got upset with Hop Pop for lying to her ever since she gave him the Calamity Box to hold onto as she accused him of tricking her into keeping her in Amphibia forever and almost left her frog family for good because of this. However, Anne changed her mind about leaving when she hears that Hop Pop's intentions were protecting those he cares about, then seeing him show deep remorse for betraying and hurting her trust. This was shown again in "True Colors", when Sasha tells Anne that she was just using her and Marcy to gain access to Newtopia for a Toad invasion, which led her to call her out for her actions. Also, in the same episode, Anne was shocked and hurt that Marcy not only tricked her alongside Sasha into stealing the Calamity Box but also for stranding them in Amphibia on purpose.

Due to being betrayed, lied, pushed around, used and tricked one too many times, Anne has come to have trust issues, especially those who mistreat her. Also, after retuning home, Anne wasn't sure about trusting other humans, excluding her parents, as she fears being betrayed, lied, pushed around, tricked and used again, even going to the point of paranoia and avoiding sleep. However, Anne still trusts her parents, Sprig, Polly, Bessie, Frobo, MicroAngelo, the citizens of Wartwood and Newtopia. Although she has trust issues with Hop Pop, Sasha and Marcy, Anne still cares about them as she knows what it's like to make selfish choices and mistakes, and understands that they never meant to cause serious harm to her or anyone. Also, after discovering King Andrias true nature and returning home, Anne's main focus is to not only go back to Amphibia to stop the king's mad plans for dimensional conquest, but also bring Marcy and Sasha home.

Through the help of both her families, Anne starts trusting other humans beside her parents again, as shown in "Fight at the Museum", when she tells Dr. Jan about her experience in Amphibia with Hop Pop's permission and encouragement. This was shown again in the next episode, when some longtime friends at the Tai Temple helped her and her family fight some smaller robots sent by the Cloak-Bot as they even promise to keep the existences of her frog family a secret, after their disguises were removed during the fight. Also, Anne seems to have fix her relationship with Hop Pop as she comes to trust him again and forgives him for his actions. In addition, after returning to Amphibia and witnessing how much Sasha has change while she was away, Anne fully forgives her and has complete trust in her again, which led the two of them becoming co-leaders of the resistances against Andrias. Anne even decided to forgive Marcy as she comes to realize that she and Sasha were also to blame for her actions in stranding them into Amphibia.

Ever since Hop Pop told her what happened to Sprig and Polly's parents and the events of "True Colors", Anne has become protective of both her parents and her frog family as she doesn't want anything to happen to them, as shown in "The New Normal", when she doesn't want to tell her parents that King Andrias is after her, her Calamity Box powers, Sasha's selfish actions and that Marcy was responsible for stranding them in Amphibia. Anne is not only trying to protect both her families, but also fears what her parents would think about the situation. Also, in the same episode, after her mother suggested in having the authorities take the Plantars, Anne said no to that idea as she knows that her frog family will be taken away from her and experiment on as she promises them that she'll keep them safe no matter what.

Although, in "Anne-sterminator", after her parents commented on her maturity and honesty, Anne feels remorse for not telling them everything about her time in Amphibia as she not only decided to tell them truth but also didn't want to lie to them anymore. However, before she could say anything, Anne and both her families were found by the Cloak-Bot. When confronted by her parents for lying to them, Anne apologizes to them as she admits that she did lie but did it to protect them and the Plantars. Although she appreciates her parents help in defeating the Cloak-Bot once and for all, Anne was still unsure in involving them in further of her inter dimensional stuff. However, after her parents helped her and the Plantars escape from Mr. X, Anne realized that she misjudged them and apologizes to them for underestimating them, which they accepted.

Physical appearance

Anne is a tall, slender girl of Thai descent. She has tan skin and short, messy brown hair which, before coming to Amphibia, looked relatively the same. It has leaves and a twig sticking out on top as a sign of her having lived there for so long. After returning to earth, she got rid of all leaves and twigs, but got new leaves and twig shortly after returning to Amphibia.


Anne usually wears her school uniform consisting of a mauve skirt and undershirt and a light blue-gray shirt with her school's coat of arms on it. She wears white socks, but only one yellow-and-white sneaker, having lost the other one some time before meeting the Plantars; the other sneaker is now in the possession of Captain Grime.

As of "Bessie & MicroAngelo" she begins wearing golden armor chest plate with a teal Frog symbol and accents over her usual clothing.

In season 3, she wears a white shirt with pink sleeves and a flame symbol in the middle. She also has blue shorts with a yellow jacket around her waist. She wears purple-and-white sneakers and white socks with pink toes.

Near the end of "Escape to Amphibia" she goes back to wearing her school uniform with the god armor and now has 2 shoes but lost her shoes again at the end of "Commander Anne".

Anne has been seen in many other outfits over the course of the series:

  • In "Best Fronds", she wears a black tank top, violet swimming trunks and yellow sandals.
  • First seen in "Flood, Sweat & Tears", Anne sleeps in a white shirt and black pants with violet stripes.
  • In "Girl Time", she wears a long green and yellow dress.
  • In "Lily Pad Thai", she wears a green traditional Thai outfit.
  • In "Toad Tax", she wears a toad badge and a single bronze pauldron over her usual outfit.
  • In "Hop Pop and Lock", she is seen wearing two different outfits: a pink, green and black hip pop outfit and then a sparkling blue dress.
  • First seen in "Snow Day", she is wearing an ocean blue hoodie, magenta snow beanie and green and yellow mittens.
  • First seen in "Wally and Anne", she wore a black hoodie.
  • In "The Big Bugball Game", she wears a violet and yellow tank top with the letter F on it and dark gray shorts.
  • In "Anne of the Year", she wears a white tuxedo.
  • In "Reunion", she wears armor and a signal green pauldron with a frog foot symbol over her usual outfit.
  • In her fantasy in "Anne Hunter", she is wearing an all-black suit and eye black on her cheeks.
  • In her flashback in "The First Temple", she wore a Peter Pan costume.
  • In "The Second Temple", she wears a fur coat.
  • In "The Dinner", she wears a purple traditional Thai outfit.
  • In "Battle of the Bands", she wears a glittery rock outfit with face paint on her cheeks.
  • In "Froggy Little Christmas", she wears a green sweater, a red checkerboard skirt, a yellow scarf, brown winter boots with white fluff trim and a candy cane and holly in her hair.

Powers and Abilities


  • Blue Gem Powers: Anne's eyes glow blue, as first seen in the pilot, hinting that the Calamity Box has given her a power. In "Handy Anne", her eyes glow more promptly and slightly longer. In the season 2 finale the grief caused by thinking her best friend Sprig had fallen to his doom allowed her to draw on the power within the Calamity Box causing both her eyes & hair to glow blue, plant life growing out of her hair and her entire body is surrounded by a magical blue aura. In this state, her strength and speed are greatly enhanced, and she can release huge bursts of energy. After she has used her powers, she will collapse from exhaustion. She has yet to gain control over this amazing power. According to Mother Olm since she retain a small fraction of the blue gem's power she can restore Sasha and Marcy's gem powers.
  • Bird communication (formerly): After being cursed by Barry and turned into a humanoid raven, Anne gained the ability to communicate with birds. She was able to squawk, albeit involuntary, and could understand what a raven who was with her said. She lost this ability when the curse on her was lifted. This was notably the only power she gained while under her curse.


  • Culinary Skills: Anne is very a skilled cook thanks to years of helping her parents in their family restaurant.
  • Athleticism: In her own words, Anne has "natural athletic ability." This is proven several times in the series as she is shown to be very fast and agile and has been able to learn new sports in a very short amount of time. She was against team sports, but after learning the importance of teamwork, she now really enjoys them.
  • Dancing: Anne is a very skilled dancer and can teach others to dance, like Hop Pop in "Hop Pop and Lock".
  • Swordsmanship: Thanks to Tritonio Espada's training she received in "Combat Camp", Anne can wield a sword in battle with great proficiency.
  • Hunting: Anne was reluctant to use the Plantars' unorthodox hunting techniques at first, but she has used them to save her surrogate frog family from danger.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat: In "Ivy on the Run" Anne reveals that she has been training in the art of Muay Thai since a very young age.
  • Bilingualism: Anne is shown to be able to understand both English and Thai, as her mother once spoke to her in it, and she knew exactly what her mother was saying.


  • Tennis Racket: Her tennis racket was transported to Amphibia with her, and she has used it to defend herself and attack enemies with it on more than one occasion.
  • Swords: Anne has been seen using a sword to fight throughout the series.

Role in the series


Anne having fun with her childhood friends

Anne was best friends with two girls named Sasha and Marcy. Sasha tended to push Anne around through peer pressure, while Marcy was so clumsy that Anne had to look out for her. At some point, she and her friends started a band. At Sasha's behest, Anne abandoned her own birthday party set up by her family to go and steal a mysterious music box that Marcy discovered at a thrift store with her friends, although she and Sasha were unaware that Marcy was planning to run away because her dad got a new job out of state along with knowing something about the box. The box transported, Anne to the world of Amphibia where she spent the first couple of weeks fending for herself in the wild.

Season One

"Spranne against the world!"

Upon meeting the native Amphibians, Anne was taken aback by their way of living. Only when she started living with the Plantars did she begin to open up and learn more about herself. It did not take long to form a bond with each of the Planters; Sprig became a true friend to the human girl, Polly saw Anne as something of role model and Hop Pop gave her many important life lessons. Anne's bond with the Planter family became so strong that they consider each other family and the more adventures they went on the more that bond showed. Anne even discovered parts of herself that she was not aware of such as courage, integrity, humility, loyalty, persistence and compassion.

Anne embracing her surrogate frog family.

Her relationship with Sasha also begins to unravel as it becomes apparent that much of her decisions were more the result of being pressured and pushed around by her. Her perception of friendship is depicted in "Best Fronds" when she states, "If a friend likes a pencil case, you get it for them. If your friend likes your new shoes, you give them to her. And if your friend wants you to steal a crazy music box from a thrift store, even if you really don't want to, you do it, okay?" Through her constant interaction with Sprig, a somewhat simple-minded child, Anne is able to look at friendship in a whole new way. She begins to desire a more compassionate relationship with those close to her. In "Reunion", she finally sees through Sasha's manipulative tactics thanks to Sprig, who sees Anne for who she is: a kind and considerate person who is willing to protect her friends. After Anne defeats Sasha in a duel, Toad Tower starts to collapse, forcing Captain Grime to retreat with an unconscious Sasha. After getting back to Wartwood, the Plantars apologize that Anne lost Sasha as a friend, but Anne tells them it is okay because she considers them her family and that as long as they stay together, they'll get through anything.

Season Two

Anne puts her trust in Marcy.

Anne and the Plantars set off on a journey to Newtopia to find Anne's way home; before leaving, Anne's eyes began glowing during a fight with a giant mutant vegetable monster. During their journey, they come across an abandoned factory and escape before it collapses; but unbeknownst to them, the factory created a frog-like robot just before its destruction; the robot then proceeds to follow Anne and the Plantars. Upon arriving at Newtopia Anne is reunited with Marcy, her other human friend. During a quest to drive away a colony of giant bloodthirsty Barbari-Ants, Anne still thinks Marcy needs protection but learns Marcy can take care of herself now (although Marcy is still a little clumsy). After a successful mission, Anne tells Marcy about her fight with Sasha and they both promise that not only will they work together to get back with Sasha, but find a proper way to get home. Anne and the Plantars meet King Andrias; while he appears to be a jovial and kindly ruler, he was in actuality plotting something involving the human girls.

During one of their adventures in Newtopia, Anne and Sprig's bond becomes even stronger after learning about each other's moms. Anne misses her mom so much she would do anything to even hear her "tone-deaf" singing; she even goes to great lengths to get a gift for her for when she eventually returns to earth and is reunited with her mother. Sprig reveals that his mother passed away when he and Polly were really young, and he doesn't even remember her; as Sprig wonders if you can miss someone without knowing them, Anne gives him a big hug as they both cry.

During their sleepover Anne, Sprig, Polly and Marcy venture down to the castle's basement which is strictly off limits, where they encounter some strange things: a flooded tomb full of strange creatures, two halls of mirrors, a chamber with plants that don't need sunlight to grow and a torn portrait of King Andrias with an unknown frog and toad. The next morning they learn from King Andrias that the music box that transported Anne, Sasha, and Marcy to Amphibia once belonged to his ancestors who used to travel to other worlds. To get the box working again, each of the box's gems need to be recharged at three different temples.

When they return to Wartwood Anne learns that Hop Pop lied to her about hiding the music box when it went missing, she was distraught but put her anger aside to work with Hop Pop in order to save Sprig and Polly and retrieve the box. After she forgave Hop Pop, he showed Anne an old book that has been in the Planter Family for ages, and from it, she learned the music box was called the Calamity Box. Things were still awkward between Anne and Hop Pop, but during their mission at the first temple they agreed to work things out together. With her friend now staying with her at the Planter Farm, Anne tires to help Marcy get accepted by the amphibians of Wartwood; she was against Marcy go with Mayor Toadstool's plan to turn the town into a tourist attraction and had to help her save everyone when everything began to sink in the swamp. In the end, the Wartwood citizens, while still mad, did accept Marcy's apology and let her know that they're slowly starting to like her. Anne then watches as an optimistic Marcy beginning to fix the town without going overboard. The Robot that had been following them and finally caught up and was given the name Frobo by Polly. The Planters and the human girls decide to take in the mysterious mechanical being.

Valeriana explain things before Anne's trial at the 2nd temple.

During their journey to the second temple, Anne encountered Valeriana who she previously met at the Bizarre Bazaar. Valeriana reveled that she was part of an ancient order that research the Calamity Box. She put Anne though a series of trials and Anne finally lived up to her pervious selfish actions. After seeing Anne truly learned from her past mistakes and takes responsibility; Valeriana declares that she passed the test. However, Anne left before the gem was fully charged to go help Marcy and the Planters. Anne started wearing armor, but just the chest plate, because she is finally comfortable about who she has become and still wants to see herself in the mirror. At the third and final temple Sasha appeared and saved Anne, the Planters and Marcy then apologized for her misdeeds. Anne was skeptical but allowed her to help with completing their quest. It was only when fighting a giant stone toad guardian in a chamber with intense gravity did Anne put faith in her. After Sasha defeated the guardian and the third stone was recharged, Anne decided to start things all over with Sasha. However, little did Anne know that Sasha was merely deceiving her to get into Newtopia as part of Grime's Invasion plan.

Getting the band back together.

Anne, Marcy and the Plantars invite Sasha and Grime over for dinner to bury the hatchet. While things seem nice at first, everyone becomes awkward with one another when they bring up past conflicts. Unable to contain herself, Sasha lashes out at Anne and Marcy for trying to change her. A cake Grime brought turns into a deadly challenge that forces the girls to save everyone. After the battle is over, Anne tells her maybe she doesn't want her to change as much she wants Sasha to see that she has changed. Sasha agrees that Anne is no longer the shy girl who she needed to protect back on earth and the two reconcile, and then they join everybody in feasting on chocolate covered hornets. Wartwood has been on edge because Sasha and Grime have returned since the Toad Tower incident. So Mayor Toadstool has consulted the wheel of fun to come up with an activity to help relieve some tension, and the result was a Battle of the Bands. Immediately, Anne, Marcy, and Sasha want to reunite their former garage band, Sasha and the Sharps. They had some disagreements, but eventually Sasha came around and put on an amazing performance. After the contest (where Grime won thanks to his 3-hour harp solo) Anne suggests taking a group photo before she, Marcy, and Sasha leave for home, to which everyone in Wartwood joins in.

Anne and Sasha's rematch.

The three human girls, the Plantars, Grime and Frobo all arrive at Newtopia with the music box. Sprig is sadden that the adventure is over, but Anne reminds them as long as they have the music box they can see each other any time they wanted. As they entered the throne room Andrias greets them and is delighted they were successful in their mission, but as just as Anne is about to hand the box over to Andrias, it is snatched away by Sasha and Grime who reveal their plan to take over Newtopia as they imprisoned the king and signaled the hidden toad soldiers. Anne is furious that she has been betrayed by Sasha again and refuses to join her. After Sasha fails to figure out how to use the box to send Anne back to earth, she orders Anne, Marcy, The Planters, Frobo and Lady Olivia to be sent to the dungeon. While being escorted down the hall, they are rescued by General Yunan and they regroup at Sal's old sandwich shop (That was featured in "Little Frogtown"). When Marcy informed them that the rest of the Toad army would reach the city in less than an hour, the group fell into despair, but Anne motivates them to fight back and comes up with a plan. Hop Pop, Marcy and Olivia would break out Andrias of the dungeon while Polly, Yunan and Frobo engage in a frontal assault on the toads in the city. Meanwhile, Anne herself and Sprig would close the gate to prevent the toad army from entering. Just as they close the gate Sasha arrives to warn her about the dark secret she had learned about King Andrias, but Anne ignored her and they began to fight. Anne manages to defeat Sasha by pulling her own cape over her face, while Sprig defeats Grime by hitting him with Barrel's Warhammer.

Anne wielding the power of the blue gem.

When Anne gave Andrias the box he told everyone present about a time when he was betrayed by his friends, that the music box was stolen from him and no one remembers what Amphibia was like 1,000 years ago, but now that he got the box back he will use his power to restore Newtopia to glory. Andrias then the revealed that his ancestors were not explorers like he previously said, but instead they were "glorious" conquerors as he put the music box on a pedestal to power up his castle; enabling it to fly, then he reactivated ancient factories all over Amphibia that created a frog-bot army that arrived at the castle in mere seconds. Andrias then inform everyone to their horror that he was planning on following in his ancestors' footsteps by traveling to other worlds and conquering them, starting with earth. When Anne and Sasha told the king they would stop him, he decides a demonstration of his power was in order and used his castle's giant laser cannon to destroy a toad tower. Marcy spoke saying this was not part of the plan he told her, only for the giant newt to admit he had been deceiving her all this time. When Anne and Sasha asked what they were talking about, Marcy said that Andrias promised to take them to other worlds so they could have more adventures forever; when Anne asked why, the mad king informed everyone that Marcy got them stranded in Amphibia on purpose, leaving both Anne and Sasha in disbelief. Marcy admitted she knew about the power of the Calamity Box beforehand and explained that her father got a new job out of state and her family were moving; she wanted to use the box to take the 3 of them to a world to where they would always be together. Anne is devastated by this revelation because she wonders how Marcy could do such a thing, because of how much she missed her family and her life back on earth. Marcy then tried to justify her actions by reminding them of the fun adventure they had, how Anne and Sasha have grown as people in Amphibia and Anne's friendship with Sprig were all because of her, only for Anne to back away in distress, leaving Marcy on her knees crying and saying she just didn't want to be alone. Anne looks around and realizes that while she and her 2 human friends have made a lot of mistakes, what Andrias Leviathan was doing was evil and vows to stop him, rallying her friends together to face the king and his new mechanical army; Sasha decides to redeem herself but for real this time and Marcy pulls herself together as both join the fight, Hop Pop and Grime team up to destroy some of the bots, Yunan protects Olivia after both defected from Andrias, Sprig fends of some bots with his slingshot and Frobo is destroyed while protecting Polly. Just as Polly (who just got her legs) gets the music box back, Andrias grabs Sprig and threatens to drop him from the castle. After the group complies with his demand, Anne begs him to release Sprig, but Andrias drops him anyway. The grief caused by this act awakens the power of the blue gemstone within, and she furiously fights Andrias while everyone is awestruck at her extraordinary power as she punches Leviathan so hard that she knocks his crown off his head, easily dodge all of her enemies' attacks, destroys the remaining frog-bots, breaks through Andrias' energy shield and knocking the wind out of the king. After Anne powers down, Sprig who was rescued by Marcy runs up to her, and she is overjoyed he is alive as her surrogate frog family embrace. Realizing that she can't fully control her power, Andrias manages to pick himself up a decides he can't let Anne live, but Marcy manages to use the Calamity Box to open a portal to earth while Sasha and Grime keeps the king busy. Anne and the Plantars jump through, along with Frobo's head, but when Anne beckons Marcy to come through, Andrias stabs her through the chest with his laser sword. Marcy apologizes for her actions just before collapsing from her injuries, and the portal closes. When they come to Earth, the Planters ask where they are, and Anne solemnly tells them that she is finally home.

Season Three

Anne happily reunited with her family.

Anne and the Plantars walk through the human girl's neighborhood as the frogs ask what their next move is. Anne affirms her belief that Marcy is alive and vows to find away back to Amphibia to help her and Sasha. They arrive at Anne's house as she dumbfounded that she is about to see her parents again after all this time. She tells the Planters to hide until she gives the signal and decides it not tell her parents yet about King Andrias, how she was betrayed by both Sasha & Marcy and especially keep quiet about her "Blue Powers". Anne knocks on the door as Anne's mother opens it and as the two see each other, her mother tearfully embraces her daughter. Just then, Anne's father sees them and joins in the hug. As Anne share an emotional reunion with both of her parents and her cat Domino, Hop Pop mistook a bird squawk for Anne's signal and reveals himself, Polly reprimands him for it and Sprig introduces himself. As Anne's parents are left in shock at the sight of the 3 talking frogs, Anne slaps her forehead.

Anne shows her parents her new sense of responsibility

Anne puts together a presentation explaining what she has been doing all this time (while leaving out the events of "True Colors" to prevent more panic). As her parents process everything their daughter said, Anne asks if the Frog family can stay; they are reluctant and Mrs. Boonchuy suggest calling the authorities, But Anne is convinced that the government would do horrible experiments on talking frogs and was against it. Seeing how much the Plantars meant to Anne, the Boonchuys agrees to let them stay but on lock down. The Boonchuys continue to pamper Anne, and she has finally had enough. She demands that she be given space; When Mrs. Boonchuy told them she was leaving to the market, Anne asks to come along and promises to disguise the Planters and keep a low profile. After Hop Pop and Mr. Boonchuy point out that Anne is a lot more mature than she used to be, Mrs. Boonchuy finally agrees. Anne disguises the Plantars as they head to market. Anne's parents are actually amazed at how responsible their daughter has become and actually agrees to let Anne take the frogs to try the noodles.

Anne and the frog trying to keep Andrias' robot a secret

As the Planters are loving the noodles, Sprig spots a silver Frobot with cloaking tech that was sent by King Andrias to hunt down Anne and kill her because she's the only one left to stop him. The Cloak-Bot grabs Anne and starts squeezing and choking her, but the Sprig manages to distract it, freeing her from its clutches. Not wanting to alert her parents, Anne and the Plantars pretend like nothing is wrong. Anne turns on loud music to hide any noise they make when fighting. Anne and the Plantars fight the Frog-Bot and realize that it too is trying to remain discreet; with its camouflage tech, incredible strength, and excellent reflexes, the robot proves to be a formidable opponent, yet Anne and her companions manage to trick it into running into a freezer. The Plantars freeze due to being cold-blooded and Anne is backed into a corner. After the frozen Planters fall over and distract it, the drone attempts to attack them. Enraged by this, Anne finally unleashes her blue gem power and punches the Silver Frog-Bot so hard it severely damages the machine, and it flees to safety. Upon escaping the freezer, Anne collapses and the Plantars use a pungent durian to wake her. The Boonchuys, none the wiser, commend Anne for being responsible and mature as she and the Plantars remain quiet about the incident. Anne decides that she does not want to use her powers unless she needs to, as it severely weakens her, plus something about using them feels off. Elsewhere, the Cloak-Bot begins repairing and upgrading itself at a tower to double its efforts.

A touching moment ruined thanks to Hop Pop's burning green skin.

Anne and the Plantars go outside to check the mail. However, things quickly get out of hand when Polly almost gets into a fight with other children, Sprig almost falls into a wood chipper, and Hop Hop almost falls for a scam. She decides to take them to the Mall to teach them how to not get distracted or pulled in by something on Earth. It was disastrous, but they managed to escape from the chaos. Anne decides to take things slowly when teaching the frogs about her world from now on. When Anne and the Planters went to a museum, the found a vase with a picture of a frog and the Calamity Box; finding their first real clue, they are once again attacked Andrias' Frog-Bot Assassin. After driving it away yet again, they decided to enlist the help of their new friend Dr. Jan, who saw them fighting the robot, and the frogs without their disguises. After earning their trust, Dr. Jan promises to do some research. Dr. Jan arrived at the the the Thai Temple after Anne and her friends fought off some killer robotic dragonflies sent by he Cloak-Bot and revealed the hidden message on the vase "Seek the Mother of Olms she will guide you to your destiny", but nobody knew what that meant.

Anne kicking Cloak-Bot into orbit.

At the Boonchuy residence, Anne is amazing everyone by doing the laundry, taking out the trash, washing the dishes and using a coaster all at breakneck speed. After her parents tell her how proud of them they are of her new responsible behavior, Anne drags Sprig into the kitchen to tell him she can't keep the secret about Andrias, Cloak-bit or the invasion anymore and decides to tell her parents, just as the Cloak-Bot Attacks them. As the robot chase them down the highway, Anne gets a little upset with Hop-Pop when he inadvertently tells the Boonchuys that this was not the first time the robots has been after them. After briefly evading Cloak-Bot, the families made their way to a junkyard where Mrs. Boonchuy explodes into anger for Anne keeping secrets, while she rebuffs her by saying she lied because she wanted to keep her loved ones safe, and she was on a lot of pressure from her parents about becoming the daughter she and her husband wanted her to be, which stunned them. Just as the Cloak-Bot catches up to them, Anne asks her mom to use her artistic skills to create a bunch of fake hers out of junkyard to confuse and distract the Cloak-Bot long enough for everyone to severally damage it. As a last ditch effort, the Cloak-Bot decided to kill everyone with its Self-Deduct sequence, but Anne uses her powers to knock into orbit before it explodes, which astonishes her parents. After powering down, Anne says she has so much to tell her parents before she passes out. As they drive home, Anne is unconscious as her mother, who now understands the kind of pressure she's been putting on her, comforts her as she tells the frogs that she now knows she was just trying to keep them all safe and promises that the Boonchuy family will help the Planter family however they can. Anne was worried of involving her parents in more adventures, but after they help her and the Plantars escape the clutches of Mr. X she apologizes for misjudging them.

Terri agreeing to build a portal to Amphibia.

Anne is warned by Dr. Jan about meeting with strange scientists, but the homesick Plantars guilt her into going to see Dr. Frakes. Frakes reveals that she has discovered alternate dimensions and built a machine that could create portals to them, but they cannot find Amphibia through it. When Frakes discovers that the Plantars are frogs, she kidnaps them. Anne is aided by Frakes' assistant Terri and they rescue them. Afterwards, the Plantars apologize for guilting Anne all the time into doing things for them. Having been fired by Frakes, Terri decides to help them with building a new portal.

The Boonchuys & the Plantars celebrate at the Christmas-Palooza Parade.

The Boonchuys prepare for Christmas while the Plantars are trying to wrap their heads around it. Mrs. Boonchuy turns down her dream of entering a float into the annual Christmas parade to protect the Plantars, but Anne and the Plantars recruit the IT Gals and Dr. Jan to help make one in private. Meanwhile, Andrias has learned Anne is still alive and the Cloak-Bot has failed, so he sends a remote control moth drone to Earth to find and kill her himself. Mrs. Boonchuy is overjoyed at seeing the float and the Boonchuys, Plantars and IT Gals enter the parade. Andrias finally finds Anne and takes over a Santa Claus float to kill her, but they manage to defeat it. Despite everything, everyone is happy with how things turned out. Andrias is shown to have a large army to make use of. Later, Anne writes an anonymous letter to the Wus and Waybrights promising to bring their daughters back home.

After returning to Amphibia Anne sees the devastation King Andrias has caused during her absence.

Terri and Dr. Jan almost get the portal back to Amphibia up and running, but do not have enough power to make it big enough. The Boonchuys and Plantars go shopping for supplies where Anne reveals to Sprig that she is unsure if she can leave her parents again. Mr. X and the FBI arrive and kidnap the Plantars; forcing the Boonchuys gather all the friends the Planters made during their time on earth and tell them the truth about them being talking frogs from another world and ask them to help rescue them from the FBI HQ and they unanimously agree . The group infiltrate the base and nearly succeed but gets captured thanks to Mr. X using the same frog decoys the Boonchuys used on him. Anne feels helpless after Mr. X points out she is just a child, until her parents tell her that she has grown and achieved much during this time and have faith in her and they all embrace each other. The group manage to escape after Dr. Jan and Terri steal the base's power generator and Anne tracks down the Planters and free them from the lab. The rescue is successful, but the portal is still does not big enough and Mr. X has them cornered. Anne unleashes her energy which is enough to get the portal open large enough to pass through and she and the Plantars escape. As the Boonchuys confront Mr. X, Anne and the Plantars return to a devastated Amphibia.

Sasha and Anne have a heart to heart.

Anne and the Plantars discover that Wartwood has become the home base for the resistance with Sasha leading them. However, Sasha decides to hand command over to Anne, despite her reluctance. Anne turns out to be terrible at leading, especially when they have to take down one of King Andrias' factories. Sasha finally admits that she is afraid of ruining their friendship like she did last time. Anne puts herself in harm's way so that Sasha can regain her confidence and rescue everyone from a giant snake. Anne hands command back over to Sasha and the girls agree to co-lead resistance. As the group is heading back to base, Anne discovers that she has lost one of her shoes again when she arrived to Amphibia, much to her annoyance.

At the Resistance Underground Base, Sasha and Anne give a group of rebels (Mrs. Croaker, One-Eyed Wally, Maddie, Loggle and Toadie) their mission; get their stolen weapons back from a marauder’s camp. With everyone getting briefed, Toadie decides to do what he always does and what’s in his comfort zone and stay as the lookout, despite encouragement from other members of the squad that he is capable of so much more. Everyone are captured by the marauders, while the humans get away with ease. Anne is ready to go back and save her friends, but Sasha advises against it, knowing they can be captured as well. Sasha knows the strength of this team and suggests they just wait a bit, they’ll be able to get out of the situation that they’re in, suggesting that they train in the meantime. The Frogs were captured, and to their surprise, the leader of the Marauders turns out to be Barry who plans to sell the rebels to Andrias as he pays a hefty price for them and doesn’t even take Crocker serious. After a while, Anne still feels all hope is lost and is ready to help her friends, fully believing Sasha sees them as only soldiers that are disposable. Finally, it comes to a head and the subtle hinting at this philosophy is fully exposed.Meanwhile, back at the camp, Toady has a revelation that he is in fact stronger than he thinks, and takes over the group and comes up with a plan to escape. Everyone has an assignment and the group makes their getaway. Outside the camp, Anne and Sasha are full blown fighting now in lieu of training, and Sasha insists that she knows what’s going on. In the distance, there is an explosion with Sasha all but saying “See I told you” and running towards the camp to aid with their getaway. While the team is making their way home, Sasha reminds Anne of something that Anne once told her; that sometimes you have to stop and remember to have faith in the people around you.

Anne and the group enter the Olm city Proteus

Using the information they gathered on Earth, Anne Sasha and the Plantars go looking for the Mother of Olms and find Lysil and Angwin; demanding that they take them to her. Lysil and Angwin turn out to be banned from Proteus, the city of olms, who are in denial of the tremors being from Andrias' drilling machines and get kicked out. The heroes manage to take down the drills, but when Parisia, the overseer of the city, refuses to acknowledge this, Sasha snaps back at her. Impressed with her determination, Parisia allows Lysil and Angwin into the city again and gives them access to the Mother of Olms. As they enter the inner sanctum Anne and Sasha celebrate with a fist bump before meeting Mother Olm.

Anne and Sasha introduce themselves to Mother Olm

Anne, Sasha and the Plantars are taken into Mother Olm’s chamber. There, they finally encounter the thousands-year old mystic to ask her about the prophecy of the music box. Too bad Mother Olm, voiced by guest star Whoopi Goldberg, doesn’t remember it. Something that happens when you get old, I guess. Hop Pop seems to be facing the same dilemma, realizing his joints aren’t what they once were, and feels like he is a growing hindrance as opposed to being helpful. When Mother Olm suggests that the group go into her brain to spread some “brain cream” along it to help stir her memory, Hop Pop stays behind. Mother Olm’s usual doctor, Dr. Yohan, who spread the cream has gone missing, and she desperately needs it to stop the crazy migraines she is having and might be able to retrieve the prophecy she can’t seem to remember. The gang ventures into Mother Olm’s gigantic body, which Sasha claims is the worst mission ever, and Hop Pop stays behind with Mother Olm for a cup of tea. The cup being so large that Hop Pop is actually able to soak in the tea like a hot tub. Together, he and Mother Olm discuss that yeah, they’re old, but over the course of their lives they still have plenty of worth thanks to their years of gathering wisdom. Inside Mother Olm, after a few disgusting encounters with ear wax, the group finally makes it to brain. Unfortunately for Sprig, they discover the body of missing Dr. Yohan, but he is long gone. Together, they begin spreading the cream when Polly hears a weird flapping noise. Anne shines her light and discovers a swarm of batsquitos who have now awaken (thanks to the light) and begin to feed, also explaining Mother Olm’s migraines. The gang falls into Mother Olm’s nose and Hop Pop can hear them screaming for help. Using the wisdom that he has gained throughout his life vegetable farming, he calculates what’s growing in Mother Olm’s chamber and quickly concocts a smell filled with allergens that can get mother Olm to sneeze out the gang. Now that the Batsquito colony was out of her brain the migraines were finally gone, but even with that and the cream applied she still can't remember. Turns out the brain cream was several decades expired. Again, Hop Pop says that with his advanced age if he needs to remember something he’ll usually write it down.

Anne and the gang learn of the prophecy

Mother Olm realizes she must have thought the same and looks up at the most likely place she would have written such a thing. The ceiling. Sure enough, there it is.“Three stars burning bright come from beyond to expel the night. Should they fight or embrace the fall? Their choice will determine the fate of all.” Sasha asking if her, Anne, and Marcy are the three stars. Mother Olm asks if they burn bright with the power of the stones, which we know that Anne does, though she can’t control it. This implies that the other two, Sasha and Marcy, will eventually get their “cool anime powers” too, but since King Andrias has stolen the music box, he has stolen their powers, but since Anne still has some of her powers, she can restore the power to her friends. The olms believe the stones are meant for a greater purpose should be left alone, but others believe the stones should be used for conquest, and their arrogance and greed has created something unnatural that “does not sleep and will not die.” She also says that the olms believe that three of them were summoned to help save the residents of Amphibia from what they've become, the worst version of themselves. Now that the human girls know they need to get to music box back from Andrias now more than ever they decide that Wartwood Resistance should find a lot more recruits so Sasha decide they should start by by joining forces with the Toad Army lead by Grime's sister Captain Beatrix. She was reluctant at first but they manage to convince her when Spig defeated her in a duel. With that the resistance gained numerous mighty warriors to join their ranks. Thanks to Hop Pop, a former enemy Apothecary Gary was persuaded to join the resistance as well.

Tritonio Espada agrees to join the resistance

Anne and Sprig are reunited with Tritonio who leads a band of neutral thieves who steal from Andrias, but are unaligned from the rebellion. Anne convinces him to team up with her and Sprig for a mission, but when his team is captured, he bails on them, due to his harsh upbringing. Words of encouragement leads him to change his mind and he rescues his thieves and joins the rebellion. Back at base, the group find a hidden room that contains a red envelope with no writing. While disappointed, Sprig takes extra precaution and pockets the letter before leaving.

Anne gives the resistance air cavalry

Anne reunites with Domino II who has had "kittens". When Domino II is captured by drones to help power a battery, Anne and Sprig go and rescue her while the rest of Wartwood reluctantly look after the kittens, though they end up falling in love with them anyway. Anne discovers that Domino II remembers her, but when the other Kill-a-moths try to eat Sprig, Anne learns that Domino II is the Alpha Moth and she alerts the other moths to leave them alone. Anne and Sprig liberate the moths and they all fly back to Wartwood where Sasha dubs them their new flying artillery.


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  • Anne is the first Thai-American protagonist in an animated series in history.
  • Anne is shown to be highly addicted to her phone, with Polly noting she never goes anywhere without her phone in "A Night at the Inn". She is more grateful to Wally for saving her phone than her life in "Wally and Anne". A brief comment of hers in "Taking Charge" suggests this addiction is due to her phone being the only link to her life back home.
    • On a related note, it is strongly implied that Anne is very responsible with the use of her phone, since she spent days in Amphibia with her phone still at full charge until Hop Pop drained it all in the episode "Taking Charge".
  • Anne's blue gem powered form is visually similar to the Super Saiyan Blue form present in the Dragon Ball franchise. However, the form being triggered by anger makes her blue-powered form more similar to the original Super Saiyan form.
    • Anne's power are also visually and plot-wise similar to Ron Stoppable's powers, including the same colour - blue, for both Anne and Ron their powers were fully unleashed when they thought one of their friends (girlfriend for Ron at that time) (Sprig for Anne, Kim Possible for Ron) died which also is due to emotions (mainly anger), and as well they were capable of using these powers for a long time but had problems using them until the season finale and the final battle against antagonist. For both it was also a destiny to gain the powers and were partly stolen by King Andrias/shared with Monkey Fist which weren't meant to be theirs, and both used the power against destiny - for evil.
  • She attends Saint James Middle School, which appeared to be a parochial school. Concept art for the character showed her wearing a Catholic school-style vest. However, the episode "Temple Frogs" reveals Anne and her family to be Buddhists. It is later confirmed Saint James Middle School is a private school.
  • It is strongly implied in "Family Fishing Trip" that Anne likes to eat crab, as she says that the giant crab monster both scares her and makes her hungry. She later asks if anyone would like to go and kill the crab monsters, arguing that "that thing probably had a ton of meat."
  • Strangely enough, despite showing that she can get clean and has worn clean clothing and combed or slicked her hair on more than one occasion, her hair always seems to revert back to having leaves and sticks in it as if she has been dragged through the woods. According to Matt Braly, this is done on purpose in order to reflect the fact that "[Anne] is out of her depth and a bit disoriented [in Amphibia]".[1] Anne finally noticed this in the episode "The Sleepover to End All Sleepovers".
    • In the Amphibiland pilot short, Anne is depicted with both of her shoes intact.
  • Anne was originally envisioned as being boring on Earth before being reinvented by the crew. Her personality was loosely based on Pacifica Northwest from Gravity Falls and Matt Braly's grandmother when she was a younger.
  • Matt Braly revealed on an AMA that Anne's design was slightly influenced by Pepper Ann, as Braly was a fan of the series.[2]
  • Anne's last name "Boonchuy" roughly translates to "one who encourages or performs good deeds." This fits her character as she attempts to help the people of Amphibia.
  • Anne has shown a number of interesting talents over the course of the series such as cooking, dancing, dunking, and sewing. It is implied that she learned some of these skills either through her family or her friends.
  • Some of Anne's quips such as her saying "Obvi", which is short for "Obviously", most likely came from Sasha, showing the influence that she has had on her.
  • In "Reunion", it is revealed that Anne used to hate frogs to the point that Sasha would make fun of her for it and try to gross her out.
  • According to Matt Braly, Anne reads manga, "[probably saw] anime", and watched The Lord of the Rings.[3] This is further supported in the episode "Trip to the Archives", where Anne shouts "Zoobooks and manga, here I come!".
  • As seen in "Quarreler's Pass", Anne apparently does not like to talk about her potential romantic life at home.
  • Anne and her friends were originally supposed to be 15 years old.


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