Anne Krell (also known as Queen Paradox in the Forbidden Time) is the primary antagonist in the graphic novelization of Space Mountain.


Anne Krell became engaged to Commander Rinn when they were young. However, after Rinn died on the Pioneer Mission, Krell was traumatized and began trying to methodically alter time itself in order to rescue him. Allegedly, she spent "ten lifetimes" looking for him. One of her attempts led to her banishment to the Forbidden Time, which she took over as her headquarters. Because the place defied time itself, she could continue her dominion over the Forbidden Time while her younger self continued attempting to bring time back. In her elder state, she was known as Queen Paradox.


Anne Krell has the typical traits of an evil scientist: intelligence, cunning, the will and ability to manipulate her crew, and is completely self-centered. Krell's personality is more or less the same as Queen Paradox, though the Queen is considerably more stoic and sadistic than the relatively emotional Anne.

Role in the book

Original timeline

Prior to the mission undertaken to Tomorrowland by Captain Cole, Tommy Ford, Stella Macri, Desoto, Renard, and ARTIE, Anne Krell sabotaged the ship so they would unleash a probe with time bombs. According to Krell, the bombs were unwittingly planted by Cole himself. When the ship took off and the probe jettisoned, Moonliner 7 unexpectedly emerges from a wormhole and pursues the probe she released. She orders them gunned down, but when her men respond with alarm, she pursues them herself. The probe is destroyed and she falls into the black hole. Cole suspects she never wanted to be saved.

Alternate timeline

In the alternate timeline that spans most of the book, Anne Krell successfully unleashes the probe, which sabotages most of human history. Despite the damage inflicted, Krell failed once again to save Rinn from the void.

She prepared for another attempt to save Rinn while spending the majority of the book taking measures to capture Ford and Macri, who had escaped imprisonment. However, she ultimately fails when the timeline is reversed and Moonliner 7 pursues the probe she released and destroys it.

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