"Anne Theft Auto" is the first segment of the fifth episode of Amphibia. It premiered on June 24, 2019.


In an attempt to learn to drive the family snail wagon, Anne and Sprig take it for a joy ride.


Anne and the Plantars are driving Bessie, the family snail, out for the day. When Anne asks if she can drive Bessie, she is surprised when Hop Pop agrees, though it is mostly because Sprig is apparently incapable of learning. To Anne's disappointment however, she has to read an incredibly big book about Bessie's personal history so that she can be more familiar with her. As Hop Pop takes Polly away to give her her bath, Anne once again displays her reckless behavior by offering to drive Sprig to get Swamp Slushies, claiming that she needs to learn through experience as opposed to reading about it. On their way to get the slushies, the two drive past Sadie Croaker with Sprig playfully insulting her, much to her annoyance.

Sprig tells Anne that she is a pretty good driver which convinces her to take Bessie off road. However, they end up stuck in the woods when Bessie hides in her shell. Sprig leaves to get help while Anne passes the time by reluctantly reading the book that Hop Pop left for her. Sprig manages to find Croaker and apologizes for his behavior which she seemingly accepts. As he hops onto ladybug transport, she begins to drive slowly which frustrates Sprig. Meanwhile, Anne starts reading the book and starts to become invested in Bessie story. She learns that Bessie hiding means that a predator (hedgehogs) are nearby and in order to evade them she needs to shout "Bessie, things are getting messy!"

Anne and Bessie flee from the hedgehogs and make it back onto the road to pick up an annoyed Sprig. Croaker reveals that she was messing with Sprig to teach him a lesson about road rage and zooms off at top speed. The two make it back home with Anne choosing to finish reading the book outside. The next morning, Anne leaves the book with Hop Pop, appearing to him with crusty red eyes after stating that she finished it in one night. When Hop Pop says she needs experience now, Anne begins laughing maniacally with Hop Pop stating "I don't feel safe."




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