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Apple Feast is a song featured in the segment, The Legend of Johnny Appleseed, a segment from the 1948 animated Disney film, Melody Time. It is sung during the scene where more pioneers arrive on the new land where Johnny Appleseed grew an enormous apple orchard in the new land where the pioneers perform a hoedown during an apple feast with an elderly settler.


Come right out to the right of the ring
Inside arch and outside under
It ain't gonna rain without no thunder

First and third, balance, swing
Come right out to the right of the ring
Buckle up four with eight hands round
I'll swing yours, you swing mine
I'll swing my girl half the time


When you're straight to a do-si-do
Chicken in the bread pan kickin' out dough
Big pig rootin' up a little tater row
One more change and home you go

Now duck for the apple four in a row
Thank you, son, corners go
Apple core, Baltimore
Bite that apple to the core

Ready now!
Alamade left with the ol' left hand
Back to your partner right and left
Whirl 'em right and whirl 'em wrong
Straighten 'em out and trot 'em along

Right and left, four in a row
Second couple on the corners go
Apple core, Baltimore
Gent and the pretty girl, try once more

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