Aquarela do Brasil is a song written by Ary Barroso in 1939. In Disney, it was featured in the final segment of the same name from the 1942 Disney film, Saludos Amigos. It is one of Brazil's most famous songs. The song is entirely sung in Portuguese.

The song is also used in an early trailer for WALL-E; as well as performed in the Spike Milligan episode of The Muppet Show by a Scotsman on bagpipes.


In the segment, the song is sung in two parts: one where an artist draws the landscape of Brazil which ends when the artist draws Donald Duck and José Carioca and one where the artist draws musicians playing samba where Donald dances with the beat of samba after drinking cachaça.


Brasil, meu Brasil brasileiro,
Meu mulato inzoneiro,
Vou cantar-te nos meus versos:
O Brasil, samba que dá,
Bamboleio, que faz gingar;
O Brasil do meu amor,
Terra de Nosso Senhor
Brasil!... (Brasil!)
Prá mim!... (Prá mim!...)

Esse coqueiro que dá coco,
Onde eu amarro a minha rede,
Nas noites claras de luar
Brasil!... (Chorus: Brasil!...)
Ô! Estas fontes murmurantes,
Onde eu mato a minha sede,
E onde a lua vem brincar
Ô! Esse Brasil lindo e trigueiro,
É o meu Brasil brasileiro,
Terra de samba e pandeiro
Brasil!... (Brasil!...) Prá mim!... (Prá mim!...)

(instrumental verse then ends when Donald Duck appears in the segment where he meets José Carioca)

(samba verse)

Ô! Esse Brasil lindo e trigueiro,
É o meu Brasil Brasileiro,
Terra de samba e pandeiro
Brasil!... (Brasil!...) Prá mim!... (Prá mim!...)

(cue to end of film)

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