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Arbori tribe musicians

The Arbori are a fictional tribe of people created for the backstory of Shanghai Disneyland's Adventure Isle area. They are the natives of the island and their culture and mythology runs throughout the land.


The Arbori have lived with nature for thousands of years in the shadow of Apu Taku and have had a close bond to mystical powers within. A celestial observatory dedicated to the sky guardian Q'otár has been used by shamans of their tribe to find the ability to fly.

In 1935, the Arbori were discovered by the outside world by the League of Adventurers, who had become lost on one of their expeditions and made an emergency landing on their island. Since they had arrived only for the purposes of studying new cultures, they have been welcome guests and the organization has had a presence on the island since.


The Arbori believe the world is divided into three realms, each guarded by a legendary beast.

  • The realm of Sangha, or water, was where life originated and is protected by the snake Q'orangha, also known as the vanisher and ancient one
  • The realm of the Mayu, the sky and heavens, is protected by Q'otár, the thunderbird, who sees the past, present and future.
  • The realm of Arbori, the outer earth realm, is the home of humans (and what the Arbori take their name from) and is guarded by the fanged cat Q'ai the Watcher.

In addition to the three beasts, the Arbori have long told stories of the crocodilian beast Q’aráq, who lives deep within Apu Taku, the Roaring Mountain, and protects the endless flows of the high falls as the "Guardian of the Water".