Arctic Antics is a Silly Symphony cartoon that was released on June 5, 1930.


The sequence in the credits start with a Mickey and a sea otter, which jumps. An ice walks, runs off. Pulling his tail, which breaks off and faints.

Walruses and bears saying "Hup" repeatdly. Including a cub who looks like an albino Mickey then she rides on ice.

A bear who yawns, she stomps feet. Before yawning and stomps.

Walrus she walks, starting to scream and a fish throwing off. The four walruses walks, which flicks.

The flamenco of the fish and starts dancin' everywhere, giving the fish and completes, The fish flicks, the walrus starts singing. Eight penguins joins, shakes the tail. Backwards/Fowards walking, which the little penguin surprised and walks backwards/fowards. A fat penguin walks too much and speaks loudly. Eight penguins started to quit while the title card saying "The End" above before the video ends.

Polar bears (including a cub who looks exactly like an albino Mickey) cavort in the midnight sun, joined by walruses, seals, and penguins.

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