Dylan, also known as Armadylan, is the supporting protagonist in the second season of the Disney Junior show PJ Masks. He first appeared in the season 2 episode "Meet Armadylan". He is an armadillo-like boy who wanted to be a superhero like the PJ Masks by joining their team, but before he could join them, he must learn how to use his powers right.


Armadylan wraps into a ball and thunders about the city trying to do all the cool hero stuff but doesn't really see what it means to be a hero and ends up trying to outdo the PJ's and wreck their plans.


Armadylan is mainly reckless and clumsy due to his not having his powers for very long as he always causes destruction and gets the PJ Masks and himself into accidents when he was helping them. He wanted to show some cool hero stuff for the PJ Masks, but his powers would cause destruction. He is also careless because he wasn't being careful of using his strong powers, which causes destruction. He can be friendly, but also, cocky, arrogant and ill-tempered. He is shown to be also disbelieving, when the PJ Masks try to convince him of the crime they didn't commit. Since he has an ill-temper, the PJ Masks try their best not to get him angry and upset, when he's around with them.

Physical appearance

As Dylan, he has fair skin, black hair, light brown eyes, and is taller and older than the PJ Masks. His daytime look consists of a brown shirt, striped tan vest, dark brown jeans, and brown sneakers.

As Armadylan, his outfit consists of a tan-and-brown armadillo armor with a helmet and a tail-cape with a tan-and-brown armadillo symbol on the chest.

Powers and abilities

  • Rolling Thunder: Allows him to use his cape to roll into a ball.
  • Dig Attack: With capacity of digging tunnels.
  • Super Strength: Same power as Gekko.
  • Thunder Thump/Ground Pound: Allows him to create strong earthquakes.
  • Armor-Plated Smash Attack: An ability which allows him to destroy anything with a punch.


  • Armadylan's favorite animal is an armadillo.
  • Armadylan is the fourth PJ Mask hero to appear in the show.
  • He also joined the PJ Masks in his debut episode "Meet Armadylan". The previous was PJ Robot and became an official member of PJ Masks in the episode "PJ Dylan".
  • Armadylan makes his first appearance in the twelfth on the books Les Pyjamasques to be an ally of the PJ Masks and in the french version his name is Tatouro.
  • In "Armadylan Menace", it is revealed that he's a fan of Flossy Flash, like Owlette.
  • He does not appear in every episode, even though he's now a new PJ Mask member.
  • His color scheme is orange.
  • Armadylan is the only member to wear a helmet and armor, instead of a jumpsuit and mask.
  • He's similar to the PJ Masks for the following:
    • He has a cape like Owlette.
    • He has a super-strength like Gekko.
    • When rolling into a ball, he can move faster like Catboy.
  • His voice actor Max Calinescu is also the voice of Chase from PAW Patrol.
  • Although he doesn't know this yet Armadylan is still friends with the Wolfy Kids.
  • Catboy seems to be a bit jealous of Armadylan.


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