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The Armored Chess Pieces are the White Queen's minions in Alice in Wonderland.


Much like the Armored Cards, all of the chess pieces are the same white coloured and battle hardened. Each armoured chess piece resembles one of the following chess pieces:

  • White Pawn
  • White Rook
  • White Knight
  • White Bishop


Alice in Wonderland[]

The Armored Chess Pieces are first seen in Tarrant Hightopp's tragic flashback where he used the employed at the White Queen's court to which during this moment, the Jabberwocky terrorizes the festival, causing mayhem across the festival and one of them, the Knight chess piece soldier, becomes destroyed by the Jabberwocky's fire, leaving only his sword behind.

They are finally not seen in a flashback during the scene where someone should step forth to be the champion of the White Queen, showing the Oraculum revealing Frabjous Day to Alice's friends to which the White Queen sends her army to fight against the Red Queen and her army as the Red Queen summons the Jabberwocky during this day. During battle, the Chess Pieces fight against the Armored Cards in combat while Alice fights and slays the Jabberwocky. Following the arrests of the Red Queen and the Knave of Hearts, the Chess Pieces and the Cards stop fighting and drop their weapons in peace, causing the battle to stop as Alice returns home.

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