Prince Arren is the protagonist of the film Tales from Earthsea. His true name is Lebannen, and he is thought to be about sixteen. During the film, he flees from his homeland. This is due to him being overcome by an intense force which forces him to stab his father, the king, and steals his sword. The sword has been forged with magic, and he cannot take it out of his sheath, as he lacks the power. He flees the palace and makes his way into the desert lands with only his deer and his sword. There he meets Sparrowhawk, also known as Ged, and his adventures begin.


Physical appearance

Arren has brown hair and dark eyes. He wears an old blue shirt (sometimes with a purple robe with gold edges over the blue shirt, and other times he wears a brown cape over his shirt). He is also usually carrying his father's sword, which he protects and guards at all costs, trying to never let it leave his side. He seems to be of average size and average weight.

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