Ask Max is a 1986 episode of The Magical World of Disney starring Jeff Cohen as Max Baxter, a kid inventor. Max designs a bike that he sells to a toy company.


  • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as Himself
  • Kreag Caffey as The Coach
  • Byron Clark as Marcus
  • Christie Clark as Shelly Meyers
  • Jeff Cohen as Max Baxter
  • April Dawn as Student #1
  • Gino De Mauro as Dennis
  • Andy Dunbar as Basketball Player
  • Deena Freeman as Pam
  • Scott Freeman as Bike Rider
  • Corki Grazer as Rider #1
  • Ryan Lambert as Bully #1
  • Bret Granville as Bully #2
  • Walter Raymond as History Teacher
  • Kat Sawyer-Young as Miss Phillips
  • Patrick Stehr as Student #2
  • Mark L. Taylor as Braff
  • Glynn Turman as Lloyd Lyman
  • Tami Turner as Adrian
  • Ray Walston as Harmon
  • Cassie Yates as Jennifer Baxter

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