Askari was a male lion who was the leader of the first Lion Guard. He was the second born son of the king and queen of Pride Rock at the time. and He appears in Season 3 of The Lion Guard.



Presumably sometime after gaining control of the Roar of the Elders, Askari was appointed the leader of the first Lion Guard, and assembled a team of the fastest, bravest, strongest, and keenest of sight in the Pride Lands.

Eventually, Askari would meet and make peace with the elephants, which would lead to an everlasting kinship between the elephants and lions. This event would later be known as the Ukumbusho Tradition, and would be annually celebrated so long as the current Lion Guard could participate

Physical Appearance

From the painting Askari has a golden brown fur pelt, his face has a white muzzle and dark orange nose. A light golden underbelly with a big red mane with darker red edges and yellow stripe markings.

Role in the Series

The Ukumbusho Tradition

Kion portrays Askari in the Ukumbusho Tradition. He describes how Askari had made peace with the elephants in order to keep the Circle of Life in balance

Cave of Secrets

Askari is mentioned and appears in a painting. Makini explains that he and his Lion Guard had used teamwork to overcome a group of evil lions who were threatening the Pride Lands.


  • Askari means¬†Police, Guard, Solder in swahili.
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