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Felldrake: Any questions?
Sheldgoose: Many.
Felldrake: We only have time for one!
Sheldgoose: Who's piloting this ship?
Felldrake: That's easy. Astro Mummies.
Lord Felldrake discussing with Baron Von Sheldgoose about their curiosity about knowing who is piloting the pyramid spaceship, Alqmr Alhrm

The Astro Mummies are characters featured in the animated series, Legend of the Three Caballeros. They are mummies that pilot pyramid spaceships (such as Alqmr Alhrm) which are based in Egypt with their ships blasting off to the Moon.


Astro Mummies are sentient, undead mummies living in Alqmr Alhrm, the pyramid spaceship in Egypt. As the "pyramid" which Xandra, Panchito, José Carioca, and Donald Duck is boarding on is actually a spaceship, Lord Felldrake gives out info to Baron Von Sheldgoose, Astro Mummies are the ones who pilot pyramid-looking spaceships which are found in Egypt. The Astro Mummy whom the Caballeros fought is an unnamed one who thinks the three and Xandra are intruders while the other one, Lucy, serves as the ship's stewardess.

Physical Appearance

Astro Mummies, as their names imply, are sentient mummies wearing Egyptian-themed spacesuits. On the Astro Mummies' front view of the suit is a Horus-like symbol with a green glowing eye and a moon on top of it, patterned in yellow and blue. On the back of the spacesuit is a golden scarab on it. In addition to this, their glowing green suits and eyes are capable of glowing in the dark whenever the light inside Alqmr Alhrm goes dark (as revealed when Donald accidentally opens a hatch to reveal the ship's battery inside to which the battery later goes back in place during the part where Donald accidentally pushes a lever upwards in Alqmr Alhrm's control room, which triggers the ship's gravity settings, which sets the ship to low gravity mode). If a helmet from an Astro Mummy's suit is removed, it causes the Mummy to perish into lifeless dust, leaving the suit empty.

Role in the series

Two Astro Mummies have been featured in the episode, "Pyramid-Life Crisis". When Xandra and the Caballeros arrive in a pyramid spaceship, Alqmr Alhrm, while discussing about landing the spaceship without any problems, an Astro Mummy spies on the four discussing with each other at the control room where he enters the room and approaches the four. He snarls at Xandra and the Caballeros, thinking they are a threat to the ship, to which a frightened Donald backing away pushes a lever activating low gravity mode on the ship, causing all the passengers inside to be put in this mode. Suddenly, Panchito, wearing a luchador outfit, wrestles with the Mummy inside the control room just as José and Donald are attempting to find a way to set the ship into normal mode to which the manual is written in hieroglyphs just as Donald attempts to find a way to set the ship to normal mode.

As Donald asks Daisy's nieces, April, May, and June for help, they agree to translate the manual for the two only to find out that Donald managed to set the mode back to normal just before the three can translate the hieroglyphs while Panchito and Xandra continue tackling the Astro Mummy. Having taken care of the Astro Mummy, Leopold the Horrible enters the control room, alongside Baron Von Sheldgoose and Lord Felldrake who have suddenly entered it. Later when April, May, and June are discussing about the hieroglyphs they translated for them, May explains that the flight attendant button calls Alqmr Alhrm's flight attendant. Panchito presses the button which calls Lucy, the ship's flight attendant just as she greets Xandra and the Caballeros, frightening them only for Panchito to close the door just before Alqmr Alhrm lands on the Moon. The Astro Mummy that Panchito was wrestling was able to get back up as Panchito wrestles him again and pulls off his helmet, causing him to perish into dust (also leaving his suit empty) just before Xandra and the Caballeros explore the Moon.

Having taken care of Felldrake during a battle at the Moon and as Xandra and the Caballeros are returning to Earth, Alqmr Alhrm's stewardess, Lucy, approaches Panchito just before the ship lands back into its usual spot. As Xandra and the Caballeros transport back home, Lucy bids a farewell to them and then alone walks across Alqmr Alhrm's chamber where she discovers a large hall of Moon Bots there.


  • An Astro Mummy (specifically the one that Panchito wrestles inside Alqmr Alhrm's control room) has been featured in the show's opening theme.
  • The only Astro Mummy that speaks is Lucy, Alqmr Alhrm's stewardess.

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