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At Home With Olaf is an animated short film series that premiered on Walt Disney Animation Studios' YouTube Channel on April 6, 2020, amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The first six episodes were entirely animated by Hyrum Osmond; afterwards, episodes were animated by others, though Osmond is still credited as the creator and he animated the sixteenth and twentieth shorts. The last short, which was released almost two weeks after the initial finale, was animated by four people.

Josh Gad reprises his role as Olaf with most of the dialogue reduced to mumbles and giggles, though occasionally he will utter a few words. The only other characters to appear are the Snowgies, Bruni, and Gale, while Anna is only mentioned.

Official description[]

"Starting this week, enjoy an all-new original Disney Animation digital series with everyone’s favorite snowman, Olaf. At Home With Olaf created at home by Hyrum Osmond. Voiced from home by Josh Gad."


The producers became credited starting with "Pumpkin".

  • Jeff Draheim
  • Steve Goldberg
  • Jennifer C. Vera
  • Mark Hammel
  • Mohit Kallianpur
  • Olivia Alva
  • Colin Eckart
  • Gina War Lawes
  • Bérénice Robinson
  • Robert H. Bagley
  • David E. Fluhr
  • Loren Madrid
  • Lutzner Rodriguez
  • Tracy Scott Beattie
  • Gabriel Guy
  • Nathan Massmann
  • Gabriel Stewart
  • Heather Blodget
  • Michael Koetter
  • Caroline Miller
  • David Womersley
  • Anthony Durazzo
  • Christopher Kracker
  • Erin Ong


No. Title Original Airdate Animator
1 Fun With Snow April 6, 2020 Hyrum Osmond
Olaf is tossing snowballs when a Snowgie comes along, and Olaf unknowingly tosses his head away. Olaf is shocked, but the Snowgie gets his head back and happily gets Olaf to do it again.
2 Alone in the Forest April 7, 2020 Hyrum Osmond
Olaf happily performs ballet to the tune of the "Nutcracker Suite".
3 Fishin' April 8, 2020 Hyrum Osmond
Olaf is fishing and manages to pull a fish up. He greets the fish with, "I'm Olaf, and I like warm hugs!". After a few seconds, he returns the fish to the water and proceeds to fish for more "friends".
4 Leaves April 9, 2020 Hyrum Osmond
Olaf watches a leaf fall from a tree and counts it as the 2,103rd to do so in a journal. He states that it is "21 more than last year", before leaving.
5 Sleep April 10, 2020 Hyrum Osmond
Olaf is asleep under a tree. A butterfly briefly disturbs him, and he utters "lollipops and gumdrops" before snoozing again.
6 Birthday April 14, 2020 Hyrum Osmond
Olaf sits in front of a present and opens it. The gift, a frog, is on the lid and Olaf fails to see it. Instead, he happily places the box on his head and runs off.
7 Pumpkin April 15, 2020 Louaye Moulayess
Olaf excitedly sits down with a pumpkin and carves his face into it. He then replaces his head with the pumpkin as a joke, only for his body to run away with his head hopping in pursuit.
8 Brush April 16, 2020 Ivan Oviedo
Olaf begins to brush his large tooth and then plucks it out to brush it more thoroughly. He puts his tooth back in and giggles to himself.
9 Hide and Seek April 17, 2020 Adam Strick
Olaf is hiding behind a tree when a Snowgie, whom he is playing with, finds him and several other Snowgies. Olaf then says it is his turn and begins to count as all the Snowgies go and hide behind the same tree.
10 Gymnastics April 20, 2020 Brent Homman
Olaf approaches a bar and proceeds to perform flips on it. He releases and lands, but his bottom half gets flattened. He laughs it off and hops away.
11 Music Time April 21, 2020 Darrin Butters
Olaf sits on the floor playing a clarinet. He gets distracted by a drum, a cymbal and a trumpet. He has his feet play the percussion while the trumpet is in his nose and proceeds to play all four instruments to the tune of "Old McDonald".
12 Sunrise April 22, 2020 Doug Bennett
Olaf sits by the lake on the coast of Arendelle, eating a bucket of pop corn. As the sun rises, he puts on a pair of sunglasses and applauds the sun. The sun then becomes shy and sets back down.
13 Swing April 23, 2020 Michael Franceschi
Olaf is using a swing when suddenly his nose gets embedded into a tree branch. His body parts fall down one by one and he excitedly decides to do the trick again.
14 Candy April 24, 2020 Jess Morris
Olaf tosses his head to a high shelf to reach a jar of candy. His head ends up knocking down the entire jar onto his body, but his head sucks up a small piece for himself.
15 Adventure April 27, 2020 Justin Weber
A headless Olaf travels through various landscapes before finding his head talking to Bruni. Olaf comments that this was not one of his better ideas before a title card reading "One Week Earlier" reveals that Olaf tried using a giant rubber band to launch himself to the moon, but flung his head off instead.
16 Pink Lemonade April 28, 2020 Hyrum Osmond
Olaf sits down with a pitcher of pink lemonade. After drinking the whole container, his body turns pink. He excitedly tells Anna, who is off screen, that he is a snow cone.
17 Doggies April 29, 2020 Tony Chau
Olaf encounters a couple of dogs hooked up to a sleigh. He hops on and grabs the reigns, but the dogs' power only pulls his arms off. Olaf laughs and chases after the dogs.
18 Hobbies April 30, 2020 Louaye Moulayess
Olaf straps on some goggles and rides down a hill on his belly. He flies off a cliff, grabs a pine cone and slams into a tree. He places the pine cone with the rest of his pine cone collection.
19 Ice May 1, 2020 Trent Correy
In this 2D animated short, Olaf finds a block of ice on a sleigh and takes it up a hill and rides down on it. He places the now shrunken ice block back on the sleigh, before picking up another block to do the same thing.
20 Sounds May 1, 2020 Hyrum Osmond
Olaf is playing with a horn and attracts some baby geese. The mother goose comes and destroys the horn and calls her chicks away. Olaf begins playing with the rubber ball at the end of the horn and begins attracting frogs, much to his delight.
21 I Am With You May 13, 2020 Hyrum Osmond, Louaye Moulayess, Trent Correy, and Michael Franceschi
In this musical short, Olaf writes a song in the form of a letter to an unknown recipient assuring them he is with them, as a montage of heartwarming moments from Disney films are played. At the end, he asks Gale to send the letter.


  • During the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, people in countries across the world were required to be in quarantine. This series was animated and voiced entirely from the homes of Osmond and Gad, respectively, to ensure their safety, under orders of California governor Gavin Newsom.
  • Hyrum Osmond was previously the supervising animator for Olaf in Frozen. He left Walt Disney Animation Studios in 2018. This series marks his first production for the company since his departure.


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